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Extreme Couponing - your thoughts please -

I just have to get your thoughts on this insanity. Yes I think it is CRAZY, and not in a good way. I think it's sad, I think it's unhealthy on so many levels, and I think that if we are not careful we will teach our next generation that this is ok. I do not think it is. What do you think about it?

I think this is freaky, and just plain wrong. Is this really what we want out lives to be about. What ever happened to living. I can't imagine putting so much time and effort, into stocking up on stuff that is bad for you. I don't see these people stocking up on fresh fruit and vegetable, hello? Even if you offered me cartloads of this stuff free, without any work on my part, I'd still kindly tell you no thanks. It's just not how we eat, and I hate seeing people think it's ok. I really wish I could knock some sense into them. 

For the record, please don't be offended if you use coupons. I gladly use them too, on occasion. I also love scoring a good deal, I'm not stupid. But honestly getting a ton of processed food, toxic cleaners,  toxic personal care products, and a bunch of other things I would not normally use for free is just plain silly. Then complaining about the cost of all the meds you need to take because you have diabetes, high blood pressure, and endless other diet induced illnesses. Heaven forbid you stop eating all that junk, even if it's free. 

Again, I know that many of you use coupons, I'm not hating on you. From what I've seen you are realistic on what you buy, and I respect that. Have a plan, buy what you need, stock up on things that make sense. Let's take some responsibility for our national health problems. Let's all try to make better choices, and that might mean, skipping over those coupons for $1.00 hamburger helper, and a 2 liter coke. Sorry people I just see so much wrong with the whole coupon system as it is. It seriously thrives on the less fortunate, getting them hooked more and more, on the least healthy foods, and putting our society in even worse physical shape than it's already in. I wish there was a healthy, and responsible way to save money on our grocery bill, without compromising out health, and environment in the process. 

Your thoughts please!!


  1. I agree! These people are KRAZY with a capital K! I do use coupons and get super excited when I save 46% or whatever, but I probably spend 2 hours a week not 60. Live people!

  2. I have to agree with a lot of this. I've watched this show a few times and it bugs me when people are buying all this stuff in bulk just because they can get it for free. I have seen a couple of episodes where they have shopped in huge bulk but a majority of it was donated and the shopper only kept what their family actually NEEDED. I think it can be a great way to help others but there is definitely no need to be basically hoarding food and household items that you won't even be able to use within the next five years. Especially when it comes to healthy eating, there's a reason why all the junk food has coupons... it's bad for you! Thank for this post!!! I tried linking my blog in a post, hopefully it worked!

  3. I don't think these people are any more krazy that a shopaholic that has a closet full of clothes with price tags still on them. I see both sides. I would never buy some of the stuff thatI would not consume myself... like chemical laced bodywash or boxed mac and cheese... bur I am particularly interested in stocking up on laundry detergent bcause I use tide and it's expensive and I also got some great coupons from knudsen organic juices which is what I drink. I'm making a list of what I would use coupons for and try to stock up on those things... but i'm trying to eat clean so my extreme couponing will be limited and not really that extreme... like the TV show

  4. @ Kim - I totally agree, spending an hour or two a week planning your shopping is responsible, and totally helps you save even, if it's not EXTREME. You shop the flyers, and see what you can cook based on whats on sale. I do that all the time.

    @ Amanda - I feel the same way girl. Seriously why in the world do you want to stock up on crap food that is bad for you, use your energy on creating a healthy stockpile, and donate GOOD stuff if you can. I love that!!

    @Lori - Yup don't even get me started on shopaholics, I do think that they need help, and it's not healthy. Thank goodness I don't have either of those issues. I do feel for people who do, and wish that I could really make them understand a few things. I do love to stock up on things I use, obviously, and like you because it's not chemically laced, and boxed foods, my extreme couponing is limited, BUT I still stock up when a great deal comes along. Speaking of laundry detergent, have you ever used ECOS? I love it, and it's WAY cheaper than Tide, AND eco friendly. If you shop at Sams, or Costco, you can get a huge bottle, 210 loads for about $13.00. Check it out if you get a chance!!

  5. Agreed. It's nuts. I am what you could call a couponer, but nothing like that. Just carefully watching coupons and sales to stock up on things we actually use or eat. Most of my grocery list, however, is fresh fruits and coupons aren't helpful with that. Which is more than fine, like you all have said, why fill your bodies with junk?! Of COURSE you'll have health problems!
    I think there are definitely psychological issues in play with a lot of these extreme couponers, just like shopaholics as you all mentioned...and that show Hoarders. Yikes.
    And frankly, my time is worth much than that. Those people spend hours and hours doing this!

    diy kinda girl

  6. I have never seen this show but have heard other moms talking about starting extreme coupening here....this does not appeal to me at all because it is all junk food, processed cheeses & other unhealthy items. I was the only one who felt this way....they all thought it is great to get free pop, chips & so toxic cleaners. My personal opinion is that I care about what I put into my body as much as I care of what I wear or because I sew, what fabric I buy! Great post for thought Bella!

  7. WOW! I kept hearing about this from everyone.. But Ive never actually seen the show and didnt know it was THAT insane! When she said oh we need about 120 of each of those my jaw litterally dropped! And that stash of candy bars! OMG! I mean Im not a major heath nut, I like to indulge a little in fatty foods.. but I really try hard to limit myself and my kids especially! Because being over weight is something that runs in my family, so is diabetes! I dont want that for myself or my kids! (Even though I am over weight and need to lose about 50 lbs) So like I said I have to be careful! I could never imagine stocking up on hundreds of candy bars just because they were free! Id feel like the biggest FATTY ever! I dont see how people could do this. Its really sad. :(

  8. I also haven't seen the show because we only use Netflix for TV, but from what I understand hoarding is an issue. I have recently started couponing and after about four weeks am stocked on most everything I could need for the Summer. Now I just need to make weekly trips for fresh stuff and those things we run out of quickly like coffee and bread. Hoarding junk food . . . ah, NO! Maybe a packaged stashed for Summer Smores is acceptable, but 100s is insane! Get a more productive hobby like blogging.

