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Amaze me August #52- WIWW - How I apply my makeup

Welcome to the 52nd edition of:


Today I am sharing with you how I put my face on. I don't normally wear makeup, but really enjoy it when I do. I will never wear makeup unless I will be in an air conditioned room. I hate sweating when wearing makeup. I can't stand taking forever on my hair, or makeup either, and have been wearing the basic same style for most of my makeup wearing years.

I'm also doing my WIWW post on Monday, hope you don't mind, lol.

Today I am not going to give you all the colors, and makeup I use, but will instead show you some basic steps I take. (If you want to know what makeup I use, just ask).
This picture was taken at around 1am in the morning, after many hours of eating, dancing, playing cards, and having fun at the party.
Can you tell my lipstick is almost all off, lol.

This is what I looked like when we left.
Shirt - gift
Pants - Had them forever, can't even remember from where.
Shoes - Ross
Necklace - Fabulously Flawed
Headband - Agape Love Designs
Bracelet - A necklace I wrapped around my wrist.

This is what I look like on most days, lounging around the house. Lovely right?

A quick blow dry with a round brush. Five minutes max. I don't use ay product in my hair, but since not washing my hair with shampoo anymore, it is so easy to style, I love it.

My hair is thicker, and healthier than ever. However I really want to cut it again, maybe chin length, what do you think? I'm also growing out the bangs, still can't decide to keep them or not.

I want to cut my hair, because I can't stand sweating, and having it on my neck, ewww. So then what is the point of having long hair, when it's always up?

This is also BEFORE and makeup, he he. Can you tell or what?

I don't use foundation. So a quick 10 second powder application took care of the shine, and covered up a little. I don't like looking flawless, because clearly I'm not, so I think if you have freckles for example, DO NOT try and cover them all up. it looks so fake, and I don't like that.

Also if you look closely, you may or may not see some lovely hair on my upper lip. Yeah, I don't wax, or shave it, because my legs are too much work already, BUT sometimes, like NOW, I wish I did.

Mmm, hmmm, do you see it. Ok, then, enough about that. Yes I have a mustache, ok, thanks.
Oh and I haven't plucked my eyebrows in YEARS as well. I guess after doing it for a good 10 years, they just remember not to grow back. Having a nicely shaped brow is so important. It can open up your eyes, and make you look younger, it is amazing what a good tweeze can do for you.

My next step is applying some blush. I love blush, and even on days when I don't wear powder I might apply some blush. I apply it to the cheek bones, and middle of forehead down towards the nose, and frame the jawbone a little.

Next I apply a metallic cream color, all over the lid. Sometimes it is matte, but since I normally on wear makeup at night, then it is usually shimmery.

Then I go in with a mauvy reddish, brownish color. This is my most favorite color ever, and I apply it in the crease of the eye. Sometimes I go in with a darker color just to give it a deeper look, but these two shadows are my most basic, and favorite color combo.

Ok, so now that a whole 2 minutes have passed, I quickly applied a little eyeliner to the top lid. Making it thicker as I get towards the edge of the eye, and I then sweep the liner upwards just a little. I use a pencil black liner, sometimes brown, and this time I also went over the black with a mauve.

Usually I only line the top a little, but this time I did a thicker line on top, and did a little on the bottom as well. Liquid liner makes a crisper line, but I prefer a softer look.

Next of course is eye lash curler, (a MUST), and mascara. I use a black, and never waterproof.

So I'm almost done.

Just need to put on the lipstick. I couldn't find my sharpener, and my lip pencil, was totally worn down, so I could barely line my lips. I love a well lined lip, and I just couldn't do it this time, he he. Oh well, and I love red lips, but recently bought a more pinkish color, and have really likes it as well.
A quick smile, for a quick makeup job. YAY,, I think maybe 5 minutes tops. Not bad right?
No I'm not showing off my pimple, although it is pretty big. I never use concealer either. I know I'm totally weird, but I like to look as natural as possible, even though CLEARLY I am wearing makeup, does that even make any sense. I mean I did powder the zit a little, but well, duh it's there, and no amount of concealer or foundation will cover it up. In fact when you look at me, you will just see a covered up zit, so whats the point of that, lol.
My bracelet, is actually just a long necklace that I wrapped around my wrist.

My pretty necklace that Lesley made - Fabulously Flawed
That about wraps it up. 10 minutes from start to finish, NO JOKE. Well maybe it took me a bit longer to take all these silly pictures, BUT it was for a good cause, lol.
 On Wednesday I'm linking up to these great parties. Go get your groove on, join the fun!

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  1. You are beautiful with or without makeup...seriously. and I'm with you on the 'bangs' wagon...STILL trying to grow them out.

    Carmen @ RoCa and Company

  2. Great makeup application! You have beautiful autumn coloring, by the way!

    I especially like the idea of turning up the eyeliner at the end. I may have to try that, myself.

    It may just be own big-face fear, but I encourage you not to cut your hair to chin length. I think you look great with longer hair.

    I know what you mean about the heat, though!

    Dressing My Truth
    Seasonal Color Analysis

  3. Oh you always make me smile so much! I wish I were a bit more like you- beautiful and natural! - that if a pimple shows in a pic my first thought wouldn't be photoshop:)) All the self-jokes you make - you are such a delight!:))

  4. You crack me up Bella! I love how you put yourself on blast calling out your zit and stach! LOL But you are gorgeous regardless, I LOVE your attitude about all this stuff though. It happens to all of us.. no need to hide! haha This was a fun post, ALL of these pictures of you are beautiful! And I LOVE your makeup! I think we do our similarly... only I use WAY more, Im pretty sure. haha Im the "obviously she is wearing a lot of makeup" kind of girl. But I cant help it.. I love me some makeup! :)
    I cant wait to get working on your new headband so you can have another one of mine to show off! I already have the pretty design in my head! It will be similar to the one you wanted.. but slightly different! :) I hope you will like it. :)

    Oh and BTW I can not believe that picture you said was taken after hours of partying! You looked amazing still.. if that were me I would have sweat all my makeup off and looked totally haggard! LOL Rock it girl!

  5. I just love it! And that last picture is my FAVORITE! I know that doesn't surprise you. ;0)

  6. wow! lovely pics! who is your photographer? i love those shoes in the first pic! we also extend the kajal a little at the end of eyes here in India!

  7. You're so good with that makeup stuff!! Pretty lady:)

  8. You zit wasn't too bad! I was focused on the makeup. In fact, had you not drawn attention to it, I wouldn't have even noticed it! I think you look fabulous with, or without makeup! You have such a beautiful face, and gorgeous eyes! You and Maria have both inspired me to get all pretty and take some pictures! Hope you're having a week as beautiful as you are!

  9. Look at you!!! ;) Thanks for sharing your makeup tips Bella!

  10. It must be National Makeup Day. I pulled mine from the archives and Wonder Forest shared hers.

  11. I love how honest and real you are. Awesome! Your eyes are so pretty, and your skin is radiant, BTW! I'd trade you mine for yours in a second! ;)


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