Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunny Side DOWN eggs all over my floor.

Just as my mouth couldn't take it any more, I was salivating over the beautiful eggs, I had fried up this morning. You know the smell of sunny side up eggs, I AT LEAST think it smells divine. I just love it. So I salted them, peppered them, paprikaed them, and grabbed the handle to go plate them. 

Oh why couldn't I just leave that pan there, and bring the plates over? I don't know. 

So anyway the next thing I know is I'm holding the handle, and the pan, and eggs are all over the floor. 
 S***, H*** NO, that did not just happen. What the **********.

So anyway, now I have to start all over again, but that's after trying to get the egg smell of my hands, floor, rags, fridge, probably splattered under the stove, oh yeah, all the fun, and joy, of making an egg. 

So anyway, with my tummy growling, thought I'd share this with all of you, and try again. This time I'm making sure my handle is on there tight. 

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  1. What a way to start your Monday... that sucks!

  2. haha, man that is funny! Sounds like something I would do! I just wanted to say thank you for featuring me on your blog! I am working on some new projects right now so I will surely link them up when I am finished! Thanks again,

    Christine from Krazycraftylady

  3. Oh no! Not fun! I haven't had my handle break but I have just flat dropped them on the floor before! Hope you got to enjoy some yummy eggs after.

  4. Oh no honey I am sorry! They looked really good! :) The best thing is that you are now a full-fledged blogger, you took pictures of it to blog about this and that is wonderful! That should maybe make you laugh next time something like that happens or at least take the tension out, how we immediately go grab our camera because we can blog about it!! :) Hugs to you!!


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