Sunday, January 30, 2011

I actually WIN giveaways, I'm so stinkin lucky, someone suggested I play the lottery, lol.

Have I told you lately, how much I love entering giveaway's, well I do, I really really do. I obviously don't have the time to enter many, BUT, rest assured if I enter your's it's because I REALLY would like to win something you are offering. 

I just don't have time to enter a giveaway unless it's for something I love, or need. Not that if I don't enter yours I don't love it, but I just might not need it, OR, I don't know about it he he. 

My first giveaway I ever won was over at Jane's blog, FINDING FABULOUS, read all about that HERE.


Next I won the giveaway, for CSN stores, that allowed me to get this Tv mount, over at LUCY DESIGN, read all about that HERE
SPeaking of giveaways, my girl, is hosting another one, this time offering one lucky reader one of her custom painted hearts. Check it out HERE, and enter to win. I'm sorry Lucy, for not seeing this earlier, (she linked up, in the wrong spot, but she's not alone, I need to fix that, so I don't miss anyone's linkups anymore, I"M SORRY).

I won a giveaway at CRYSTALS CRAFT SPOT, for one free month advertising, read about that HERE. She is the one who inspired me to offer my readers, some free advertising. 
crystals craft spot

I won a huge basket of ribbons and bows, from HOUSE of HEPWORTHS, read all about that HERE. I know, can you believe I won a giveaway there, with her like hundreds of people entering, oh who am I kidding, I never thought I'd win, he he, BUT I did, and it came just in time for Christmas, woo hoo. 
I also won TWO giveaways THIS week. 

AND this from 
a beautiful handmade photo album from my friend Maria, @ 
Did I leave anybody out, I hope not, gosh, lol. My point with all of this, is of course to THANK the blogs, for hosting giveaways, THANK the sponsors who are so generous to give something away, and to once again let you all know that entering giveaways, DOES pay off. 

Now, that you can see, FIRST hand, and trust me when I say, I actually DO NOT enter a ton of giveaways, usually what you see in my sidebar is what I have entered, BUT I can tell you, that if there are extra entries, I always try to take advantage of them, THAT is WHY they are there. Increase your chances by taking a few moments, and doing all the extra's, IT WORKS.

TRUST ME, when I say to all of you lovelies who HOST giveaways, TURN OFF word verification, THIS IS the NUMBER ONE reason, people may not be leaving more than one comment. IT TAKES WAY to long, as in FOREVER, and it is SUPER, SUPER, SUPER frustrating, trying to leave comments, when you have to enter a STUPID word verification, every time. Consider yourself VERY lucky, if you get a good turn out for your giveaways, if you have this on, because my experience tells me, you will have MUCH better success, making it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE, for someone to leave you the required entry comments. 


** Wildflowers and Whimsy, giving away an original Agape Love Photo Album, ends 1/28 ok this one you can't win, BECAUSE I already did, hehe.

TARA with TARADARA designs, some love, and enter my GIVEAWAY. You can get 5 extra entries, just by buying something from her awesome shop. 


Tara Dara
Funky Card Holder - ID, Business, Rewards, Credit Cards

Here, is the review I did on CSN, for the TV stand I got. :)

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Premier Mounts' unique universal series mounts feature the innovative Griplate System. This exclusive system accurately supports the mounting hardware, resulting in a solid fit that keeps the display level and securely in place, making installation easier.
Best of all, this mount is guarant...

Simply can't beat the price, Love IT....
By Bella b&a from Ga on 1/30/2011
5out of 5
My first experience with CSN stores, and I couldn't be happier. I had $35.00 to spend, and have been wanting a tv mount forever, finally, gave in, and found the perfect one. It is easy enough that I was able to install it, myself. It is DEFINITELY sturdy enough to hold my 50"tv. It is so much better than having it on the table, I am thrilled with my new purchase.

The customer service, is outstanding, the shipping is super fast, and everything was a breeze, from start to finish. I totally recommend CSN stores to my friends, love them.


  1. totally agree with you on the word verification. i really hate it!!

  2. Aww Bella, thank you for mentioning my giveaway too! I'm such a dingbat, can't believe I linked to the wrong spot!
    and wow! seriously..get a lottery ticket already!

  3. you know I used to have word verification off then started getting a ton of spam so I put it back on...going to take it off now, you are right , I don't like it either...thanks for the reminder!

  4. THANK YOU SO much for mentioning it! I appreciate it! And WOW! on all the giveaways! I need to rub you for some luck! :)


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