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Amaze me August #24 ~~ Bella wants your feedback ~~

Hey everyone, WELCOME to the 24th edition of AMAZING, projects, AMAZING recipes, AMAZING crafts, and AMAZING tutorials. 

Before I continue want make sure you all check out THIS POST. It was my moms birthday on the 13th of Feb, and we had a lovely ROMANIAN feast. It is pretty awesome, so come check out some yummy food, and also check out the most awesome way to dress up an old Corona Bottle, HERE.

You all rock my world, and I am so happy you choose to come party with us here, every week. If you are new here, I hope you make this a habit. I LOVE having new participants, and have found so many of my favorite blogs though the link ups. 

I do make my way and visit everyone, even if I don't get a chance to leave a comment right away. Sometimes I even come back after a couple weeks, to try to get caught up, and sometimes, I just don't get around to it. I'm super sorry, but realistically I can't do it all, even though I'd love to. I'm sure I've told you guys before, I don't know when to stop, if I come across a really cool blog, I just read, and read, and read, so what would have taken maybe a minute has now gone into an hour, and that's just one blog, lol. Imagine me trying to visit more than a few at a time. I think my max is like 15, or so, and literally after several hours, I've managed to leave a few comments, he he. 

I'm not apologizing, just letting you guys know, HOW MUCH I ADORE YOU. I really do read your blogs, and I love checking out older posts. So basically keep on doing what you're doing, you make my day, and I am super happy you are here. 

Also, I want to know, is having the featured posts in the sidebar, for a whole week, something you guys like, and should I still have a FEATURED post, OR, do you prefer the featured post, with the sidebar, or what?

To be honest, I LOVE having the features up in the sidebar, BUT, I don't get to write up anything about the blog that got featured, and I know from past features, that everyone REALLY enjoyed that part of being featured here, on BELLA BEFORE and AFTER. I just want to figure out what works best, and what you as participants enjoy more. Please give me some feedback on what you'd like to see as far as the FEATURED link ups. 

I've also been wondering, how do you guys feel with the overall layout of my blog? Is it too busy for you, have you stopped coming here, because there is too much going on? ( I guess if you stopped reading it, you wouldn't be reading this, hugh, silly me)

I am constantly checking out other blog designs, and layouts, and while I still want to tweak several things, basically they all have a lot of stuff going on in the sidebars. While I choose to dedicate most of my left sidebar to FEATURING all my blog sponsors, and FEATURED link ups from the parties. I also wish I had a spot to show off some of my favorite posts, things that maybe you've missed, and I really want you to see. :)

I need to see where, I can put this section in, and perhaps might change things up more, BUT, again, tell me what you think. Is it working for you, YES or NO.

I also have a TON to learn as I have started doing more giveaways, and accepting sponsors. I can tell you this, IT's NOT easy :) I for one, would love to see the giveaway's hosted on my blog, be super popular, and the sponsor get TONS of new traffic, and business coming from me. I know it's something that will come with time, and all that, BUT, I still feel super bad. I wish I could do more, you know. So here again is where I am asking for your help. 

How do you guys feel about giveaways? Do you like them, do you enter them, and if you do, how do you pick and choose which ones to enter. I know I don't enter a giveaway unless it's something I would use, and enjoy, or need. I also LOVE giveaway's that have  tons of ways to enter. Being greedy as I am, I always seem to have GREAT chances at winning those, YAYY,,, If a giveaway is going on for something huge, and there are hundreds, or thousands of entries, I USUALLY never enter. That's just me, lol. I HATE playing the lotto, or gambling, and the odds are just not in my favor for those, lol. 

I have a giveaway I enter section on my right sidebar, and if I've listed a giveaway there, it's because I personally entered it, and am sharing it with you all too. I don't list giveaways that I don't take the time to enter myself, so if you are hosting one, and think I'd like it, just let me know :)
Basically I want to know what can I do, to make the whole giveaway experience better for everyone involved. ANY and ALL suggestions welcome, I mean it, tell me what you think. 

