Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things are growing @ Bella Before and After

Hey everyone, how's your day going so far? Mine is beautiful. The day is nice, spring like weather. I'm sitting in my garage watching the kids play outside. My daughter learned to ride her bike, without any training wheels two days ago. She's been begging to ride it like a big girl, BUT I didn't want her to get hurt, SO I kinda made her keep them on, for my sanity, more than her safety, clearly. 

She took them off, herself, and was riding within minutes. Up and down the driveway anyway, around the van, in circles, you know the drill. Still playing it safe, but RIDING on her own. 

Dino D was trying to find worms (his friends) while sister was riding her bike. Now they are both playing on the grass. 

Here are some pics of whats blooming in my garden, and can I tell you, I am so excited to be outside again. Seriously have some plans for the outdoors this summer, and finally the weather is starting to be nice. REALLY nice. 

Now I forgot what these are called, but you know they smell like heaven. I have them all around, pink and purples, and they are my all time favorite bulb. Well besides Fresia, which I also love, but don't have any of those yet. 

Very dead foliage, but new life coming through. I'm leaving that dead stuff there, because I had some growing from last season. It lasted even better than the new plants I bought. Go figure. It must be a hardier plant, so there it stays and maybe next year it will come up by itself again.

Pretty sure this is a weed, but I'm not pulling ay of those today, so it lives to see another day. It does have pretty little purple flowers on it though :)

My sweet potato, that took forever to start blooming. But growing strong now, and I can't wait to see some pretty purple flowers coming from this vine soon. 
ALSO have you noticed some new things on my sidebar. I am still working on getting everything all nice and orderly around here. One step at a time, and these little buttons were the next thing on the list. You can now click below, on each post to like me on facebook, subscribe in rss, follow me on twitter, and of course subscribe by email. All with a click. I've removed the other widgets just taking up space on my blog, (and has anyone else noticed somethings up with facebooks widget lately, it's not working).

I am trying to cut down on clutter, while keeping what is important to me, and that's all of you, and showing you my favorite blogs, projects, shops, and featuring all of those things, on my front page, WITHOUT being overcrowded. Now that's not easy, let me tell you. 

So do me a favor, and give these little buttons a test drive, you know, so you can tell me if they work or not, he he. 

Enter your email address here:

One more thing. The google search box I installed on the left sidebar at the top. 
Just enter something like memo board, giveaway, link party. It gives you the option of viewing anything related to that on my blog, on links to my blog, on blogs from my blogroll, and of course the web, if you still haven't found what you are looking for. I've been trying to figure this one out for so long now. Never realized it was here under my nose the whole time. How many times have you tried to remember where you saw something, on someones blog. More than likely one you follow. Now just use the search box to search for the keyword, and chances are you will find it, or at the very least DOZENS of other related posts.

I still want to organize my projects better, instead of the labels I have going on now. That will take some time, but will be so worth it, and then you all can find things much easier, by category. 

I need to start a schedule, even if it isn't perfect. I just need some kind of structure, I think this will make things so much easier for me, and all of you as well. 

I have been working hard on coming up with some cool things for the cake decorating, tutorials I plan to start hosting here soon. 

I also have been thinking way too much on what kind of stuff I'd like to start making, and selling myself. I have way to many things I'd like to do, but need to figure out, first of all, what someone else would like, and of course I have to stay true to who I am. Whatever I decide to do, rest assured, it will be practical, and upcycled, and affordable. Everything I stand for. 

Is there anything else? Can't think right now, but please leave me any feedback, as usual, I need to know what you guys think of the changes going on around here. I do listen, and try my very best to have a pleasant place for you to come by. A place where things are easy to find, and interesting. A place where you can find tons of great blogs, projects, and shops. 

Speaking of which, I will be working on changing things up with all the sponsor spots, come April, when most of the current sponsors are up for renewal. I hope that the changes will be good for everyone.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and for checking up on me. I appreciate you all. 

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It's not to late to link up to this weeks party, and you might find yourself a spot on the FEATURED section on my left sidebar.


  1. What a fun blog. I'm a new follower. I love that piggy watering can! How fun!

  2. She took her own training wheels off. WONDERFUL!! She sounds like a force to be reckoned with :-)

  3. I bet it is so wonderful to see green growing!! You lucky girl! And congrats to your daughter on riding her bike with no training wheels, I bet she is so proud and so excited!!! What a perfect day!! :)


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