Friday, May 20, 2011

12 years ago today I had my first baby!!

Twelve years ago, I was blessed with becoming a mother. Big B came into this world with as much attitude, and presence as he demands today. I was lucky to have great childbirths with all my kids, thanks to the wonders of epidurals, so you won't find any horror stories of long hours of painful labor here. In fact I remember pretty much smiling, and laughing the whole time as you were coming into this world. 
Sorry about the pic quality, I took a pic of a pic, and it turned out really bad, lol. My little chunky monkey was just a couple months old here, taking a bath in the sink. You used to wash your kids in the sink too right, he he.

Big B, I have enjoyed watching you grow these past twelve years. You are an awesome kid, and I am blessed to be your mom. For as much heartache a child can bring to a parent, there is no greater joy than watching your child grow, and be happy and healthy. I am sorry for being such a meanie sometimes, but being a mother, isn't always easy. Sometimes we have to make tough choices, so that we can hopefully teach our children valuable life lessons. I often get scared that with these teenage years coming up, if I don't lighten up, you might end up hating me, lol. The funny thing is, this is the time I need to be the most strict, because you my man, test the boundaries every day, and if I let it slide even once, you may get the wrong idea. The idea that you can continue to test me like that. So I just want to tell you, I love you more than ever, and if you don't like me sometimes, that's OK. I can handle it, what I can't handle is knowing I should have been there, as a mom, instead of trying to be your friend all the time. Being your friend is the easy part, you are so fun. Being your mom is much harder. Believe it or, not you want a mom, friends can come and go, but I will ALWAYS be here for you. I hope you remember that.

Everyday you are growing, and sometimes I get scared that before I know it, you will be off to college and you will be gone. Will you still remember me, will you still want to come home, will you still give me hugs and kisses like you do now? Thankfully as of today, you still don't mind hugging and kissing on me, and my heart melts when you hold me. I am so lucky to have you.

Today we enjoyed spending the day together, just you and your family. Even though, we were all feeling a bit sick from this stomach bug that seems to have gotten into our home. I made a great huge breakfast, and grandma and uncle even stopped by with a cake. Daddy got you some cool stuff from Nasa, and you were so excited. Then after months of waiting you finally got a new skateboard. I enjoyed shopping for it with you, and I know you liked it too, even if you said I was embarrassing you. Hey that's what moms do, remember? 

I hope you enjoyed your day, and hope your tummy feels better.


Here's some more pictures. 

Big B, with his brother and sister.

Grandma whipped this cake up for you in less than 30 minutes, so sweet. I knew she was going to bring something.
Uncle came to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Bunica (grandma) with Big B.
Big B opening his gifts from daddy. A Space pen, a meteor rock, a book on Hubble which Big B LOVES, and a collectors coin.
The boys.
The family picture.
Big B cutting his mini cake.
Mom, Dad, and Big B.
I added some fruit to mine, delicious.
Here's Big B on his 3rd birthday. We went to the zoo. I have some recent pics of him on that gorilla, and of course the other two kids too. I love seeing how they grow.

Here's Big B tonight after having Hibachi, and having the waitress sing to him, and make him take a silly picture, lol.
Of course him with his new skateboard. 
Oh nice, very nice.
That's awesome!!

La Multi Ani, Te Iubesc!!!
(Happy Birthday, I love you)

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Thanks for being so patient while the blog gets a makeover.
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Thank you so much girl!!!


  1. Awww, what a great happy bday post for your handsome son! All your kids are beautiful and I know you're so proud! Bella, you won my African Black Soap giveaway! I emailed you and tweeted you about it yesterday. If you'll email me your mailing address, I'll get it out to you at the beginning of next week. Please respond so I don't have to select another winner :) Thx, Laurie

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your guy! They grow up SO fast. Looks like he totally enjoyed himself. Congrats Mom!

  3. Bella! Long time no "see" haha! I LOVE the design... I love the butterflies so much! Butterflies & Pigs have me heart. Haha! I know how you feel... Courtney from Not So Homemade has been helping my blog look better! (Something about the blue and yellow that is soooo pretty huh?)
    I love the makeover! Maria is SUCH a great person... you both are.
    See you around!

  4. This is so sweet, Bella!! You are such an amazing mom. Happy Birthday to Big B!!! Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful pics with us!! It just makes me wanna meet you and your family for really real even more!! :)

    I am LOVING the new look!! I can't wait to see what it looks like when your done!!! Maria rocks doesn't she! :)

    BTW that last pic of him and the skateboard is TOO COOL!!! :)

    OH yea...tell everyone it's GIVEAWAY WEEK at my blog!

    Ami with AliLilly

  5. Hey, Romanian doesn't seem to be too different from Slovene! Ljubim te is "I love you!" :)
    All your children are so beautiful, but I swear Big B is an absolute heartbreaker. That smile will knock many a girl off her feet, and if he is anything like his Mum, so will his personality.
    Happy belated birthday, Big B, you deserve every last bit of love coming your way. Blessed be!

  6. This Message is for Big B.

    Happy late Birthday. You're looking good. Love the hair style. Wow, 12 years old. You're a man now. In some cultures you'd be ready for marriage. If you were jewish, you'd probably have a bar mitzvah. It looks like you had a great birthday, with a yummy big breakfast and cake. I wish I had some stuff from Nasa. For your next birthday, tell your mom you want to live in Cali so you could surf and do cool teenage stuff in the O.C. I wish you joy, health, happiness, luck, and all that is good and great in life. Take care.


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