Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cracker Barrell Pancake knockoff and ~~FEATURES~~

Hey, so you want to know how to make CRACKER BARREL pancakes do you, he he. ?

Ok, then let me share something I came across this morning. While making my favorite mix pancake :

I tweaked the way I usually do it like this.
USUALLY I make them with water, a bit of oil in the batter, and an egg, per the instruction, sometimes, a little thicker, sometimes thinner, but basically the same.
Oh and I ALWAYS add a dash of SUGAR, and VANILLA to my pancakes. 
Sometimes even CHOCOLATE chips, like I did HERE!
Then I cook on a griddle with HARDLY any oil, like maybe to just get them started, then nothing else.
BUT today, I wanted to be a little BAD, lol. 
So I added milk instead of water, ann egg, and forgot to add the oil to the batter, lol, NO FEAR, because I added a TAD more oil for frying, and made my pancakes a TAD bit thinner, than usual, (think crepe), and fried  I mean cooked my pancakes, so the edges got all crispy, and TOTALLY yummy. 
Now, I've only been to THE Cracker Barrel like ONCE, ok, actually TWICE, but for some reason their pancakes were the TASTIEST darn things I have EVER had. 
YES I know their pancakes are not thin like crepes, and are actually a bit thicker, BUT the taste and smell, and melt in your mouth factor was all there. 
SO TRUST ME when I SAY these were THE BEST!!
Yes, even better than Cracker Barrel, which up until now, I thought were the best. 
Go FIGURE, I would end up loving my pancakes so much.  
Here are just a couple pics, because there were only 2 left when I finally thought of taking a pic, and then of course, of my almost eaten one, he he. Ohhh, how I will miss these yummies, when I start working on losing my BUBBLE BUTT, and read more about my bubble butt HERE, and HERE.

Now on to today's FEATURES, from wks #16, and #17.

This year I need to get my blog on some kind of schedule. For example, I need to figure out when I want to do these FEATURES, which I love to do, but they do take up a whole lot of time, SO, I need to plan better, and make it consistent. You guys need consistency, right, as do I for real. It seems to have worked so far for my party, I've never missed one, and have only been late a few times, by late, I mean, not up on Monday night, he he. Funny thing is those weeks were very low as far as linkups, so lesson to be learned, DON'T be late, setting up your parties gals. 
Stacy @ NOT JUST A HOUSEWIFE, has already been featured like a gazillion times for this incredible lamp, BUT can you blame us party hosts. Tell me it's not the coolest dang thing you've EVER seen, seriously just TRY to tell me, he he. She MADE it all by herself, it was so cute looking at the pics, she looks great sporting dust, and goggles, lol.

GO NOW, and say HELLO to STACY.

Lisa @ THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, made some REALLY yummy looking cinnamon sugar, almonds. You guys know how nuts are a must at any party, the ultimate snack food, and these sweet things will surely make your guests happy, and begging for more.

GO NOW, and say HELLO to LISA,


Laren @ THE ELEPHANTS TRUNK made me drool with her take on one of everybody's favorite meals, spaghetti and MEATBALLS. Oh, how can ANYBODY say this is boring, he he. I love how simple this looks, and of course the fact you don't need to fry them first, score :)

GO NOW, and say HELLO to LAUREN,

Ann @ MY LIFE AS PROSE showed us how to make a fun, NO SEW window valance, and she is so awesome, she didn't even cut it or anything, she just kind of folded, and pinned, and tucked, and hot glued, lol. BUT when, and IF she wants to do something else with this fabulous fabric, SHE can, I love that, and have been known to do similar things, he he.

GO NOW, and say HELLO to ANN,

Michell @ GIRL IN AIR has blown me away, with this INCREDIBLE DIY almost FREE, painting of the world. No stencils were used, and no it wasn't free hand, but I just LOVED it so much, and how fitting, for THE GIRL IN AIR, hehe.
It turned out so lovely, and she too, has about a million comments, on it, but a few more won't hurt.


Lauren @ WEST FURNITURE REVIVAL, is another one of those blogs, which ONCE you check it out, you will fall in love, I"M telling you ITS TRUE, I basically left a comment at every one of her posts, begging for her to link up, he he. She found me however much before I got a chance to see her, and she linked up already. Isn't this little end table adorable, she made it over, and has a wonderful dresser, she redid as well. Gosh, I am loving those shadow boxes so much, and her choice of all those lovely colors, YAYY. I love it!!!



Tara @ TARADARA has been blown away with how many time she is getting FEATURED for this AMAZING $25.00 hutch makeover, HELLO girl, who are you kidding, you can see that picture above, it is probably one of the most beautiful things I've see. I'm not exactly a big hutch girl, BUT this, is so awesome, I have to start browsing craigslist myself, in search for something I can transform into THIS. So awesome!!!

GO NOW and say HELLO to TARA,

Lisa @ SERENDIPITY CHIC DECOR kinda did a cool makeover in her bathroom, and one the coolest magazine racks, I've seen YET, is this, made from a vintage BABY CRIB, what do you think about that? Pretty darn cool hugh?
I must tell you something about Lisa, and her blog, a couple weeks ago, her blog disappeared, as in poof it was gone, and so was her gmail account, so SADLY she had to START over. You guys might have wondered where her blog went, as I did, when I saw this, and was like I know you, but hey your blog is NEW, what's going on. So to make a long story short, PLEASE go say hello, and lets get all her loyal fans back, OK....

GO NOW and say HELLO to LISA!!

Elle @ SWITCHEROOM  redid her bathroom, on a practically non existant budget. She is in the process of remodeling her entire home, (it kind of got flooded out during a typhoon) and is not exactly stylish enough, for this MAJORLY chic, design, guru. She has the most fabulous, ideas, and taste, and I am so in love with her blog, and seeing her home get transformed. It is beyond awesome, so there, now you have to go check it out, he he, cuz, I said so.

GO NOW and say HELLO to ELLE,

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, for supporting me in my blogging efforts. These parties are a HUGE deal for me, I love hosting them, I love seeing all your projects, and I LOVE featuring you my dear friends . So please grab a button and display it proudly. 

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Thanks for the feature :) Your a doll!

  2. Hi Sweetie! I LOVE your new header, you are gorgeous!! You blog looks so great!!!

    Love your features and those pancakes look so good! I love breakfast for lunch and dinner! :) I haven't been to Cracker Barrell in sooo long!

  3. Your comment made me smile so big, it really made a rough day much much better! Thank you so much :) I love your new header as well, what a great picture! Thank you again.

  4. Hey Bella, love the new look of your blog!

  5. WOW!!! Your new blog look is freaking AH-SOME!!!!! I love it! Your look beautiful too!! :)


  6. Thanks so much for the feature along with warning others to back up their blogs...

    Have a great evening!

    Take care,

  7. cool new header Bella! Great job! :)

    And thanks for featuring my half-done bath.. haha.. full reveal soon! Added you button on my thank you page.

    Thanks again!

  8. You have some great features here! I love the Bob's Red Mill products (well, with the exception of their garbanzo bean powder - yuck!) and will have to give this one a try :)

  9. LOVE the new header! I didn't know you had long hair! Great choices on the features, they're all stellar projects. When you decide on a schedule, announce it so I can spreadsheet my visits!

  10. Thanks for the link up.
    I also have a link list that you can add your linky party to!

  11. You sure know how to pick 'em! I love seeing each of the features you choose every week. That's a great new header, too.

  12. thank you again bella for the feature. im busy linking up other projects for the next one...


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