Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FIRE, FIRE, Where's the FIRE? In my trashcan, thats where.

YUP, yesterday while I was cooking some bean soup, kinda like this one HERE, but without the yummy ham bone. 

Also without the yummy bread.

If you want to see this recipe, CLICK HERE.
Yeah while this was cooking away on the stovetop, and I was putting some laundry away, and my little one was watching T.V. I started smelling something burning. 

I run to the kitchen to find my little one, NO LONGER watching T.V. but watching smoke coming out of the trashcan, saying "Mommy don't spank me, I'm a good boy". Rest assured little one, right now, I have to put out the fire, BUT you are gonna get it, REAL BAD. I hosed down my trashcan, and flooded my kitchen, and then spent like 20 minutes trying to kill my fire alarm. Then I had to take the melted, roasted chocolate he threw in the fire, on the stove, and clean that, and clean all the ashes that flew all over the kitchen, and of course TRY to clean the trashcan. Not that I can't go buy a new one, BUT shoot, I love my little trashcan, EVEN though it is pretty ugly now. REALLY UGLY, and SMELLY. 

Just how did he start that fire. Glad you asked. I had a bunch of wooden bamboo skewers, in the drawer right next to the stove. Little guy, thought it was the coolest thing to stick it in the fire, and you know with them being all long, I guess he didn't realize it was burning HOT, until it got to close to his fingers. That's when the little guys decides to throw it in the trashcan. NOT bad thinking, I guess. I can think of a bunch of places that would have been a lot worse, and this little ordeal, could have become a much larger one. So in the end, I am thankful, that he had enough sense to do that. 

Are you wondering if my little one ever got IT? Yeah I can't spank after the fact, and he got lucky, that I had a fire to put out, otherwise I'm sure his bum would have been on fire, if you know what I mean. I can't believe that little guy. 

Here's some cute pictures of him, just so you can say AWW,,, lol. Seriously these kids kill me sometimes, and then looking at this little face, just makes me melt. Darn it, why can't I be more harsh. 

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  1. Oh my my! BELLA!!! I would have DIED... and can totally hear you yelling through the whole thing ;) Well... I'm just imagining myself and figuring that would be close enough! NEVER a dull moment!!! And Dino is oh so cute!

  2. Awww.. he is really cute.. how could u spank him ever.. he is reallly cute... am glad there was not much fire... :)

  3. Oh Bella I am so happy that he wasn't hurt and nothing burned down! how scary!! And yes, he is so adorable with those big brown eyes and so handsome with his tie!! :) I love it!

  4. Oh my word!! Sometimes their fear is enough to teach them and they don't need the spank. At least, that's what people tell me will happen one day. So far, not so much. I really hope we're far away from my son setting things on fire.

  5. Oh my goodness! Glad you got to it in time. And yes, he's absolutely adorable. How could you punish a cute little face like that?

  6. I couldn't believe this when you emailed me yesterday. Glad he's okay. Glad he was smart enough to dispose of the skewer in a contained space, and not A) hold on to it or B) throw it on the floor.

    And hey, in honor of Random Act of Kindness Day I wanted to let you and your readers know I'm offering FREE SHIPPING today, plus we've still got the 15% discount going.

  7. OMG, how scary! You're so lucky nothing horrible happened!

  8. I couldn't be harsh with that little bugger either, his sweet face just about kills me.
    But, man, I hope he learned a lesson nonetheless! How scary... I'm so glad you guys are alright, I daren't think what could have happened. Oh my...

  9. lol, his "Mommy I'm a good boy" quote says it all!! GUILTY! Pretty tame compared to what I used to do as a kid. Think cigarette lighters and kleenex. Cigarette lighters and aerosol hairspray. That was the best ;-)
    My son was a bit of a pyro too. I used to let him blow out candles, then later when he was older, light them. Then he could safely explore with supervision.


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