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Amaze me August #26 ~ Check out my new Schedule ~

Wow, what can I say, I am blown away at last weeks turnout. 
We had 71 link ups,  and I hardly had to beg, he he.
We had 84 comments, for the giveaway. The biggest turnout yet, for a giveaway on my blog, THANK YOU. 
If you haven't entered or, didn't take advantage of all the ways you can win, make sure you do that. I will be picking a winner tomorrow morning, March 1st, so hurry. 

Apron and Towel Set
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This week I've been trying to figure out how I'd like to organize my time better. I love blogging so much, that my family has really started to complain that I'm spending a little too much time blogging. It's hard to hear, and I get defensive, naturally. BUT I know they are right. So while I won't admit it to them, especially the hubby, you know being Romanian and all, I can't let him know he might be right, lol, I am chatting it up with all of you. 

Do you guys feel a bit guilty with the amount of time you spend blogging? Do you wish that you could do it all, you know, 
be super mommy, 
go to the gym, 
cook healthy meals, 
have a clean home, 
make fun crafts,
do your nails, 
run a marathon?
Ok well these are some of the things, I wish I could do, and do well, and find the perfect balance. Sounds almost impossible. 
However I think I can do it. At least to the point that my family, doesn't miss me so much anymore. 
Sheesh, what ever will they do, if I start an Etsy shop, lol. 

Hopefully if I try to stay to some kind of schedule, things will be easier for me, and everyone involved. Also, while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE browsing new blogs, and leaving comments everywhere I go, and browsing Etsy, I need to be realistic, and literally put a timer for myself. Otherwise I can get lost in time, and before I know it, hours have passed. Totally speaking from experience. 

I will try to reward myself, with what I love to do. If I finish my daily work, cook, clean, whatever it is that I need to do, I will earn blogging time. 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. I know it may sound childish, but it's what I need, and I think getting my kids involved will make it that much more fun for everyone. 

I will def let you guys now, just how I put everything into place, and of course how it's going. For now, these are just my thoughts. 

Here is what I plan on this blog. Listed under each day are topics that you may see covered on that particular day. 


Weekly menu plan
Try new recipes
Workout schedules, and tips
Organizing projects, and tips


Amaze me August Party
Giveaways and Featured Sponsor


Top 10 features from Amaze me August
Guest Blogger
What I Wore Wednesdays


Eco Friendly Crafts and Projects
Family Friendly Crafts and Projects
Recycling and Upcycling Tips and Tutorials


Project Home - $1,000 ( more to come on this later )


Open day
Blog Swaps
Extra Giveaways


Week in Review
Goals for upcoming week
Cake Decorating Tutorials


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  1. Sounds like an awesome plan! Hop over and enter my new giveaway...I think you will like it!


  2. Hey Miss Bella!! I TOO need a better schedule! I hope to fit time in to work on that soon... Bwahaha... Really though. I do. Good luck with yours!

  3. I'm a terrible organizer! Don't have any tips but I will check back to see other peoples comments. Maybe it will help me out too! Entered my Antique silverware mold knockoffs this week, thanks for hosting!

  4. You have awesome stuff...I was referred from Agape Love Designs.

  5. I really really need to set some sort of schedule for myself. There are so many things I need to accomplish around my home, with my boys, for my blogs, and for the etsy shop. But most days I feel like I get nothing accomplished and am just treading water. Thanks for the motivation!

  6. Hope your plan works for you! The whole thing kinda scares me because I'll be one of those crazy moms very soon. I already have too much to do so I can't imagine juggling kids in there too!

  7. love the features in the sidebar
    great idea..

  8. Hey there! I didn't get to enter this weeks giveaway for AMA, since I don't tweet, or facebook. I did link up with my mod art canvas though.


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