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FEATURES ~~ Part ONE of three ~~

Thanks to everyone for hanging in there, and being patient, while I have been busy. I have about three weeks of FEATURES to do, so this is PART ONE of Three Days of FEATURES. Then I should be caught up, and back to normal. I absolutely LOVE having you all participate in my weekly party. I look forward to seeing many more. I am nearly at 40 links this week, woo hoo, SLOWLY but surely you guys are spreading the word, and more and more people are starting to come.


Now on to the FEATURES, these are from
WEEK 13 and some from **6 weeks 2 JINGLE**
Kimberly at Restoration House redid this BEAUTIFUL table for her breakfast nook. It was a lot of work, she says, but the finished table was surely worth it. I love everything about that room, she decorates with some very unique things. I just loved it. Make sure you go say hello.


Michelle at Dream Home DIY made this AMAZING HUTCH, all by themselves, like TOTALLY from scratch. Can you believe it? I was blown away, it looks so rustic and old, I think they did an incredible job. I so wish I could do something like this, or at least have a good friend, who will make one for me, he he. Make sure you go read all about the process, and say hello to my sweet talented friend.


Megan at Fowl SIngle File made these cutie birds. Aren't they the cutest?? Can you hear them chirping?? Megan makes a bunch of cute things, and she is really talented with those needles, knitting, crocheting, yeah she is good. I want me some little birdies, and she gives us such inspiration. Now go see for yourself, and say hello will ya.

Corey at Craftastic redid this cork board. How beautiful, and fun, and colorful. I love the ribbons, the black and pink, and she even covered up tacks, can you see? Adorable right!!! Make sure you go say hello to Corey, she is NEW to blogland, and could really REALLY use some more followers. She has very cute things going in, now GO check her out everyone. You will be impressed I promise.

Sarah at The Ugly Duckling House made the most SIMPLE wreath possible, hello, but HOW darn cute can it be. I just love how simple it is, and clean and fresh looking all white like that. She is so cute,  with her little footsies,  chilling on the couch, making this wreath. It was an awesome tutorial. Her house, is getting worked on, little by little, and her blog, tells all about the transformation. Go say hello and check out their Ugly Duckling House!!

Kimbo at Girl and a Glue Gun made this QUICK present for all those little snake lovers out there, yes please, over here, my youngest son, thank you. How cute is this?? When I saw it, I was like oh man, for real, that easy, out of a tie, how awesome. We all have an old ugly tie laying around, and if not, wouldn't be hard finding one at the goodwill for a buck ya know. Go say hello, and see ALL of her wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts this year, how awesome!!

Kyra at Racks and Mooby redid this DOLLAR store santa, that was ugly plain glass, by spray painting him. What a transformation, I can hardly belive it. How the details pop now. What a fabulous idea right? Hello Santa, you are so cute now, he he. Thanks Kyra for giving us such a great idea. Make sure you go see this and much more, she has tons of fun things to do and see.

Michelle at Polka Dots and Pizza saw a cute pattern for slippers, and she just winged it, tried to make them without the pattern. I'd say she did a GREAT job. Way to go girl. I sure wouldn't mind having some of those, and my kids could use some too. Hmmm, maybe I can wing it too, and try to make some myself. Go say hello, and check this and much more out.

Shelley at Army Wife Quilter made these adorable stockings for her family. Aren't they like a piece of art, I CAN NOT believe more people havent seen this TALENTED mama. You have to go say HI to Shelley, and check out these AWESOME stockings, and while you are at it, make sure to see her other amazing projects too, there are tons.


Ladies PLEASE grab a FEATURED button and display it proudly!

Make sure to come back tommorrow for MORE great FEATURES. I LOVE sharing some of my favorite projects with you, and really HOPE you take a few moments to go say hello to these talented ladies, and let them know you saw them featured here.

Wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my little breakfast nook Isabella! So nice...

  2. Thank you for featuring me! I've added your button to my Out & About page... appreciate the shout out!

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  4. Your kind words make me feel all warm and tingly...thanks for brightening my day!

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