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Week THREE 40 Day Challenge - What I Ate

This week started off great, I woke up early, and felt great. I made it to the gym for a couple days, and then the stomach flu hits our home. My youngest got it first, and by Friday my son got sick, and my daughter too. She was the worst of them all, throwing up all weekend long. 

Anyway, here is what I ate this week. Almost half way through.

I am linking this post over to one of my fav food blogs ever. Jen is a rockstar, for bringing all kinds of amazing ladies together, sharing healthy food every week. I am so happy to finally have something to share. Every Wednesday these ladies get together and share an entire day's worth of meals. SO MUCH FUN!! I def ate much more BROWN than GREEN this week, but what the heck. If you look closely you will see some green stuff, lol. Enjoy!!

  • Day 15/40
  • Up at 5:16 am
  • Lemon Water

  • Breakfast 5:30am
  • Egg, Salmon salad, with olives
  • I really love this combination. So satisfying!

  • Second Breakfast 10:08am
  • Ihop - whole wheat crepe, blueberries, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage
  • Took the kiddo to the dentist, and we went to breakfast together before going back to school. Although I still felt like I indulged myself with that crepe, I resisted those pancakes, and I LOVE those pancakes, lol. SO yay for me :)

  •  Good morning :)

  • Snack 1:03pm

  •  Snack 2:21pm

  •  Snack 5:20pm

  • Dinner 8:21pm
  • Chicken chili with buttermilk

  • Snack 8:45pm
  • Craving something sweet. 

 Day 15 over. I felt pretty good today, despite splurging at Ihop.

  • Day 16/40
  • Up at 6:20am

  • Good Morning :)

  •  First time making gluten free pancakes. Pamela's pancake mix. I made 1/2 with flax seed, the ones on the left, and 1/2 with an egg, the ones on the right. I have to say they were both good, but the flax seed ones were better, fluffier, and more hearty. I love flax seed in my pancakes. 

  • Breakfast 7:27am
  • GF Pancakes, butter, maple syrup, 2 scrambled eggs

  • Snack 10:25am
  • I was really hungry after breakfast. I could def tell the difference, between eating mainly carbs, and when I eat mainly protein. I feel much fuller longer, when I eat more protein.

  • Lunch 12:52pm
  • Asian tuna salad. Always enjoy this meal, especially after yoga!

  • Second lunch 3:53pm
  • Leftover chicken chili, with buttermilk, and onion tomato salad.

  • Dinner 8:15pm
  • Salmon burger, kale, zucchini, rice, sambar, onion tomato salad.

Day 16 over. I really enjoyed having some pancakes this morning, and my dinner was amazing. I felt hungry after breakfast, but after getting some protein in me, I felt better.

Last night my youngest started throwing up with the stomach flu, so I've been up with him all night.

  • Day 17/40
  • Up at 7:11am

  •  Good morning :) Long night, no sleep. Sick kid, throwing up, changing sheets. No fun. 

  • Breakfast 7:42
  • Scrambled eggs, zucchini, salmon, garlic. 
  • Tried to get a good breakfast in despite my sick child. 

  • Snack 9:18am
  • Went to get some gatorade, and snacks for my kiddo. I decided to try these GF cookies, I've been eyeballing them, and my son wanted cookies. They were YUMMY!!!!!! Too yummy. 

  • Second breakfast 10:34am
  • Gluten Free toast, and a slice of ezekial bread too. Also had some more eggs from breakfast.
  • I ENJOYED my toast, especially the multigrain Gluten Free toast, with butter. 

  •  I enjoyed the last bites of toast with some honey :)

  • Lunch 4:18pm
  • Spicy tofu, mushrooms, and rice. I didn't eat the rice. The tofu was so good.

  • Dinner 7:52pm
  • Chicken and veggie soup

Day 17 over. I was craving carbs like CRAZY again today. I guess having them around didn't help right? Those cookies were so tasty, and hit the spot perfectly. I am starting my period soon, so I just want to eat, eat, eat. I always get super hungry, and crave food before I start my period, and the first couple days. Never noticed it quite like this before. I'm so much more aware of my body now. I notice things that I didn't before. It's really interesting.

  • Day 18/40
  • Up at 7:46am

  •  Good Morning :)

  • Nothing better than bacon right? No nitrates, uncured, and tasted amazing!

