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Amaze me August #45 ~ Summer with the KIDS~

Welcome to the 45th edition of
Did you know that next month it's August, and around here, that's pretty special. It marks my blogs ONE YEAR anniversary, and it will obviously be the ONE YEAR mark for my weekly party. I simply can't believe it's already been a year. The time has flown by. I've made so many friends, and have enjoyed blogging so very much. I'm still trying to decide how I will be celebrating, I will let you all know when I've figured it out, lol. 

How's your summer been going so far? Mine has been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. I wanted to share a few things we've been up to, and some pics of what my life is like, living with these kiddos of mine, MAINLY 2 crazy boys. My princess is an angel, lol. The boys, well. the pictures will speak for themselves. Needless to say there is NEVER a dull moment around here. 
My two oldest have been studying TAE KWON DO for three years now, and will be testing for BLACK BELT in January. TODAY however was the first day for DINO D and I. Never did I think that at 32 I would start studying martial arts, but I am so excited. My kids were awesome, they never once laughed at me, even though I was dying within the first 5 minutes. Seriously, how did I pick today for my first day, they were like doing boot camp over there. I could barely do 10 situps lol, and we had to do 30. We lost a race, so my whole team had to do 20 pushups, I was so struggling. By the end of the class, I think I had lost 5 pounds, just from sweating so hard. I am so happy though, I just know that this will get my booty in shape like crazy, and I can't wait to start getting strong. GO MOM!!! 

Very typical of my boys. This is what they look like half the time, and without the photo booth. Doesn't matter what I tell them, they always seem to have this look on their face, like HUGH, what did you say mom? WHAT planet do I live on????
Yeah, not really that funny, I promise. I almost think he did it on purpose, thinking he would get out of doing dishes again, but he learned the hard way, NEVER to fill the dispenser with dish soap, DUH!! It's not like this was his first time loading the dishwasher, still can't figure it out. He thought it was pretty funny though!!
Just a couple days after the dishwasher overflowing, the kids managed to clog up the toilet. After someone did number 2 in there. Once again BIG B, was sent to clean it up, since it was probably he who did it to begin with. Am I just blessed with boys who clog up toilets with their enormous poop, or do any of you have this problem too. Gosh, again, he was laughing, for about 10 seconds, at which point he promised NEVER EVER EVER to clog up the toilet again, lol. 
Menace number 2.
My little DINO D, is cute as can be, but if there is trouble, he will find it. 
Unless he is sleeping, of course, which is sooooo cute when he does. This is at a swim meet, where he just passed out. Those competitions are long, and it is hot, so he usually clonks out. 
This is usually the kind of stuff he is up to though. Thinking he is a big boy, he tried serving himself some mango lassi. He looks so sad, but knows that he can't be in so much trouble if I've brought out the camera, lol. 
Trying to figure out what went wrong. He was so looking forward to having some of that, lol. 
He got stripped down, and told to go eat his breakfast. He was so shy that I made him stay in his undies, but gosh he looked so cute trying to hide from me. 
My princess. Swimming ruled our lives all summer. We had practice everyday, at 8am, until 10:30am. Competition every Thursday night, from 4pm till 11pm. It was a lot, and finally it is over, YAY!!
BIG B, used to swim year round, and wanted to take a break for a couple years, but now they are both asking to start again. So soon we will start training year round again, along with Tae Kwon Do, Kumon,  Music, Theatre, and school, we will be running around like CRAZY!!!
My princess recently had to have a small surgery on her toe. 
Have any of you ever had a planters wart before. I have, my oldest has, and now princess had one too. I tried all the ways I knew to get rid of it, so she wouldn't have to go get this procedure done. It kind of sucks, I know, because I had the same thing done to remove mine last year. I just couldn't get rid of it, and when I saw that it getting bigger and start spreading, I took her in. 
She was sooooo brave. Cried for about 10 seconds, when she was getting her shots to numb her toe. Especially the last shot, hurt so bad, but the rest, was a piece of cake. 
Sorry, but just had to show you what it looked like after, lol. Literally the doc, burned the whole wart out, it was gross, but she feels so much better now. Amazingly this completely heals over within a couple weeks. So people, take care of your feet, and ALWAYS wear flip flops, trust me, you don't want to get a planters wart, they suck!!!
That's about all for now. So now that you know what I've been up too, show me what you've been up to. I can't wait to see it all. Link up and tell your friends. 

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  1. Oh Bella.. I feel your pain from the MESS that is boys! LOL

    This was fun to see how your summer is going! You are one busy momma!:) I linked up a quick summer post from my mommy blog.

    Girl you have some extremely CUTE kids!

  2. Hope your littel princess recovers soon.
    Cute kids. you must be a proud mom!

  3. Bella! You have the most gorgeous, amazing family! You know that, right??
    Poor baby girl's toe. What a super strong sweetie she was though!
    Make sure that, when you get five seconds, you come over and enter my current giveaway, ok girl?

  4. So happy I found you!! Looking forward to following your adventures ;))) Linkin up too ;) I'm your newest follower :) Thanks!


  5. Swimming til 11pm. Ugh, I'd be falling asleep on the pool deck--- I'm sooo not a night person! Thanks for hosting!

  6. Ohh I love the summer fun you nd your family are having.. So, cute pictures.. I love it! Thanks for hosting and have a great day

  7. Bella! I finally have a minute to link up. I'm going to get caught up with some posts. I have been so go-go-go lately. Our daughter has a Tibial Osteotomy scheduled for next month at this time. We just have a lot going on. Her Blount's Disease is not doing well. It is not changing, and as a result, her right leg is becomming knock-kneed. I always enjoy reading about your family... and I'm loving you and your mother cake blog. I will link up Little Boy's Dino cake from this coming weekend sometime before August :D Always.... Brooke Anna

  8. HI Bella, I have four sons and yes I have seen those ugly- hurty planter worts too. they can only be taken care of by a doc to be sure they go away. catching them early is good too. yea for flip-flops during summer camp and pool time and at college dorm life also! trust no public shower, I say! you have a great blog so fun!

  9. Thanks for hosting Bella! And I can't say it enough... THANKS for doing my features post on Monday! You are AWESOME!


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