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How to line your drawers with contact paper.

I remodeled my kitchen a couple years ago. After finding all the pics, I can't wait to show you guys some pics of how it used to look. One of the main things I did was turn my regular cabinets into huge sliding drawers. I've loved it, BUT have not loved that they were just unfinished wood, and actually not even sanded down properly. I kinda redid my kitchen on a small budget, and the guys who did it, really didn't care about small details like that, I guess. 

Most of the drawers were redone, but i still had a few that were the white typical drawers, so they all didn't match. I thought, I would eventually get around to painting them all the same color, BUT, after almost 2 years that still hasn't happened. So on to plan B. 

The same liner I used to redo my desk HERE, and line under my sink HERE, is what I used to give these drawers a facelift. It ended up being 10 times easier, and WAY cheaper than had I just painted them. Even then, I still would not have the protection these liners provide. You guys know how easy they wipe clean, right. I guess there is a reason why they are meant for this very thing. I am in love. 

Here is how I did it, step by step. It was easy, but with some quick tips, I might save you from some grief, and make it even easier to do. 

One of the white standard drawers, originally there. Pretty beat up right?
First step for all of the drawers obviously is to clean them. Make sure they are clean and DRY.
After being lined it looks so much better. I was a little short in the back there, oops. 
One of the large drawers, wooden, and unfinished. There have been some spills, and everything just stains the wood.  
See what I mean, totally not sanded. Luckily I don't have any reason to go rubbing my hand along that, BUT still, how much better to have it look finished right?
Yikes, splinters up the ying yang. 
Now since the drawers were a little to wide, I had to add an extra strip, so I added it to the back. I measured once, and cut out four of them, since I have four of these big drawers. I cut it long enough to go all the way down the sides, as you can see here. However, contact paper doesn't exactly stick to well to splinters, so, plan B, below. 
Hot glue baby. It worked like a charm. I used just a line along the top edge, and at the very edge if needed. 
It may look a little bumpy, but thats ok with me, much better than it not sticking. 
Here is the large sheet, draped over the sides. Again, I measured it long enough to go over the sides, as before. I cut out 4 exact pieces for the other drawers too. 
I removed the top 1/4th and rolled the paper under. Then got ready to apply.
Starting at the very edge, and lining it up against the side I started pressing down in the middle. 
With my handy dandy hotel card, I pressed, and got out as many bubbles as possible. I worked my way from center to the outside edges. It was super easy, as long as you place it properly, and really use the card to smooth it out. 
I wanted all the edges to look finished, so I cut an extra piece for the back, (actually this is the front part of the drawer.)
Applied the same way, and added a few drops of hot glue to make sure it stayed put.
This is the back of the drawer, and I just need one more piece to finish the drawer. 
Pretty much finished. So much better, I seriously love it. 
Here it is, installed again. I have the heavy duty sliders, that come out all the way. This particular drawer is where I hold all my plastic containers. 
I hope you all learned a little something, and if anything, this makes you go out and line your drawers too. It makes such a difference, I can't even tell you. I don't know why it took me so long to do, but I am super happy it finally got done. I still have about half a roll left, and only a couple more drawers to complete. So with the desk, and  the kitchen, I used up 2 rolls. About a $10.00 investment. So worth it, wouldn't you say?

I will be posting some pics of the drawers before organizing them, and of course now that they are all clean, and pretty. I can't wait to show you guys, how I get by, with 4 huge kitchen cabinets gone, after the kitchen remodel. It's pretty amazing what these pull outs can do. 

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  1. Who knew they made such pretty contact paper?!? I would love to get some of that - going to scan to see if you mentioned where you bought it...

  2. Nice job with the tutorial!

    I mean, the drawers look good and all, but your tutorial? That was great!

  3. The drawer looks great and it makes a huge difference! Very nice!

  4. I love it and your paper is so pretty!! I think I would like to do that with some shelves that I have in my closet. Now I need to find pretty contact paper!

  5. Wow! What a great way to spruce up your drawers. Thank you for sharing.


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