Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Mehndi, Henna designs - fun with the family -

Henna, Mehndi Designs
Last night I just wanted to chill. While at the Indian store this week my daughter picked up a couple cones of henna, so we decided to have some fun with it last night. While this wasn't our first time, it has been a pretty long while since we last had this done, so we were both pretty excited.

With the help of my dear friend Khadija over at Creative Mind. and all her wonderful henna designs I had no problem getting inspired. So I got to work trying to recreate a beautiful design myself. While I always use a picture as inspiration because I'm just not good at coming up with designs myself, I can never duplicate it exactly. I always start doing my own thing, and I guess thats what makes it so much fun. It's like taking a pen to paper and you just keep going. Our hands were the canvas, and I had an entire cone to use up :)

The smaller hand and foot are my little princess, and the Japanese writing was my oldest sons. He tried to do the top of my hand, but said it was too hard, lol. It is hard holding a henna cone. You really need to get used to it. I am such a beginner, but hopefully both of us can work on it, and get better. I really need someone to help do my right hand, he he. (Big B that would be you), not to mention he is an amazing artist. That would be so fun, and maybe one day I'll let the princess do it too.

Do you want to check out our previous Henna designs? Go HERE to see!!

Was that fun or what? Have you ever tried doing henna, or mehndi?

Before I go just wanted to remind you all that there is only 4 more days until I pick a winner.
Have you entered yet? Have you even checked it out? You do not want to miss this!

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  1. I haven't tried:D I saw here beaded stick-able designs for hands and they also look really nice!I bet you girls had a lot of fun!

    TYSM for the wonderful overnight surprise;) You made my day!:D


  2. Oh I love henna!! Haven't done it in a while...will have to try it again!

  3. This is so fun! I love the designs you did! I have never tried henna but this makes me want to!

  4. Hello friendy, how are you :)
    A very nice effort you have done!! i like it..thanks,, by the way if you will add some fillers like dots & paisleys in the design it will look more thick & nice :)
    keep it up !!

  5. I love Henna! I always get it when I go to the Renaissance Fair but I have never tried to do it myself :D

    My Delicious Life Blog

  6. SO beautiful. I have tried henna before (when I was a teenager) and I didn't do so well! It is definitely something I want to try again in the future-especially after seeing your beautiful pictures!

  7. Mehndi Designs are the one of the best and especial things for every Indian girl when they are going to marry or function. These pics of mehndi you have been shared could be helpful for girls to make some beautiful designs of mehndi.


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