Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Change is good..... RIGHT?

As you all know things have been crazy slow around my blog lately. I've made some small updates on my facebook page, so make sure to follow along so you don't miss anything :)

The past couple months have been full of changes for us. The biggest has been our decision to move in with my mom for a while. Our plan was to buy a bigger home and have her come live with us, but time was too short, and finding the right home just wasn't happening soon enough. Our home is not big enough for her to move in, and besides we couldn't close down the bakery. So we took over my mom's house, and now she has the bottom floor, and we have the top. We still have the bakery, and with me living here now, hopefully I can finally start my online shop soon. It's crowded, but it works for now, and everyone seems to be adjusting quite well.
 I'm happy that we are in a place where we can help my mom out. She works hard, always has, but making ends meet has proven too much for her. I hated seeing her stress every month, and with us taking over, hopefully for the first time in a very long time she can breath a little easier, and not have to worry about paying bills anymore. 

However packing up our home, and seeing it empty is hard. Much harder than I thought it would be.  Every time I go to pack another load, I feel sad. It still feels like home, only very empty, cold, and somehow I still wish we lived there. 

The only other house I was ever attached too was our house in California where I have so many memories of my family, and especially my father. I actually still DREAM about that house :) 

This was the first house my husband and I ever owned. The first house we could call our own, the first house we worked hard at making a home for our family. This is the first and last thing I saw every time we walked through the door. I love that mirror. 

 I will miss hanging my kids artwork all over the fridge. (We have a stainless steel fridge now). I will miss this house. I will miss my colorful kitchen, and all the big open space. I will miss my house.

This was our first house, and everywhere I look I see my kids.
Every mark on the wall, every scratch in the floor, I remember who made it. 

 I love my beat up floors, you can tell a family lived here, and enjoyed their home. 
Even sitting here writing this post, brings back so many memories. I've sat at this desk so many times, watching funny videos with the kids, or seeing them goof off in front of Photo Booth. 

We've laughed, danced, and cried here. We brought two of our babies home here, the kids in the neighborhood grew up together. I will miss all of them. 
I know we are only moving 5 minutes away, BUT it won't be the same. 

Life is changing yet again. 

Life is always changing, and time passes, and we can never have back what we had even five minutes ago, so I just wanted to remind myself and all of you once again..... to cherish every day, and everyone in it, because tomorrow will always bring change.

We can only hope that the change it brings is good, and this move is good. 
Thank you Lord, we are truly blessed to have made the choice to move, rather than be forced to do so. We are blessed that we are able to help my mom out, and in the process I will have help myself with the house, and kids. We are blessed that my husband has a stable job, and provides so much for his family. 

I hope we will be blessed with a great family to move into our home, and take care of it as we did, and I can only hope that they enjoy it as much as we did. 

As the new year rolled in for us, we are happy, sad, excited and scared.
 We look forward to each and every day, and can't wait to see what 2012 brings!


P.S. I miss you all so much, and writing this post made me happy. It's been way too long, and I can't wait to get things rolling again around here. Hope you haven't forgotten about me, and thank you too all my wonderful friends who have stuck around these past couple months. I am so lucky to have friends like you. 


  1. Awww that is so sad! I hope that all works out and you will be just as happy!

  2. I totally feel you, babe. When we were forced to move in with our friend last Spring I was absolutely beside myself. A husband, three kids, living on our own for years, and we had to move out of home in with someone else. I cried. I didn't understand it. But I was grateful we had somewhere to go when we couldn't find a place quick enough.

    Patience is the key. It does take adjusting.

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Miss you bunches!

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  3. Aww Gosh I know what you mean, seeing a home you have lived in, and created memories in for so long, all empty is always sad. :( I was sentimental about the first apartment the hubs and I rented together. It was the first place we lived together as man and wife! I got all misty eyed when ever we passed it after we moved out. And I was like that after every move we made after that too. There is always something special about each place we lived.
    Anyways.. it is SO good to see you back on the blog again! You were really missed! :) And I hope 2012 will be great for you guys! Its so wonderful what you are doing for you mom. :)

  4. I've missed you during your blog vacation. Moving is always a little heartbreaking. It is sad to see someplace that holds so many memories looking so bare. I think it's great that you are able to help your mom and alleviate some of her stress. Hope this new year has some amazing blessings in store for you. :)

  5. I know just how you feel friend. You know we just did the same thing. I miss AZ. Every time I really miss it I think about how much my mom needs us here. I'm so happy we are here to help her.

    Could NEVER forget you girl. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. BUT KNOW, as I have learned, trying to make a zillion plans and actually act on them let alone BLOG about them can be amazingly stressful. Just take it a step at a time. Family and you first, then the home THEN if you have time blog about it! I made so many plans, wanted to get so much done. But to put it all together and manage a new household I ended up in tears on many nights and wanted to never look at my blog again!

  6. We have thought of moving a few times for the same reasons actually. My mom moved in with us about 4 years ago and there really wasn't room but we have made it work and it has been a blessing to have her. Our family room was renovated into her bedroom and now the family seems to think my bedroom is where to congregate. :) Good Luck with all the changes and I pray you find a good fit for your new home!


  7. I'm so glad to see your face around here again, sweet Bella!
    I know your your pain. When we sold our first car I cried my head off. When we left our first home I was a wreck. So, so many memories. :(
    But, lovely things are coming to you and your family this year...it doesn't matter where you are!

  8. Oh, my beautiful Bella... change is terrifying, upsetting, confusing and sad. But it also is a challenge, which, at times, can be overwhelming. We too have moved house, and I left behind the first actual HOUSE, rather than a flat, I've ever lived in, and more than that, my first home in the UK after coming over from Germany. I loved that house so much I can hardly describe it. But we simply couldn't afford it any more as things in my life have significantly changed recently. The new house is way smaller, less beautiful in a rather ugly area, and I don't like it. I actually dislike it very much. But, and this is the big thing, you and I are both so lucky. You have your kids, your husband and your Momma all around you, and you get to make so many new memories in the new home. Your kids won't mark the walls anymore, but this is the house they will bring their first date to, maybe give as address on their brand new drivers licence, have their prom photos taken in... in a years' time it'll feel like it has been home forever. For my part, I still have all my cats (mad cat lady!) and my Mister, and we'll just have to draw the curtains and make the inside of the house look like it reflects US, not the dirtbag neighbourhood or cheapskate landlord. A house is merely the shell protecting what's inside- I keep telling myself that, and I hope you'll feel the same way soon. Lots of love all the way across the pond from Steff <3

  9. You've been missed as well Bella! Hope things continue to work out the best they can for you all! Hope to hear more about the move and life again soon!

  10. happy New year my dear friend! Enjoy the change and every moment in this new year! hugs, M

  11. change is the only constant!
    Hope things are a bit settled by now.
    I am now following your blog..pls follow back if you can!

  12. What a beautiful post! Welcome back beautiful!

  13. Hi Bella! Miss you! I thought about you the other day cind am facut supa cu galuste. It was so bad, they turned out like rocks and I didn't have internet access to youtube a how to. My mom walked me through it on the phone the next day and they turned out a little better.

  14. Aww what a touching story, you really did leave your home, but your home will always be where your family is. Happy new year and all the best to you and your cuties.


  15. The good thing about going through tough times is that you realize how lucky you really are. Despite having to move out of your home, you still have a mother with whom you can stay. You have a seemingly great family and that means everything. There are those who are millionaires, even those that are trying to be millionaires, that would give everything up to be in your position. Good luck to you.


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