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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lets talk PERIODS shall we?-- Part ONE....

Period Talk - Part ONE
Before I continue, please go away if you don't want to hear all about that time of month for us woman, and all the juicy details. If on the other hand you are a cranky woman, on the rag, then read away, and then tell me all about it below, I can surely relate, and who doesn't love to complain about cramps, hehe.  
Yup, a girls closest friend. That Aunt Flo will visit you every month for the better part of your life, how awesome is that? Well, if you have periods like I do, not very cool!! If you FLOW like a waterfall, and cramp like you are in labor, not very cool!! If your back feels like it is breaking in two, and you gain 10 lbs every time, because you crave everything in sight, not very cool!! If you PMS like crazy, and everyone accuses you of being CRAZY, not very cool!!
Am I alone here, am I the only one who HATES this Aunt Flo? Why oh why, can't I have a nice, normal, regular period, like some of my friends. I'm telling you, they can literally be ok with wearing a panty liner, for a few days and it's all over!!!

Sadly, I am not so lucky. I can always tell it's getting close, I yell more, get super irritated, feel bloated like hell, and just want to eat, eat, eat. No it's not psychological, it's TRUE. It happens every month, without fail, the same darn thing, over and over again. 

Actually come to think of it, in the past 13 years, I've been period FREE for nearly 9 of those years, either from being pregnant, OR breastfeeding. YUP I only have 3 kids, so you do the math there :) Regardless, when I do have my period it's so horrible that I almost wish I was pregnant of breastfeeding for the rest of my life, period life that is haha. Big debate about breastfeeding to come too, clearly I am TOTALLY for it.

I remember skipping school when I was younger because my cramps hurt so bad, and even now, I still curl up in a ball many times, and just sit there. I actually get scared sometimes, at the amount of bleeding, I don't know how I can bleed so much, and not pass out, seriously! I often just sit on the toilet for a good 10 minutes, letting it drain, before I attempt to finish up. It's pretty crapy to say the least. 
So, naturally I'm bringing this topic up today, because GUESS what, it's almost that time of the month YAY. I can feel it, the back ache, the beginning stages of cramping, the smallest traces of blood, the pigging out, yup everything is winding down to the big explosion that will be my period by tomorrow. I'm lucky to get through the rest of the day without it starting. Surely by morning, I will be miserable. Perfect timing too, I'll be so excited to go on vacation like this, what could be better. Oh I know being sick too, that's right, I am so lucky. 

Here's how I've taken care of my problem in the past. I had to buy the longest, heavy duty THIN pads available, WITH wings, and stock up on those. Then buy the heavy duty tampons, plastic insert, thank you, and stock up on those. Then sort through my underwear drawer, trying to find a pair already stained, so I don't mess up any new ones. Oh yeah, sorry, they all have freaking stains, GREAT! Then put on the baggiest, sweats, pull my hair up in a bun, throw a shirt on with NO bra of course. Curse a few times, try and stretch my back, OH NO that hurts, curse some more. Then yell at my family for anything and everything, go eat, sit, eat sit, eat sit, OH and change my pad and tampon, like every hour. 
Sounds awesome doesn't it? Oh if you want to read an entire book about periods, check out this book Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation

Now that we all get the picture, lets talk about some things that we can do to feel better.

EATING, not really sure that this is the way to go, but it sure does make me happy! The fattier, juicier, chocolatier the better. Thank goodness it's only once a month, lol. 
Warm compress on your tummy, either a warm washcloth, or heating pad, and just curling up in bed.

Taking a hot bath, or shower. Swimming, or relaxing in a jacuzzi. Just being in water feels good.

You could always take some pain pills, but I try to stay away from medicine, so this is usually last option for me anyway. Although I have tried this before, and it's awesome. Not a pill, but medicine, kinda?

I've also dabbled with acupressure, and it's really cool. Even if you have to do it to yourself, there is truly something amazing about it, a good foot rub, even one you do yourself, refreshes your entire body and soul. Acupuncture is something I really want to try as well.
How to locate pressure point on foot for period relief
Reflexology and Acupressure to relieve menstrual cramps

There is ONE more thing I do, and highly recommend, but I will go into that in a separate post since, I really want to explain it well. So make sure to check back tomorrow for PART TWO, period talk.

Today will you please share your period stories with us. Will you tell me all your tips and tricks for relieving those nasty cramps, and what you do to deal with PMS. I want to hear all about it.

We will be discussing about all the new green choices for that time of month, there are so many options available, and I really want to share them with you. The good, and the bad. I've recently started using a VERY COOL product, and I can't imagine going back to regular pads, and tampons. However you will have to wait and see what it is. Do any of you use alternative products, what are they, and how do you like it. If you've never tried anything new, would you be willing to, if I told you it was AWESOME :)

Now talk to me ladies, tell me all about your PERIOD!!
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