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How to make Rice Crispy Treat ELMO -- Cake Tutorial

Have you guys ever wondered how you to make those nifty cake toppers. Things that you just can't imagine actually carving out of cake. I'll let you in on a little secret. In the cake business we usually make those from RICE CRISPY TREATS. Yup, it's the perfect solution. You can easily shape it, carve it, and then decorate it with buttercream, and even fondant. It is light, and won't add extra weight to an already heavy cake. It's also TASTY, I love Rice Crispy, so what is there not to love?

Today's tutorial is how to make Elmo from Rice Crispy Treats.

My mom insisted on taking some pics of me. Great!!
Ok mom, enough already, lol.
Follow your favorite recipe for making Rice Crispy Treats. I use the basic recipe, nothing fancy. Well except that I'm pretty sure I toasted mine a bit too much, ooops. It sure tasted good so no biggie.
Roll out log shapes for the legs, and arms. 
Make a round head. 
Shape the body, an oval shape will do.
Roll out three smaller balls for the eyes, and nose.

1. Make sure you pack everything TIGHT, and compact. You do not want your rice crispy to fall apart on you.
2. Attach the arms, Legs, Head, Eyes, and Nose with wooded dowels, or toothpicks. 
Cover the eyes, and nose with Fondant. Make sure your fondant is rather thick, or else the eyes, and nose will look rather lumpy. Even though you made everything compact, and as smooth as possible, you will still see the texture. So make sure your fondant is thick and it will be smooth. Like if you look REALLY close, I could have made mine thicker, BUT by this time, his poor eyes, and nose were ALREADY sooooo BIG, I didn't want to add another layer, lol.
Just goofing off, I gave Elmo a mustache, he he.
Ok, so Elmo is kinda naked right now, next step is to get him all filled up.
Use a star tip and start piping in Elmos fur. Cover his entire body, and refrigerate.

Are you curious to see what he looks life all finished?
Come check out the finished cake on:

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  1. wow! very innovative. i will give this a try!

  2. OH my gosh! you are so stinkin' creative and just downright fabulous!

  3. hi bella,
    I am trying to do a 3d elmo by following your ingenuity.
    I tried to squeeze every bit rice crispies to make it hold tight, but I think it is going to crumble. I am scared that if I put it on top of the cake, few hours later it will fall apart.
    Will you be able to give any advise please? best recipe for the rice crispies maybe =S

  4. Hi Bella,
    I am trying to do a 3D Elmo by following your ingenuity but I am not winning.
    I pressed all the rice crispies as tight as I can to make it hold but it looks like it is still going to crumble. I am scared that if I put it on top of a cake, it will fall after few hours!
    Any advise please? Maybe a best recipe for the rice crispies?


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