Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Come take a TOUR of my old house :(

Welcome home!! This WAS my home for the past 8 years, and now it's ready to rent. (sigh)
Read about my sadness HERE.

My newly cleaned out flowerbed. See more on the Flower Bed and Garden HERE.

Come on, lets go inside!!

The front entrance. I had a new door put in FINALLY!!

The wonderful living room is huge, and opens to the kitchen, dining room, and leads to the blue room. See it back there. Come on, lets go check it out.

This was an add on by the previous owners. It was a major selling point when we bought the house. We kind of fell in love with that wall of built in cabinets, and library, oh and the windows make me really happy too, oh and of course the blue walls. 

My deck, another big plus for me AT the time. No backyard, meant no cutting grass, lol. Little did I realize that kids require a yard, preferably a fenced in yard. But we survived, and had MANY MANY good times on this deck. Endless bbqs, and believe me the kids had no problem playing back there either. Anyway, it's all clean now!!

My kitchen, which may not be built by a professional, but non the less, I love it. I love the colors, and the fact that there is no more wall dividing up the space. I love those wood counters, and my sliding drawers. We finally got a backsplash put in too. Yeah,, FINALLY... 

I love my red tiles in the kitchen, and really miss cooking in there.

I miss all the extra storage that window bench provided, even if the top was never finished properly, and it was full of crap most of the time. I still loved it. 

I miss my kids sitting on the counter helping me cook. It really was the most KID friendly FAMILY kitchen ever. Well, I've only had a couple kitchens in my lifetime, but this was the BEST I tell you.

Even my pantry got a fresh coat of paint. My goodness!! I'm spoiling these people. I sure hope they appreciate all the hard work I put into this house.

The guest bathroom!

My boys old room.

My girls old room. (formerly a very PINK room)

The master bedroom. This was also a huge selling point for me. This room is HUGE. There were times when we literally had THREE beds in there, and still had room to walk in between, AND still had nightstands on the wall. I'm not EVEN kidding. If I can find any old pics of the baby days, nursing, co-sleeping, I'll be sure to share. 

As if the master bedroom alone wasn't enough, I had this EXTRA room (sitting room) whatever right there too. I used this as an office for a while, and then each of the younger kids took turns having it their bedroom for a while.

Master bathroom.

Beautiful view of the deck, which was usually a mess, but almost always had pretty flowers too.

Ahhhh, my garage. This baby is killing me. I MISS it so much. It was a week long labor of love, the kids and I spent all of Spring Break last year painting it, and making it pretty. AND now we dont' have it anymore. Boo.... I especially miss having the big wall of mirrors. Now where are we supposed to practice our Tae Kwon Do, and dance moves.... ?

Read more about my garage HERE!

I seriously miss all my kids scribble scrabble too. Like this garage door that I painted with chalkboard paint, and the kids had no problem doodling on every chance they got.... ahhhh.

I need to do some major overhauls to our new place, so we can feel more at home. In time everything will fall into place, I know it will, but that doesn't mean I don't miss things the way they were. 

I will be putting together posts when I can, showing all the before pictures, and in between pictures of the house garden, etc. It will be fun (for me) too see all that in one place. At least my memories can live on forever on this blog right?

Do you have any stories you want to share about the PAST, that you miss so much?

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  1. Oh Bella, you did such a wonderful job.
    We moved from our tiny house 2 years ago and, although I love living in the country and having a bigger house, I miss my old house. That was where my kids learned to walk, where we shared kisses and laughter and sadness and joy. That old kitchen was the kitchen that I stood in when I read the pregnancy test telling me I was going to have my girl. It was hard to let go of the house, but harder to let go of the pain of knowing I'd never walk those floors again.
    It may sound silly...but we all know it's not just a house.
    And if you still can...go back and switch the chalkboard door out with a new one. Keep that old door, even if it doesn't fit anywhere in your new house!

    1. Awwww thanks so much Lesley, you are so right about everything. I have over 8 years of memories there, and am thankful that even though we don't still live there, I still OWN that house, and will have the chance to see it, fix it up and love on it for many more years to come. Only now I need to share it with other people, hehe.

      I did think about taking that door down, but either way it would eventually get erased, and new pictures would go up, so I figured my pictures would be enough, and of course now I just need to paint my NEW garage door like that, lol.

      Thanks for always knowing exactly what to say to me mama !!

  2. Wao..Welcome my sweet Bella,
    Your house is just beautiful! I enjoy the tour(online tour..hehe)..You are having a creative taste so I am sure you will make it amazing with your cool ideas definitely!
    Good to see your other blog too, keep sharing & enjoy blogging!
    Lots of Love ~

  3. Wow Bella! I know that must be so hard. Your home looks amazing and I can't wait to see what your up to now! :)

  4. What a lovely house - I can see why it's hard to leave. I had mixed feelings when we had to leave our first house too. Hoping you have good times in your new place and know that it's for a good reason.


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