Friday, February 18, 2011

Part one, Cleaner garage

My mission was semi-accomplished today. 
If you missed the first post, you can read all about my messy garage, complete with all the pictures. Also in case you wanted to know how I made a rope out of plastic bags, read this
  • I cleared out most of the garage, and swept. 
  • Hauled an entire trunk full of stuff to Goodwill. 
  • Put away Christmas lawn decorations up in the scary attic. 
  • Gathered all the things I need to return to the store.
  • Sorted thru a ton of other things, and put them in containers. 
So check out some pics, of PHASE ONE. 
Operation, Garage. 
This is what I managed to keep. I'm pretty surprised at how much less space it takes up, once I actually put some effort into it. Up in the attic it shall go, hooray!!!

Things that are on their way to Goodwill, bye bye. Sadly, I think they ended up tossing the trees, I heard them talking about how they aren't supposed to take any more Christmas trees, ummm, I wonder why, lol. Anyway, I would have prob stored them somehow, and sold them, for a few bucks at a yard sale, BUT, after hauling them off, the last thing I wanted to do was bring anything back home. Bummer, I hate, HATE, HATE, throwing things in the trash. 

Some other Christmas decorations, these all fit in a plastic container, so I was happy. 

Oh, yeah, well, this is an old fly swatter I found among all my stuff. Last summer, my fly swatter broke, you know because they are so cheap, and I had a million flies to kill, and I think I smacked them to hard. Well, anyway, fly swatter is just not something I typically remember to buy at the store, sooo, I was getting so frustrated, because I needed to kill me some flies, but I had no fly swatter. OK, no problem, I just took some junk mail, and folded it up, stapled in on the old frame, and wala, instant fly swatter. I think it definitely did the job. I tossed it however, because since then, I've actually stocked up on fly swatters. 

My scary attic. DOes anyhone else HATE going up those kind of ladders. I don't understand how in the world it supports my weight, I freak out every time I need to climb up there. EWWWW..

OMG, can you believe it. I can actually park my van int here again. But I didn't. 

You see, I told you, I cleared this baby out, A LITTLE.

That filing cabinet, and little cabinet thingy, I got for free, from the trash. I need to paint them, and put them in the house, soon. Also there is that huge box, I said I wouldn't keep in my garage. BUT, instead of having like seven other boxes full of old newspapers, I just put them all in there. I am saving my newspapers, for weed barrier, in the garden. Soon, I will be back out there, having fun in my garden, I can't wait. ALso, there is a TON of stuff I need to return at the stores. Don't you hate doing returns, ME TOO. 

TONS, and TONS, and TONS, of storage containers. Mostly filled with stuff that I still need to sort thru, BUT, it's better than having it scattered all over the place. Once I get some shelving up, I should be able to REALLY start going through these, and putting everything where it belongs. 

Today was trash day, and I forgot to put out the trash, and I already had a TON of recycling, and now I have even more. 

My yard sale stuff, and my sewing machine is still there, YUP. 

Oh, wow, shoes are actually put on the shelf. That's weird. Please try not to notice how incredibly dirty my microwave, and toaster oven are. BUT if you must know, we hardly ever use them anymore. Which is good, aren't microwaves supposed to be bad for you?

Here are some of the before pics in case you just had to see, what a difference it is already.
I'm off to bed now, I'm kind of in pain, my back hurts, my hands are all scratched up, my legs hurt, and I'm tired. I did do something kind of cool with that CHRISTMAS tree, I had in my garage. 
Come back tomorrow, to see what I did. 

Thanks again, for encouraging me to get it done today. I really appreciate it. Even though I am FAR from being done, it was a start, and already a HUGE improvement. Just being able to walk in there, is wonderful, lol. 
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  1. Darling, there is no way I would go up them steps. I haven't done the washing in two weeks (and you can quote me, two weeks!), because my washing machine is in the basement, the house is VERY old (well, about 110 years) and so are the spiders. I am just not up for it, trying to be all busy and effective while being stared at by millions of arachnoid eyes.
    I think you did DARN well! No point facing them fears if there's no urgent need to!!

  2. Well done Bella! HUGE improvement, I think!!! :)

  3. Next step: Come work in my garage :)


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