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Amaze me August #28 ~ BCBGirls Sandals giveaway ~

Woo hoo, time for another week of amazing projects. 
I love seeing all the new people joining in every week. I am so happy when I find a new fabulous blog, who found me first!

This weeks giveaway, is kinda brought to you by me, but really it's something I won myself, and was totally excited about, until I got it, and reality set it, I should have known better. Since almost breaking my ankle, and having a few extra kids, I've not been able to wear heels. I pretty much live in tennis shoe, flip flops, or my comfy boots. Shoe shopping has always been hard for me, BUT when I saw these sandals, I just thought they were awesome. Totally looked like something I used to wear all the time (back when I was a youngin) and those were super comfy.

Needless to say, I received them, and tried my very best to prance around the house in them, trying to pretend like I could walk, BUT, no such luck. My princess however was having a field day with them, and wished I could give them to her, go figure, lol. 

I'm sure that there are plenty of you out there with major shoe obsessions, and would just die for these, so here you go girls. Bless your little hearts for being able to walk in them, and I am almost envious, because they are killer sandals, and they look so hot on, dang it. I really wish I could have worn them :)

Anyway, my loss, is your gain, as they say. So without further ado, please check out this fabulous pair of sandals I won from the lovely Ani from AA DREAMS BLOG. A beautiful pair of sandals from the awesome chicks who believe that even in a recession you can still look fabulous!

(click on shoe to be taken to the Recessionista Shop)
BCBGirls HIPSTER sandal / black
size 8.5

Please be aware that this is a size 8.5, so don't go hating on me, if you get them and they don't fit, because you are a size 6.
Also this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, sorry!!

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This winner will be announced Tuesday March 22nd.
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  1. What a lovely giveaway! They won't fit though. That's a good thing I guess cuz my husband just laughs when he sees a female wearing heels. He thinks they are the most foolish thing ever. He's probably the only guy like that!
    Anyway, good luck to the people that enter because everyone is gonna want them!

  2. OH!!! I am ALL ABOUT the heels! I can strut better than John Travolta in 6 inch heals without even a flinch AND chew gum at the same time. BUT I have itty bitty feet so I'm sadly out of this giveaway!!

  3. Thanks for the linky. Sorry ours got added twice-linky was having issues :)

  4. Hi Bella ...

    Thanks for the party I am linked up...
    Happy spring time
    Hope you like to pay a visit to my new spring arrangement saved in a cloche

  5. Those are darn cute! And lucky for me, I'm a 8.5! : )

  6. Darn tootin, I'm entering! I'm between 8-8/1/2 so WOOHOO! Bring it on girlfriend. Since the latest I can remember running in heels, strutting in heels, I even had Senior Photos taken wearing Mint Green Stilletoes! No Kidding! Loves me some heels, and with a $25 GC I won for maybe I can get B to take me on a hot date? Bahahah- I might just take myself on a date wearing these heels :D

  7. I forgot to say I follow,
    this ones for RSS feeds.

  8. This ones for e-mails.

  9. I linked and grabbed the button (long ago!)

  10. I am a public follower and wear an 8-8 1/2! Hooray for me! :)

  11. I follow you on twitter {nataliesmith82}

  12. I subscribe via emamil {nataliesmith82{at}gmail{dot}com

  13. Linked up to Amaze me August and button is here:

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  15. I am now a follower of Recessionista and I let them know you sent me :)

  16. I am now following AA dreams blog and let her know you sent me :)

  17. Hey Bella! Woohoo for size 8.5 feet - same as me!

    I've finally joined your link party, gosh, take forever eh? I know! But I haven't uploaded any projects to my site in... FOREVER. My little project today is WINTER related though...and just when we're all looking forward to spring! But hey, it's all I got! Hehe.

    ~ ~

  18. I'm your follower!

    Come enter my giveaway, it ends tonight!

  19. I follow google connect "anash"
    email anashct [at] gmail [dot] com

    anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com


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