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Amaze me August #40 ~ Look inside my FRIDGE ~

Welcome to the 40th edition of Amaze me August. 
I can't believe I have been keeping this party going for over 40 weeks now. That is so awesome!! Thank you to all my regulars, and this past week I stumbled across a couple blogs who left comments on here. When I went to visit their blog, I noticed not only are they followers, but they are even sporting one of my buttons, and I'm on their blog roll. Oh wow, I can't even tell you how happy it makes me, when I come across someone who reads my blog, and loves it. 
I mean really I wonder how many of you are out there, that I just have no clue about. So if you are secretly a follower, but have never left me a comment, or maybe you have once, and I never responded back (oops) I'd love to hear from you. Oh and for the record, and to be fair, it's super hard keeping up with all the emails, but I try my best. However if on top of everything else, when I go to respond you are a NO-REPLY blogger, well, then you probably won't get a comment back, PROBABLY! Not for sure, but probably. So make sure to check out THIS POST, on how you can fix your NO-REPLY problems, so that when you leave me a comment, I can respond, OK. 

Oh and if you missed out on the great conversation on EXTREME COUPONING, make sure to check out THIS POST. I loved all the feedback on the subject, and of course I'd love to hear what you think too.
Ok so since I went kinda nuts on you guys with my rants and raves, on healthy eating the other day. I wanted to share with you the kinds of things I typically stock up on. I do this kind of shopping about once every 6-8 weeks. I usually go to the Indian grocery store, Super H-mart (a korean market), and yesterday it was a trip to Costco too. Sometimes it's Sams, and usually a trip to Kroger as well. 

I wish I could make it out to the farmers markets more regularly, but that takes organizing, and I'm so not there yet. you really need to plan your shopping out doing that, and I really want to start doing that more often. You can't beat the taste, flavor and obviously freshness that you get from a farmers market. But eve if you are not there yet either, I want to show you, how I shop usually.

I will only show you my fresh produce today. I will do a couple follow up posts on the rest of the stuff I bought, including stuff to make my own dishwashing soap (YAYYYYY), and the other misc things I stock up on. My whole point being that MOST of the things I bought either do not have coupons period, OR there are no coupons for the brands I like to buy. So here you can see the problem with trying to use coupons, for someone like me. 
This is my fridge basically before I started cleaning it out. Tons of leftovers, and just a few things that need to be reorganized.
 Reorganized so I could fit more veggies, thank you very much!!
 These are condiments that were either on my top shelf, or on the door. A couple bottles were pretty much empty, so those could go to recycling.
 This is our snack drawer. I keep fruit, and cheese in here. 
 This is our veggie drawer. A couple things went bad, erghhh, I hate when that happens. 
 My tortilla, cheese, and lunch meat drawer.
 Take a look at what kinds of veggies I usually stock up on. Can you name all the veggies in the picture?
 My snack drawer, reorganized. I just swapped out apples for oranges, because the apples were getting a but old, and I just got some yummy clementines. The apples will still be used though, don't worry!
 My veggie drawer restocked!!
 Above my veggie drawer, more veggies, hehe.
 The top shelf in my fridge, is where I like to keep the larger condiments, opened sauce bottles, ginger garlic paste,  feta cheese, etc.
 The next shelf, I like to keep milk on the right, and leftovers on the left.
 The next small shelf, is where I keep my eggs, and yogurt.
 My tortilla drawer, filled with mozzarella. I love making pizza remember?
 My fridge door. On the very top (not in this pic) I keep my butter, and sometimes chocolate, lol. Then my milk, one juice, and buttermilk. Then more condiments, and more condiments on the bottom. 
 Here is the fruit I have currently. This is pretty typical. We also love berries, but I stopped buying them so often, because strawberries are at the top of the dirty dozen. I rarely find organic, and even if I do, they look really bad. I miss my berries, so maybe I should grow some, he he. I do buy frozen berries, organic of course, and we enjoy that in our smoothies often!! 
 A full view of my fridge. Pretty much stuffed to the limit. Definitely grocery day!!
 My outside fridge, was pretty much empty, so I had to fill that baby up too. I had no more room in the other fridge, hehe. 
Alright, much better now. 

So there you have it. My fridge stays pretty clean, I wipe it down basically every month. Especially when I do major stocking up like yesterday, it's essential to clean it out, before you put new stuff in there. Check back this week, for a breakdown on what actually I bought, and more in depth peeks at the rest of my pantry, and freezer. It should be fun right?

Now show me what you got. Hope you are not to tired to link up after that LONG post, lol.

Have you guys noticed the new and impoved Linkytools? I love it, what do you think about it so far? The scroll window is fabulous, and they have all kinds of new options. I can even REQUIRE that you have a link back to my blog, before you can link up. I think many people will be using that, maybe even me, but not for now. I think all of you will link back on your own, just because you know it's the right thing to do, and you want to make me smile, hehe. 
Thanks again for all the support!!


  1. Hi Bella,
    hope you like my link. i zapped you with color this week.
    thanks for hosting.

  2. wow you have Amul products there? I love how many veggies you have stuffed in your fridge!

  3. I love what you keep in your fridge! Once I get my blog going a little better I will definitely be joining your linky party :) Here's my latest post if you feel like checking it out :) My cup is half full I hope I got that to turn into a clickable link!


  4. My fridge is FULL of fruits and veggies!!! I use a coupon or two from time to time! Ya know I actually follow a couple blogs that post about great deals and stuff and one of the things they post about are coupon deals! it's great, all I have to do is read there weekly coupon post and see what FEW things I can score for really cheap!! I got FREE olive oil based butter spread a few weeks back! that was pretty exciting but 50 packages of toilet thanks!!

    Thanks for hosting momma!! :)

  5. I can't believe how much food you have! I'd never be in your house and say, "There's nothing good to eat!" like we do all the time!

  6. I am glad to know someone else keeps their cheese, meat and tortillas in the same drawer!! :)

    Thanks for hosting!



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