Monday, October 7, 2013

Gardening, Summer, Family, Life, Cooking, Gym.... just a few things I've been doing since March :)

Hi.... can you believe I'm actually posting something? Me neither. Goodness, I didn't plan on taking such a long break, BUT things never go as planned around here anyway. I've been doing well, and honestly just enjoying my time "off". Today out of the blue, I decided I need to do a little update, just to say HI, and let you know I'm still HERE. Hopefully I'll update more later, but for now, enjoy these pictures. Just a quick peek at what we've been up to since March :)
 The kids and I saying hello from one of our vacations.
 Some beautiful ORGANIC veggies I ordered for my first ever REAL garden.
 A very LONG project this past summer was building my vegetable garden.
 I guess it was Easter time.... kiddos being silly and coloring eggs.
 My daughter made an awesome magazine for me. It was super special.
 Kids started swimming again, and my little one for the first time.
 Dino D strutting his stuff because he has it going on.
 My beautiful, amazing kids :)
 Peek a boo.
 Some beautiful produce straight from my garden.
 The BOMB hamburger....  with my "special" sauce.
 Garden is growing.
 Love my garden.
 Baby tomato plants.
 Oh yeah, I cut my finger and fainted.... it HURT sooooooooooooo bad.
 Propagating, some gardenia plants.
 Grow baby grow.
 Niyel, my helper in the garden every single day. Love this kitty :)
 I started JUICING.... I'll tell you all about it later :)
 Niyel, protecting the bounty :)
 Just amazing, how pretty my garden was.
 One of my first JUICING sessions.
 I did a JUICE fast, or detox for 10 days with my mama :)
 More yumminess from my garden, my kitty cat helper, and Dino D, who also loved watching things grow, and say HELLO to my mama :)
 Cheers, Cheers, Cheers.... lots of juicing pics :)
 Oh yeah, another vacation.... 4th of July... and cooking up a storm at our hotel :)
 Making dosas on our balcony over looking the bay... so awesome.
 Sightseeing.... it was MONSOON weather in FL when we arrived, so we got stuck in this gift shop for hours.... oh well.
 More hotel food.... and of course we juiced there too :)
 Enjoying the little bit of sunshine.... and OK we had a beer too, lol.
 The rain stopped just in time for fireworks.... yup we got lucky !!!
 Another mini vacation... camping at our cabin... love this place.
 Burn baby burn :)
 Enjoying smores... it rained a lot, but we did manage to make ONE fire.
 Oh my gosh.... I spent LOTS and LOTS of time in my garden, LOVE IT :)
 The girly went to county for swimming :)
 Making sambar in the crock pot... with all my lovely veggies from MY GARDEN!!
 Dino D picked a premature melon,,,, booo...... BUT dang he was so proud and so cute :)
 This one time at band camp. I officially have a high schooler, watch out. :)
 One of my many juicing sessions :)
 Okra from my garden.
 Farm fresh eggs :)
 Started buying ORGANIC produce from a company that delivers to my door.... AWESOME!
 Making homemade citrus infused vinegar, for CLEANING :)
 That JUICE was soooooooo yummy, and colorful, and beautiful. I kinda LOVE my JUICE.
 Look at that color..... just amazing.
 Kids started school..... love these kiddos so much.
 First day of school over :)
 The boy loves fruit.
 My TIGER..... def doesn't like gardening as much as his sister Niyel.
 Making LOTS and LOTS of juice.
 My mama, helping me make LOTS and LOTS of juice :)
 My mama and I working out booties of at the gym.... or at least trying too.
 GREEN juice.
 GREEN ... ORANGE juice...
 My first sunflower.
 FRESH tomatillo chicken enchiladas, I'm still drooling.
 Silly kids.
 I've been tagged.

 Time to clean up the summer garden, it's fall now :)
 Working on finishing up the basement.... LOTS OF WORK!!
 A pretty rose.
 Me still working on my fitness. I started the Jillian Michaels DIET BET.... and I have until OCT 22 to lose 4% of my body weight. Getting there :)

So there you have it.... lots has been going on... and I have so much to share. Hopefully this was enough to make you want to come back to see more. I can't wait to share all about my garden, my juicing, my basement remodel, and so much more.

Have a fantastic day my friends. Missed you all so much.
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In my spare time I enjoy cooking, and baking. In fact my mother and I have been making cakes for over 30 years. I also love gardening, traveling, and all things crafty. I struggle daily to keep my like organized, along with my never ending battle to keep the house clean. I adore my three kids MOST of the time, and can usually be found doing the mom thing from morning till night. I try to catch a few mommy moments, but those are hard to find in this wonderful life of mine. I am blessed and happy, and am thrilled you stopped by today :)