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AMAZING FEATURES week #43 & #44

Amaze me August

We have a lot of features this week, since I didn't do any features last week, again, sorry about that. So take a few moments to see my TOP 10 for the past two weeks. As usual I love seeing new people join the party, you know who you are :) Thank you so much, and I also want to thank everyone who is kind enough to add my button, or link back to my blog. Almost every single blog I visited, did this, so I just want you to know I APPRECIATE it so much. 

P.S. Sorry about the photobucket notices all over my blog today, first thing this morning I noticed it and immediately payed my dues, BUT it seems they still are updating, erghh. I wish they cold send an email or something before just cutting you off, that sucks!!

Thanks again to everyone who helps make this party awesome. Don't forget about my new party. Even if you link up here, you can always go there to link up as well. Especially if it's party related, I actually PREFER you join the party there first. I need all your help in spreading the word about this party, and soon I just know it will be an awesome resource for us all. 

Now check out these amazing features!!

Connie @ SALVAGE SAVVY created a really awesome organizational center. She made a bulletin board and chalkboard, all custom, and so pretty!

Marissa @ RAE GUN RAMBLINGS made me so happy with her pillows, they are just fantastic. I love the fabric, the colors, the simplicity and of course her wonderful tutorial. So awesome!!

Michelle @ DREAM HOME DIY turned a ugly brass lamp, into a hot pink beauty, and then did a switcheroo and repainted it navy, so now even the hubs is happy, he he. What a difference either way, way better than before.

Pattie @ ON HOLLYHOCK FARM made me drool like crazy over her mini moss garden. It is so adorable, and so pretty. If you have a little princess, how magical it would be to make this a fairy garden, oh my so sweet!!

Ami @ ALILILLY created another awesome paint chip banner. I mean seriously this is so awesome, and oh my gosh, how awesome that it's FREE, can't beat that!!

Erin @ HECK FRIDAYS made an awesome bird feeder, using up recycled items from her home. I LOVE this, so easy, so practical, and so GREEN!

Coley @ COLEYS CORNER redid her regular flip flops, to something really awesome, and as if adding a pretty ribbon and flower wasn't enough, she made everything interchangeable. How brilliant is that, so now she can switch the style everyday!!

Jaclyn @ J DESIGNS made her brother the most AWESOME cake ever, a Michael Jackson cake, oh my gosh, I love Michael, LOVE HIM, and this cake just made me super happy!!

Laina @ VIBRANT SERENITY made the most awesome sounding, and looking burgers ever. THE ZUCCHINI CHICKEN burger, YummY!!! I simply can't wait to try this out, I can only imagine how moist and delicious it will be.

Kristina @ KRISTINA J did an amazing Anthropology Bold Boutonniere Dress knock off, she is an amazing designer, and so darn pretty too. I lover her pictures, as much as her designs.

Melody @ CRAFTY BUTT made her own DIY potting bench, umm YES please, I need one of those. How awesome, I love when girls, make their own stuff, with tools and all, he he.

Jennifer @ LIFE CRAFTS AND WHATEVER made an really pretty necklace frame organizer. I love the way it looks like art, and that hot pink is just awesome. She used the new Krylon Dual Paint, me likey!!

Khadija @ CREATIVE MIND showed us some of her beautiful Henna, or Mehndi designs. I love mehndi, and it's so fun to do with the girls. My designs never look as pretty though, she's really good!!

Michelle @ DREAM HOME DIYis getting featured TWICE because well, this HIS and HERS key holder, is just awesome. I LOVE the king and queen crowns, how awesome, way to go Michelle.

Jamie @ WAYWARD GIRLS CRAFTS had the adorable Alissa from WILL RUN FOR STAMPS guest post on how to COLOR. Yes, with crayons, or in this case colored pencils. I highly recommend you check out this tutorial, it's really awesome, and it brings back happy memories, or simpler times when I was a kid. I want to go color now, YAY!!

Carmen @ ROCA and COMAPNY showed us how to create a pretty lemony zebra shirt. I LOVE her tutorial, it is SO simple, who knew. Plus her blog is FULL of posts on how to refashion clothes. Total jackpot for the diy sewer wannabe like me!

Crystal @ A PUMPKIN AND A PRINCESS showed us how to make the cutest little STAR pie bites. Yummy, they look so cute, and totally tasty I can only imagine.

Ami @ ALILILLY had he lovely Rachel with LOVELY CRAFTY HOME stop by to guest post and show us how to make a really cute beach tote. Love it!!

Ami @ ALILILLY showed off her amazing skills on how to macrame. Her hemp necklaces are awesome. She is super talented, love her!!

Ami @ ALILILLY had another fabulous guest blogger, Greta from JUST ANOTHER THOUGH ONLINE stop by and show us how to make our own BATH BOMBS, and I can't wait to try this out, sounds soooo awesome.



  1. Wow!! Thanks for featuring the bulletin & chalk boards... big smiles from Salvage Savvy :)

  2. lovely pictures..

  3. Hey my lovely, thanks a bunch for writing the lovely words & the are always my Honey..thanks again..
    Have fun.. :)

  4. Thank you so much for featuring Erin's Bird Feeder from Heck Fridays! We love your blog!!!


  5. Hi Bella! A greeting and a hug from Italy!


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