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How to cut hair -Goodbye Justin Bieber hair, Hello James Bond!!

Raise your hand, if you've been effected by Justin Bieber Hair.
I have been, for nearly 2 years now, my oldest son has been sporting this hair, and has been flipping his hair ever since. 

As a parent, I think I'm pretty relaxed, and give my kids all the freedom they could possibly want. I try my best not to interfere with how they want to dress, or do their hair, (for the most part). Yes, certain times, I make them dress, or do their hair, the way I want, but normally, I am pretty cool. 

So my son, has been totally against getting his hair cut, anywhere past the length where he couldn't do that annoying hair flip. At least 200 times a day, he would jerk his head, looking like he was going into convulsions, and it drove me crazy, more than anything in the world. 

So finally after years of torture, on my part, it was payback time. He's been begging for a haircut lately. His hair was literally effecting his everyday life. He couldn't see anymore, was getting headaches, and everyone, including all his teachers and coaches, were pretty much over his hair, and begging him to cut it. Plus summer's coming, and it's already getting warm, and he was getting to hot and sticky when he skateboarded. Basically he was over the hair. BUT I made him suffer, for a couple months, and finally yesterday he won. I gave in, and cut it. 

HA HA HA, finally, YES.....

Yes I agree, that he did look kinda cute with his hair, and EVERYBODY was always commenting, on how they loved his hair, and how cute he was. BUT, let's be honest, they didn't have to see him flick his head every 10 seconds, otherwise, they wouldn't think it was so cute anymore. 

I hope you guys enjoy my little picture tutorial, on how I cut his hair. We had fun, it took forever, I've been kinda out of practice. For the past couple years, I've mastered the Justin Bieber haircut, and now I had to cut his hair, and make it look cool. Yikes, it took forever, but finally, I think I did it. 

For those of you who don't know, I went to Cosmetology school, like a decade ago, (lol), and that's about it. Had my big guy, and never actually did hair professionally, but have been doing hair for family and friends ever since. Cutting boys hair, was my most HATED subject ever. I hate it, and lucky me, I have 3 guys I need to cut. Erghhhh. That's why my kids look like shaggy dogs, half the time, lol. 

Ok, enough history, lets get to the pics, shall we. 


Ok, at this point, I thought I was done. But, after closer examination, it just looked a little too girly. My son is just too pretty I guess, but I couldn't let him go to school like this. His hair was just still too long, and the back too short, and it was just too 80's or something. I don't know, but I hated it, and was actually missing his Justin Bieber hair. So after all the neighborhood kids, and I stopped laughing, I sat down and started cutting again. 
Here it is, pretty much done. He had to pose with his skateboard, and asked me if he still looked cool. What could I tell him. I think it turned out pretty good, considering I was not even used to him like this.
This is him this morning, after getting ready for school. He couldn't stop looking in the mirror. I've been wanting him to style his hair like this for YEARS, and mom finally won, he he.
Next on the list, is little brother, who def needs to come back from the hippie days too. Thank goodness he doesn't do the hair flip, and he just looks so cute with his hair like that, hehe. 
Princess finally wants me to cut her hair again too, and cut her bangs, YES,,, mom wins again. I can't stand seeing her hair in her face, and eyes, and now, I get my way, lol.   
So for all of you out there, suffering with this new hair fad, let me tell you, there is hope. All you have to do, is hold out longer than your son can handle, and eventually they will be begging you for a haircut, and if you're lucky, they will even style it like James Bond.

I'm thinking of doing a really fun project with my hair.
Would you guys enjoy watching me experiment different haircuts, on myself? I'm totally wanting my hair cut short again, (not boy short, just my little bob). Since it's pretty long now, I figure I can go through several haircuts, and styles, for fun, and hey, if it turns out bad, I just cut it again. I want it short anyway right?

Let's see if I can get a stylist to go along with this, and donate their services, otherwise, you guys will be stuck watching me cut my own hair, with the help of my kids of course, lol.
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  1. That was awesome! My five year old is currently sporting the justin Bieber.. he preens in front of the mirror about 1000 times a day.. boy am I in trouble in a few years! Your little guy looks great! Goodbye Beiber hello Bond, Bella Bond that is.. lol! Thanks for you sharing your antics with the Pink Hippo Party!

  2. See, the whole world was ready for Justin Bieber to cut his hair! Your son looks super cute!

  3. I love the cut! My son needs one badly as well. Its almost like he has sideburns that I am just iching to clip.

    Have a great week!

  4. This young man is ridiculously handsome either way, but I have to admit that his new haircut suits him even more that the one he was still sporting yesterday :)
    Man, he'll break so many hearts, I'm glad I'm not a little girl in your neighbourhood!

  5. Aah.. why did u cut his hair.. i love the justin bieber cut... it was just so cute...especially on ur guy :D but he looks cute in his new cut too.. :D

  6. Adorable kids, Bella! My kiddos won't let me near their hair! Fun post!

  7. It probably would have helped if I had read this post first... GET WITH IT BROOKE ANNA! haha.
    I like this too!

  8. My sons (6&8) despise Justin Bieber (not sure why), so no problem there. My problem is that my 8yo got the thick hair that is like bristles and it's hard to work with it. My 6yo has thinner, softer hair that is too easy so I just forget to trim it. Neither got curls. Maybe later.


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