Friday, February 18, 2011

MY REALLY messy Garage, BEFORE pics

What can I say, it's been cold. Therefor clearly I couldn't clean my garage, right? Isn't this a good reason. Oh and that Christmas tree you see there, I have a confession to make. 

I JUST TOOK IT OUT OF MY HOUSE! - (2 days ago)
The decorations came down like right around Jan 1, which is VERY good for me, because usually I easily run into Feb still with all my decorations up. So I did do half the job, but for some reason, the darn tree just stayed up. I missed the deadline for the tree mulching program, with the trash company, and at Lowes, etc. Not that I actually wanted to haul a dried, up messy tree in my van anywhere, which is why it stayed up, I suppose. 

Ok, now cover your eyes, and only take a quick peak, because this is BAD, really, really bad. However, since I am blogging about it, and that's always worked in the past. I expect to get it cleaned out this weekend. Would I be to ambitious if I said, I could possibly get it painted, and the shelves put up too? Ok, lets, see. 

No promises, except for one. I will clean it out, that is for sure. 
Walking out in the garage is scary!!

How lovely, that I have a shoe rack, and yet nobody puts their  shoes on it. Including me, so I can't blame anyone else, right. But seriously people!!!

Oh, gosh, this is just months of stuff, thrown out in the garage. Tons of crap mostly. 

Don't ask me why I have fans hanging on my walls. I got them from the curb for free, but what's the point of that, they were taking up sooo much space on my floor, that I finally put them up on the wall. Do you guys want a fan, I got two!!

My sweet mom, gave me all her lovely Christmas Lawn decorations, which was cool, BUT I have no storage for them, which is NOT cool. I need to decide if it's worth keeping, or if I have to sell them. Sorry mom, BUT, I have to stay sane you know, and I just don't have room. I have an attic in the garage,  BUT, I doubt I can manage getting those up the ladder, without breaking my legs, and I hate going up there, it's scary. 

What a lovely view wouldn't you say?

Another great view, of the drop zone.
Again, DON'T ask why I am keeping all those egg cartons. I really don't know yet. 

We don't use those appliances much anymore, wonder why?

See I have shelves, I've had them for over a year now. I got all those for free too, can you beat it, and instead of putting them up, I've been dealing with this mess instead. Not very smart sometimes, I'm telling you. 

Leftover garage sale items, mostly clothes. Now that I've gotten so much inspiration with how to reuse things, I may have to go through that again and see what I can make with all that stuff.
No need to wonder why I haven't touched it in forever. I need help, anyone want to come chill with me this weekend, and help me clean this place out? PLEASE!!!

Stay tuned for more pics, hopefully BEAUTIFUL ones, of my new cleaned out, ORGANIZED garage. DO you think I can do it. Help me out by leaving me some words of encouragement. Oh and if you've cleaned out, and organized your garage lately, WOULD YOU PLEASE leave me a link so I can check out your post. I need all the inspiration I can get. 

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  1. You can do it! I know you can! Oh, and once you do it, can you come help me with mine?!?!

  2. Bella! You have got your work cut out for you! Oh, but what a great feeling you'll have when it's all done! Organization is a great HIGH! LOL!!!

  3. You've got this Bella! Can't wait to see the after pics!

  4. Hey! Repurpose the fan blades into signs, sayings etc! That'd be AWESOME!Or chalkboards


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