So enough of all that, show me what you got gals. Last week we made it to 71 link ups, last time I checked anyway. Linky Tools, is having a rough time with their new server, and it has not been working very well, ooops. Hope Brent gets it all figured out, and give the guy a break will ya. I would HATE to be in his shoes right now, I'm sure there are a tons of annoyed bloggers, stomping their feet all around him, (yes even I was pissed) until I read his message. I feel for the guy, he's trying to make things better for us, and I know I can totally stick by him, until he does, and I know he will. So if this linky doesn't show up quite yet, be patient, it will be up and running soon :)

Don't forget to LINK up to my weekly party. 
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Feel free to add yours, if you think I'd like it :)

By clicking the above button, you agree to giggle and laugh, and practically pee your pants. Just saying, DO NOT click it, if you are in a bad mood, or having a bad day, and need to feel better.


DO NOT FORGET, as if you could with all my reminders, lol. I am trying to reach 100 link ups, just because I want too, he he. WHEN this happens you will have the chance of a lifetime, to win something I created. It will be spectacular, and brilliant, and lovely, and probably totally of no interest to you, BUT, even then, I am super excited about it. So hurry up and lets get to 100 link ups DUDE.


  1. I like reading the features very much.
    I don't like busy pages.
    I do not generally enter give-aways.

  2. I enter give aways which are offering something which i really need and do not participate in every other giveaway. I do like to win of course in the few give aways that i do participate in.

    My own giveaway ended yesterday, i will post winner soon

  3. My favorite posts on your blog are the ones where you show something that you've made or talk about your family.

    I usually don't enter giveaways unless I've already been wanting what is being offered.

    I like clean and simple more than busy.

    I like you.

    Have a great day!

  4. I like your blog and the layout. The features in the sidebar is a nice touch. I enter giveaways if it's something I want/need or I know someone who wants/needs it. Sometimes I get annoyed with the ones where you have to jump through a lot of hoops, but then again, you get more chances to win. I guess that's a catch-22. :)

  5. I like simple un-cluttered blogs. To much to look at can get to distracting.

    I enter giveaways if it is something I want. Turn offs would be to many hoops to jump through. IE: you must be a follower. I get the reasoning behind some of the hoops but a lot of the time it's not worth my effort. I am certainly more than willing to check out the sponsors online shop or web page.

    Also, personally I don't think you need to leave a comment to everyone that links up to your linky parties. It's nice, but not realistic most of the time. It's sweet enough that you are hosting and picking features every week!

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  6. Thanks for hosting Bella! I think you and your blog are fabulous! Hope you get to 100!

  7. I like giveaways, but I only like it when they get back to you & tell you you won. When you look at a ton of blogs, you may not visit them all every day or even every week. I don't like when you have to see your name & comment in the certain time frame, that's a turn off to me. Or like you said if there's 1000 or more entries & the odds are against you, takes the fun out of it.

    I personally love how you feature on the side bar for the week. I haven't seen that anywhere else.

  8. Hey, Bella! Thanks SO much for featuring me! I've linked up again this week. You've really done a lot of work on your blog and it looks great! Your pic is SO cute!

  9. Its little ol' me again! I'm linked up with my Chic Monthly Calendar! Thanks for hosting, and i love giveways ( you know I do :D) But, I too like when they get back to me, cause I might miss that post, I check me e-mail DAILY, heck, MULTIPLE times per day!
    So, I follow more than a few blogs (wink*) and have yet to miss a post with my name, but still it's hard to jump on and go through all the blogs I entered at to see if I won. So, I do it only when I don't have much homework or housework, otherwise I skip them.
    I contact my winners as soon as I pick and post. I have redrawn before but try to be understanding.
    then again I'm not shooting giveaways out of my ears so, I can be lentient. (and I can't spell today, it was a long day/night/morning/day so far.)
    I can't punctuate either.
    I hate hoops myself and have shaken up my entry chances. Check it out and tell me what you think.
    I figure if someone has 5 for buttons and another doesn't have buttons then they are down 5.
    But if someone has a button, and someone doesn't they are only down by 1 now. So it's still a better odd of winning but takes WAY less time than entering +5.
    Let me know your opinion.


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