Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Luxe Blvd Winner

The winner of the $20.00 store credit to 




COngratulations Brooke. 

I've been seeing several giveaway's lately stating something similar to what I am about to say. So READ on if you enter giveaways and feel like you never win. 

1st- I would imagine that the whole point of anyone offering to sponsor a giveaway on anyones blog is to get their shop, product out in front of more people. In other words to get MORE TRAFFIC to their store, blog, etc. SOOO usually it is a mandatory requirement that you visit the store, and OR become a follower of the sponsoring blog, or store. 

2nd-I would also imagine that the blog hosting the giveaway would also like to get new followers too. SOOO usually this is also a requirement, or at the very least an extra entry.

3rd- Usually if there are extra entries, it is also there not only for the host's benefit, or the sponsors benefit, ie: Subscribe in reader, like me on facebook, blog or tweet about this giveaway, etc. IT IS MOSTLY FOR YOUR BENEFIT, take an extra minute and do those little extra things. I have won SEVERAL giveaways and I know my chances were greatly increased because I always took advantage of all those extra ways to win. SOOO if you are entering a giveaway, I imagine it's because you would really like to win it, RIGHT, and if so, then increase you chances DUDE, and take advantage of the fact you are given extra ways to win. SOmetimes, you only have one or two chances, he he. I don't like those, for the record, lol. 

WHATS the point here, just that, the first 2 winners, DID not follow the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS, and I had to pick a 3rd person, and luckily SHE DID. 

Sorry to be such a meanie, but it's only fair. So please make sure IF you leave a comment on a giveaway post, THAT it is a legitimate entry. It's not fair to those who do follow the rules.

Ok, with that being said, I hope you all still love me, and when it's time for the next giveaway, everyone plays nice, and enters, and follows the rules. 


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  1. Thanks for hosting, Bella. The nitty gritty is necessary sometimes, so don't worry, we still love you!

    Congrats to you Brooke!

  2. Congrats to Brook!
    wow I can not believe you had to pick 3 times! Its frustrating that people would try to cheat. :(
    Also I had a problem before, where someone entered, but they werent even a follower of mine, on top of that.. they had their profile on private so even if their entry was legit, I wouldnt even have a way of contacting her! And since she wasnt a follower, she wouldnt be able to see that she won... so I chose another winner!


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