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How to magically replace blog buttons without updating them everywhere.

Are you wondering what I'm talking about?
You know when you replace or get a new blog button, it sucks trying to get everyone to grab your new button, right? What if you could replace the blog button magically, no matter where it is. What if your blog button could just magically update on your friends blogs, without anybody having to do anything. Would that be cool?
I'm going to let you in on a little secret, and it's super easy. 
First things first. Make sure you write down EXACTLY the link to the current button. I have mine uploaded to photobucket, and you need to write down exactly how you saved it on your computer.

For example, when creating my buttons I usually name them something like :

bellafeature.jpg -- I don't actually name it .jpg, BUT since that is how I saved it, that is now the name of the button. 

When I save it to my computer, and upload it to photobucket, the direct link will contain the picture name bellafeature.jpg.

Also if you have more than one ALBUM in your photobucket, make sure you have are saving the new button to the SAME EXACT album. 
Once you have written down the EXACT name and album location of the old button you will be replacing, you need to DELETE it from your photobucket account. 

Don't freak out, it will tell you that once deleted your image will be forever lost, and won't show up anywhere anymore. Yes this is true but it will only last a total of ten seconds. 

Now you simply UPLOAD the new button image, that you have previously SAVED on your computer with the SAME EXACT name of the one you just deleted. (This of course just replaced your image on your computer right, make sure that you REPLACED it, otherwise your computer would have automatically saved it bellafeature1 by default, and that is not the same thing as bellafeature.)

Once uploaded on photbucket, you don't have to do another thing. The past couple times I did this, I noticed that when actually uploading the new button, the old one still shows up, until I save to my album, and then the new one shows up. So I know that it saved it, but it might take a couple hours for you to see it changed on your blog, or anyone elses for that matter. 

I know this is the hardest part, to just sit back and wait, BUT, I promise it's there. I even emailed photobucket about this, I was freaked out, and they said to clear your cache, and it should take a while for the new image to register, but if it does't after a couple hours to contact them again. I never had to contact them, because I had people emailing me, asking me HOW I GOT MY BUTTON TO CHANGE AUTOMATICALLY on their blog. I was like what, I didn't know it worked, and went to go see. Sure enough, the images had changed. So don't stress, it just takes a while for it to register.

If you think about this, it is a super simple process, so don't be scared. Your buttons link to your BLOG, and to your photbucket account for the image url. If you save a new button with the same exact name as the old one, then you don't have to change anything within the code, and neither does anyone else. You've literally just swapped out one imagine for another. Pretty neat right?

Hope this helps you guys out. Please let me know if it worked for you. I already helped one friend do it, and it worked for her, so I know I'm not crazy, lol.


Would you like to sport some new buttons yourself. 
I had a dear friend design these for me.
Please feel free to grab your choice of yellow or blue.

I used my little trick above to replace the old buttons, but it's not showing up on my computer yet. Is it showing up on yours? Applies to those who already have my button up, lol. I'm so very curious to know if it worked, again. 

If it did, but you prefer the yellow, just grab it. 
Here are all the buttons for you to choose from.

Also in case you are wondering why you may have a button on your blog that didn't update, the only reason I can think of, is when I first did this, I freaked when the buttons didn't update automatically, and just uploaded them with a different name to see if it would work, obviously it did, but the magic was gone, he he. Anyways before I confuse the heck out of anyone, just know that if for some reason the button didn't update on your blog, you just have to grab a new one, and then from now on, if I change the button, it will, OK. 






  1. This is so awesome! Your button updated on my blog. Now I can change my button as often as I want to!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I've used PB for other things and deleted an image and replaced it with another one and when I didn't see the image change I thought something was wrong and just uploaded it with a different name and changed the link. I didn't really know what was happening - but guess I just needed to be more patient!!!

  3. very cool tip dear.Thanks for sharing

  4. SUPER info to have - thanks so much!!!

  5. so great that you posted this to share with everyone! I used to do this a lot when I designed on myspace! Its a life and TIME saver! I actually just did this with my buttons... did you notice my new ones? :)

  6. Love your new blog design! Your blog looks so Awesome! Cute buttons too!
    Mar from

  7. Like the new look of the blog. Love the blog button design!


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