  9. HA HA well said girls, lol. I know exactly what you mean about stocking up. I totally do that, I don't see ANYTHING wrong with it, as long as you don't let your stash take over your house, or have to take out a second mortgage to hold all your stuff, lol. But actually my MAIN problem isn't even the stashing, heck if it's healthy go right ahead. The problem I have is that those people are just stocking up on all kids of crap, TOTAL CRAP just because it's free, and I think that is bad, very very bad. It makes me sad, and I so wish I could do something to help them see the lights, so to speak.

    Ahhhh,,,, anyway, before I go all crazy on you, lol. The point is I agree with you girl. I too wouldn't mind a small stash of smores making stuff, lol.

    Oh and I'm actually ot sure that my addiction to blogging is 100%healthy, but for now I'll stick with it, lol. I've gotten a lot better since I started, I can actually go a few hours without checking in, and have been known to go for days without posting too, lol.

    Take care, and thanks for joining the conversation. :)

  10. It's ridiculous. The fact that it's free doesn't make it healthy or okay to eat. Go outside and grow something for heaven's sake.

  11. Over here in Britain, it seems that the best offers (like buy one, get two free and such) are always sh!t you don't need, want or would normally buy.
    I don't want three 2 liter- bottles of Fanta in my fridge, I don't even want one. And as much as I love me my after work pint, thre is no use lugging home 36 cans of cheap lager I can do without if I don't have it.
    And since my beauty regime is pretty much dictated by what olive oil and baking soda can do for me, I certainly won't jump for joy at the latest offer of Imperial Leather shower gel for only £1.29- are you crazy??? A bar of £5 Lush soap (no animal eyelids cut off for the testing of those bad boys) is proven to last 3 months in this house, everything else can be done with simple ingredients from the pantry.
    I am proud to say that I am pretty good at discovering consumer traps, and I avoid them wherever possible.
    Does that make me healthier? Maybe, as I don't fall for shitty fast food being sold as Gods gift to mankind. Does it make me cleverer? No, just a bit better- off after a short, reasonable shopping trip. Does it make me a better person? HELL no, I was incredibly lucky to have people around me all my life who frown upon this consumption- driven culture we seem to live in, and who were able to point out the smoke and mirrors to me.
    Old habits die hard, and I hope that in future, more and more people will wake up and see what is being done to us- we are like lambs, running to the slaughter with smiles on our faces.

  12. Amen Sunny, although even I do not actually grow my food yet, (sigh), he he. I'm hopeful that one day I will be able too, :)

    Oh Lis- you girl need you share your secrets with us on a post sometime. I'm all about natural cleaners, for my house and body. I've used olive oil for a scrub before, but thats about all. Please do tell!!! Baking soda, and vinegar, now I do STASH that, and proud of it too, lol.

    I am loving reading all your thoughts on this, thank you for participating. I am pretty passionate about this kind of stuff, and have always been kind of afraid to bring it up with my readers. But you all are awesome, and I am so happy that I am not alone in feeling the way I do. HOORAY!!!

  13. I so agree!! I was talking to my mom's neighbor about couponing...she spends $50 a week on groceries for a family of 6. I spend that much each week just on produce!! And when I watch these shows and they break it down...what are they walking away with CRAP!! I think coupons are great for the occasional item that you buy already and might want to save a few cents...and for toiletries and cleaning supplies. But not so you can stock your freezer with frozen junk and your shelves with processed junk.

  14. I think, the majority of couponers aren't like the show(although I haven't seen it, just heard tons about it) my husband and I don't eat as much all natural as we should, but with my couponing, I have stocked up on healthyish items that fit in our diets. The only candy I've bought is as another commented said, for camping s'mores. I've gotten some great deals on non chemical stuff, like toilet paper, razors and 6 rolls of paper towels for $1 which will last us over a year because we try to use minimal paper products. I bought 2 packs because that's how the deal worked. I didn't buy 10 packs although I could have. I see nothing wrong with extreme couponing and am sad too see so much judgement of others as this is a hot topic lately. I don't feel like it's right to judge others for the choices in their shopping cart, the amounts of food in their closets, the amount of never worn clothes in their closets, how much they give to charity. I am tryin to judge people
    less, as it doesn't do any good. Hoarding may not be healthy but judging doesn't help. Looking down on others doesn't do good. I used to think that disagreeing and judging other people for their choice can motivate me to make choices I think are better. But I found my thoughts would too often be full of negativity.

    I certainly am not saying anyone here is too judgmental I wont try to judge anyone's judging but it has been my observance that a lot of judging surrounds extreme couponing.

  15. I just love all the feedback from everyone. I appreciate it so much. I agree Cyndi that I have no right to judge. I know it totally sounds like I was judging, but mostly I was just venting, and speaking my mind in general, and the topic that came to mind was extreme couponing, lol.

    My goal was not to offend anyone, but to bring attention to something that I see alot of things wrong with, and of course in doing so, hopefully at least making one person think twice about what they put in their shopping carts.

  16. I agree for the most part. If you're getting coupons for things you use to help you in a healthy lifestyle--that's wonderful. But really--when I see people stocking up on all the boxed and processed foods because it was 'free after coupons'--that's not healthy. When P&G start offering big coupons for me to buy fresh broccoli and lettuce--they I will start clipping.
    Also, one big issue I have with 'extreme' couponing is that I feel people are taking advantage of the system. It feels dishonest to me.


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