Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Under my Kitchen Sink~ Day 5 of 21 day challenge~

I've been participating in this awesome 21 day organizing challenge with Toni from 
Only I've not done all the days in order, and neither have I posted about them BAD BELLA. Anyway, I have TONS of pics, because I really have been cleaning out, especially with being stuck in the house for almost a week. 

Here is how I RE organized under my kitchen sink. I kind of cleaned it out a while back when I cleared out my pantry. But this time I did it just a little better. 
This is what it looked like before, and after, the first time around.

This time I added a little organizer I got at Ross, for $2.00. 

Swiped this down, kinda yucky, alright, really gross. 

Now it's kinda pretty, me likey. 

Some stuff, I got rid of all those cutting boards, and only kept the flexible, chopping mats, DOLLAR STORE, and I love them. I put that on top of my wooden block, and cut away, then in the dishwasher it goes, and it's ready for the next day.

I was storing some misc appliances in that white container, BUT did without, finally. More space.
My very minimal cleaning supplies, there next to the blender. 

Clearly, the cleaning supplies, are to the left, along with baking soda, in that clear container with the blue lid, and some sponges. Then I have those small appliances, blender, handheld mixer (whisk, chopper, PROB my most useful tool in the kitchen). I also put my pressure cooker down there, where I have much easier access to it, better that having it on a top shelf like before, since I use this almost daily. A few small trays, I use these as my garbage bowl (Rachel Ray) only they don't take up hardly any space. Then the cutting mats, and some placemats, we use for when the kids do art on the table. Oh, and BACK there in the right corner, is my water purifier. I LOVE it, and got it many years ago. 

My over the door organizer, perfect for paper towels, and well in my case, my dishwasher  powder.

Another look at my pressure cooker, I have two sizes, love this thing. 

While the paper towel holder is a great idea, having flying paper towels is not, so I quickly tamed that wild roll, with a rubber band. Perfect. I am totally crazy when it comes to using paper towels, or any kind of paper in the house.Everyone makes fun of me, BUT, I hate WASTING paper. By placing my roll, out of reach, my family is less tempted to use it for everything, and even then, I make sure they rip it in half, or even three, before using it. I know I have a sickness, but they are all used to it, and even though they are taunting me, when they rip it in half, the point is they DO, and my mission is accomplished, LESS paper wasted. I have also been know to rinse out, a sheet, and use it again, then let it dry. Seriously!!!
Now I'm on a roll people, lol, more before and afters to come. 

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