Friday, February 18, 2011

How to make a rope, out of plastic bags.

I'm going full speed ahead, cleaning out my garage. See ALL the pics of my MESSY GARAGE, if you dare, lol.

While trying to make those lawn decorations, smaller, I realized, there is no way I am storing that huge box in my garage, or up in my attic. I doubt I would ever be able to haul it up there. However, those little dearies, actually fold up pretty compact, which is super, BUT, they don't stay that way, if you try to move them, if you know what I mean. 

So I needed to tie them up, problem is, even if I had rope SOMEWHERE in my garage, fat chance I'd find it anytime soon. SOOOO I spent five minutes making my own. 

I took 9 plastic store bags, and cut them in half, the long way, and started braiding. When I got to the end, I left about 4 inches, and overlapped, with more plastic bags, and braided some more. So there you go, instant rope. It is actually pretty strong too, if I do say so myself. Now my little dearie is all tied up, and HOPEFULLY I can get it up in my attic. 

THANKS FRIENDS, for leaving me words of encouragement already. I'm feeling it, so keep it coming. 

I know I should be cleaning right now, but everyone needs a break, right. I might as well take mine, doing quick little updates, of my progress, YAY. Now you guys can feel like you are cleaning with me, lol. Don't know how exciting that is for you, but it sounds good to me, he he. 


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