Wednesday, March 23, 2011

FEATURES from week #28

Amaze me August
They are in order of submission, so the sooner you link up, the higher on this list you will be.

Michelle @ GIRL IN AIR created a WONDERFUL topsy turvy planter, which I totally, TOTALLY, love. It's just so cute, and you have to see how easy it is to do!

K @ VINTAGE SKYE showed us another money saving Pottery Barn inspired project. Oh how I adore this girls creations, she is so brilliant. I heart her!!

Khadija @ CREATIVE MIND wowed me with her extremely awesome Mehndi skills, and this time she turned it into a beautiful paper lantern shade, it's so pretty!!

Stephanie @ LUXE BOULEVARD spend last week giving us tutorials on how to create an ENTIRE outfit, and it was awesome. This was just her Ooo Laa Laa Ruffle top, it's stunning!!

Amber @ SOCIAL BUTTERFLY showed us how to make rainbow jello. Just imagine the possibilities, this just looks so fun, and perfect for summer, fun, kids, jello, YAY!!!

Lauren @ WEST FURNITURE REVIVAL just can't stop being awesome. So poor thing, couldn't redo an entire piece of furniture this week, so she just redid her MUDROOM,,, AWESOME!!!

Staci @ CRAFTIFY IT did an INCREDIBLE makeover on I hate to say it ( the most ugly brick, planter, bookshelf, whatever it was ), into a very COOL, useful, practical ENTRY TABLE!

Jen @ OCD redid a pretty bird house. Wasn't horrible before, but now it's just simply gorgeous. Too bad a real birdie can't live in there, hehe.

Kerrie @ WANDERING JEWELER created some incredible, unique, and surprisingly girly jewelry, from old bike chains. I actually really love this!

Thendral @ KAVIN sewed a beautiful summer girl dress. I love the details in this one. Can you picture it on your princess?

Thanks ladies so much for the support, and I hope to see you back next week!
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  1. Yippeee....Thank you for featuring my Tipsy Pots

  2. wow. i just got done leaving a comment that i could help you out and i saw that you featured my mudd room ... thank you so much... love ya girl !!! feel better soon

  3. thanks again for the feature bella.
    i just did a shout out to you... check it out i think youll like it.


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