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Noreply @ blogger HELP, & how to leave a clickable link in a comment.

Lets talk pet peeves, shall we? 
How frustrating is it, when you go to respond to a comment, you write it up, it's rather long, because you actually had tons to say, and you hit send. Then you realize, all the effort was for nothing, because the dear person has not set up an email in their profile section, so that people can respond to them. 

It's really annoying, and I for one, just say the heck with it, and the dear person, usually never gets a response to their comment, because by this time I am just a little pissed. Not at the dear person, because dear person probably doesn't even have any idea this is happening, but because I just spend time writing up a response, and now I have to go back to my blog, click on the comment, click on their profile, click on their blog, then leave a comment on a post, and PROBABLY have to enter word verification too, which makes it even worse. So basically I tend not to do that, and dear person is left wondering why they never get a response to their awesome comments they leave. Sucks for everyone RIGHT?

Lets get this resolved shall we, it's really easy to do, and I hope you go do it right now, otherwise it may slip your mind again, and you know, again people will get frustrated, and you will wonder why nobody responds to you. 
How to fix the dreaded NOREPLY@BLOGGER problem

Get to your DASHBOARD. An easy way to do this from your blog, is clicking on the big B on the top left of the screen. 
Go down a bit further, and enter the email address you want people to reply to. I have a email address set up only for all things blog related. This is where people respond back to me. I urge everyone to set up a blog email address, BUT also to have at least one more email address associated with your account, just in case you get locked out of one. 
Make sure you save your settings. Now sit back, smile, and enjoy, soon enough, you will be getting all kinds of sweet responses to the sweet comments you take the time to leave. HOORAY!!

This is also a pet peeve, although hardly as big as the last one. 

You know when people want you to visit their blog, or a site, or a post, and leave the url. Only you have to copy and paste it, rather than just clicking on it. May not be such a big deal to you, and it's really not that bad, but why not make it clickable especially when it' so easy to do. 

Here's how to do it, using some simple html code.
Use the following code, replacing everything with your information. 

<a href="http://bellabeforeandafter.blogspot.com"> Bella Before and After </a>

Your code will read like this:

Bella Before and After
Easy enough right. Now you have no excuse for not leaving a clickable link.

Oh and as an added bonus, I will tell you how to actually leave the code in your blog post, so it actually reads like code. It took me forever to learn this. Every time I tried leaving the code, so you could see it, it automatically turned into a link, which is what the code is meant to do.

Here is what you need to do to actually leave the code above in a post.

Replace < with this &gt;
Replace with this &gt;

For a great tutorial on more tips and tricks, including things like this below: go HERE.

Here are some of the codes that will produce characters and symbols:

&raquo;     »      right double angle quotes
&laquo;     «       left double angle quotes
&lt;     <      less than sign
&gt;     >      greater than sign
&bull;     •      bullet
&#9829;     or     &hearts;      ♥      black heart
&#8734;    ∞      infinity symbol
&mdash;    —      long dash
&amp;    &      ampersand
&quot;    "      double quotes
Table of ascii characters and symbols - More HTML codes.


Hope this was helpful to you. Please let me know if it worked, and if you have any questions. I did a post on how to easily leave comments using copy and paste, and stickies (an online post it). However blogger decided to make make that disappear, when they were having some issues last week. So when I get a chance I will write it up again. 


  1. oh - I have always said the blogger nav bar needed a link directly to the dashboard - I didn't know clicking on the Big B would take me there!!! /duh/

    Thanks and yes, I hate writing up a response only to realize I won't be able to email someone back from their comment.

  2. Oh man! You took the words right out of my mouth!! I can't tell you how many times I have done that exact thing...AND I have the slowest computer ever!!

    So just to open messages and see they are no-reply is sooo frustrating!! Let alone when I write an email and don't realize it til too late! Uggg! I shared on twitter and FB...to get the word out!

  3. You are so awesome Bella!!!! Lemme see...does it work???


  4. HA!!! Look at that!! SO freaking cool!!!

  5. Ha, thanks girls, I'm glad this was helpful!!!

  6. Hallelujah!

    And let's add PLEASE turn off comment moderation and word verification.

  7. im glad you wrote about that because it has happened to me alot and when it does my email program picks another blogger to send it to and the same one every time so if i dont realize it this poor blogger gets my replys sent to her that are ment for other blogger

  8. Done it! (I think, anyway) Thanks, Bella, my favourite gal!

  9. Michell @ Girl in Air sent me to this post-- because I was one of those NO REPLY comment makers and had no clue. She enlightened me and I am grateful. She sent me to this link-- and I too will pass it on :)

    Thanks for the step by steps.

    (I wasn't a no link person tho-- that I did know hahah)


  10. You're right, I didn't know people couldnt reply back! I think I fixed it. I also didn't know that B would get me to my dashboard, thank you Bella!


I LOVE comments. I also LOVE visiting your blog, so please leave a CLICKABLE LINK to your blog post by using the following code!!

<a href="link to your url, or direct blog post"> what you want your link to say </a>

P.S. Thanks BUNCHES for reading my blog and leaving a NICE comment :)

Hugs, Bella

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