  • Breakfast 9:12am
  • Bacon, eggs, GF toast, garlic kale

  •  Took my other kiddos to the dentist today, and then we went to lunch after. I guess he's feeling much better. Thank goodness he only was sick for one night!!

  • Lunch 1:00pm
  • I had a big salad, meatballs, lots of veggies, fried zucchini sticks, and some stinkin pasta. Darn it.... I couldn't resist, I gobbled it down so fast, and felt very happy with myself too. I only had one spoon, but it was GOOD! 

  • Dinner 6:46pm
  • Chik fil a - chicken strips salad, with 1/2 pack of ranch. It tasted good. Very filling. I always have lemonade there, LOVE it, but didn't have any, because of all the sugar. I also should have made a better choice with the dressing, but I just had to have some ranch. 
  • Believe it or not, I was SOOOOO bloated after this salad. I have no idea what it was from. 
  • Could it have been the fried chicken, raw broccoli, or ranch? I don't know, but I felt horrible.

Day 18 over. Today was a busy day. Kids went to the dentist, and we had swim class later. After having my little one be throwing up all over the place just the day before. Thankful it only lasted one day for him. Who knows, maybe that's why my tummy hurt after dinner? All I know is that I felt COMPLETELY bloated after that darn salad. Not looking forward to eating there again, for a long long time.

  • Day 19/40
  • Up at 6:45am

  • Breakfast 6:59am
  • 2 corn tortilla egg and cheese tacos with salsa. YUM!

  • Lunch 12:15pm
  • Went to Japanese with my mom
  • Started off with miso soup.

  •  Ginger salad

  • Some sushi. I am still new to sushi, so every time I look at the menu I have no idea what to order. This is not what I THOUGHT I ordered, but it was just fine. Light, and refreshing. Couldn't even finish it all. There were 6 pieces left. 

  • Dinner 6:04pm
  • Ate out again, this time me and the princess. Found a little mexican shop, and PIGGED out on some amazing tacos, with chicken, carne asada, and carnitas. OMG.... lots of guacamole, chips and salsa, and even a BEER. 

  • Snack 7:15pm
  • I would be lying if I said I didn't gobble those cookies down. I grabbed two just like that, and they were gone before I could stop myself. Darn period!!!

That was the end of day 19. Almost half way done with the challenge. 

Looking back at last week, I was having lots of cravings, especially for carbs. This week just brought on even more cravings for carbs, and cookies, and even a beer, lol. 

I've been reading a lot about wheat addiction, GLUTEN addiction to be specific. I'm telling you, it is true. My body just WANTED carbs, and even though I gave in, more times than I would have liked, I tried not to give into gluten filled carbs. 

Despite the rough week, I felt ok. The only time I really felt BLOATED was after my chick fil a salad. Totally weird. I thought I was making a healthier choice, and that is what made me the sickest. 

I finally got my sweet tooth satisfied with some amazingly yummy GLUTEN FREE snickerdoodle cookies, lol. They were scrumptious, every last bite. 

I'm half way there, and I'm learning every single day more and more about my eating habits. It is super hard to stay on track when temptation is all around me. Everywhere I look I see food that I used to eat, and I never said no to food. I've slowly but surely been making choices every meal, choices that are just a little better. I'm trying, and despite the cravings, I've done pretty good. 

I didn't make it in the gym much this week. I guess you just have to roll with the punches sometimes. I'm not giving up, and that's what matters. 


  1. Good for you on NOT giving up. :) Everyone has to start somewhere, right? It's tough to pass up tempting foods, but it gets easier to say no (most of the time).
    I LOVE that Applegate Naturals bacon, so good! Love me some Japanese food on occasion too. ;)
    Keep on keepin' on girl! You can do it!! :)

  2. Bella, glad to know that you are sticking with your plans. It's alright to have tiny little slip ups once in a while - Don't give up (I know you wont). Hope that the kids are perfectly alright by now and that the next week will be much easier for you. You are looking beautiful. As Karey said above, Keep on keeping on :) Will drop in after a couple of days. Have a great week!

  3. Hey Bella! What a great way to stay on track! You have terrific portion control...once I am within 90 yards of a carb, I somehow manage to consume around 90 portions worth of the stuff! You have a great grasp on the nutrition behind improving your health!! Keep up the awesome work & keep rollin' with the punches! Its all any of us can do :)


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