Saturday, January 29, 2011

I LOVE Making CUTE Blogs, sooo much!!!

As you can all see, my blog is all over the place. I found THE MOST awesome place for blog design, blog help, blog tutorials, and of course a BLOG DESIGNER.


Is my new addiction, I'm telling you, please disregard any silly thing I ever said as far as blog help. Come on, I don't have a clue what I'm taking about, yet, lol. But, hanging out at this blog, should help me out, with that. Whatever you see me doing on my blog, I'm learning over there. Her whole motto there, is 

How much better can you get than that????

I'm telling you, go check out Carolyn, @

I bet you guys will FALL IN LOVE, just like me. I would love to hear, what you guys think about my blog SO FAR,,, I have so much to do still, BUT, what do you guys think about the new layout? I have sooooo much more room now, I've been longing for this for so long, but I was soooooo ,,,, SOOOO,,,, sooooooo very scared to mess with my template, html, and switch to the old format, I was practically dying when I saw what it looked like right after switching. Honestly I started crying, BUT, then, I just followed the tutorials, and little by little it started coming together. I ALMOST feel like I can go in there, switch something up, and not freak, EVEN if I mess up, no biggie, just go fix it. (Write down what was there before, silly, or copy and paste it somewhere else, even better) The point is, WE CAN DO IT...... YES WE CAN!!!


You are seriously my new hero, I LOVE you. 

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  1. BELLA!!!!!!! LOVE the new BLOG...seriously i cant wait to go check out her site bc i need a blog makeover bad!!! I love my layout and background but i need major help with the header!...Me and my friend actually tried messing around with it since she does wed design but ughhhhh we couldnt get it to work! I hope Carolyns blog can help me out!!!

    XOXO Andrea

  2. Your blog looks super cute!!! I'm your new follower :)


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