Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My first Before and After, here we go!!!

Ok so as I sit around with 5 days to go until summer is over and school starts again, I am left wondering how did the whole summer pass me again, and I still have a HUGE list of things yet to be completed. I'm not talking about gigantic, expensive, or such time consuming projects (although I have plenty of those too), I'm talking about basic stuff, things that may even take 5 minutes or less to do, and still weeks, even months have passed, even YEARS, and I still have not done them. Let me give you just a few examples. 

  • A room in my house had ALL light bulbs out for practically the whole summer. I could always just pick up a pack at the store, which I went to several times a week. Or better yet I could at least take one from another room, and at LEAST there would be light. NOT me, NO, that would be crazy, I just dealt with it, and it stayed like that for months, until I finally plucked a light bulb from another room. I have yet to remember to actually buy more bulbs at the store. Hmm, wonder why its so hard for me. 
  • I have a toilet handle that sticks when its flushed, and has to be pulled back up, or it will continue to flush NONSTOP, wasting a ton of water (which I hate), making a lot of noise (also very annoying), and you'd think I could get it fixed. Again, no not me. I just yell at everyone for not flushing it properly, and seem to FORGET about getting a kit to fix it at the store where I go every week. 
  • My garage has been a disaster for well over five years now. 
  • Our shoe problem is out of control, not because we have so many, but because with 5 of us, and nobody putting their shoes away hardly EVER, means shoes and messy floors ALL the time. 
  • Even things like doing my nails, hair, shaving seem to never get done. Well shaving at least gets done sometimes :) especially with it being summer. 
  • I have been trying to get in shape, for over 10 years now. 
So needless to say these are just a few things that came to mind. Everyday I have the daily things that NEVER seem to get done on time either. Dishes, laundry, bathrooms, they get done, but I wish I could do it better. More efficient, and spend less time cleaning, cooking, and stressing about them. 

My goals for today are simple.
  • Start a blog, LOL
  • Finish laundry
  • Clean kitchen ( at least get the dishes and counters clean)
  • Make beds ( straighten up bedrooms)
  • Straighten up the rest of the house 
  • Quick clean bathrooms
  • Make a soup for dinner
  • Take videos back to redbox
  • Vacuum 
  • Straighten up garage, and clean up cat poop
Ok so that looks like a pretty long list of things to do, but considering its only 1:15 in the afternoon, and I just started a blog about my before and after adventures, I guess I should just do it, and see what happens. I'll try to stay on task, not get stuck deep cleaning any one place, as I would really like to accomplish all these things today. 

Well let me go take some quick before pics, and get to work. Lets see if I can get those after pics up by the end of the day. 

Day one here I go, wish me luck!
Come over without my knowledge and this is what you
will find when you walk through the front door.
So please don't ever just pop in to say hello without
advance notice. LOL

Much better isn't it?
Another great view walking in the front door. Nice right?
See the dino decoration hanging on the wall since MAY.
Nice, notice even my kids are doing their studies, awww!
Ok so come on in to the kitchen, my fav place to be.
Not when its a mess though, duh.
Can't wait to start posting about my cooking adventures.

Alright, now Im ready to cook, well not literally, Im busy now.

Hurry run for your  life, the dishes are going to get you. 
Ok stop running, I took care of those nasty dishes. 
They won't be back until later.

Everyone's favorite drop off zone, first place to drop our
stuff coming in from the garage. Need to find a better system.

Looks almost wrong, its too clean. Hurry go make a mess.

Just to prove my point. This picture was taken this evening.
Above picture was taken this morning, along with all the
rest of the pics. I finished everything yesterday, but only took
pics this morning. This area got dumped again, in no time. 

Princess M giving mermaid Barbie a soak.
Anyone else have barbies taking way too many baths. 

Quick cleanup I tell ya, just don't look very close.
Please don't even try. Knob has been missing for a year now.

Big B you are now 11, why can't you clean your room?
Mom you are 31, why can't you?
Excuse me, just what did you say mister?
I love you! (shrugging, and giving me a huge smile)
Almost true story!

A whole 2 minutes later, and this is what I got. Surprised to
find that under the bed was still empty. Good boy!

Princess M, trust me, you don't need anymore barbies.
Mommy yes I do, really!
No sweety, I don't think so, take a look at this place.
Mommy you are not my mommy anymore, OK.
Sigh, OK princess, I understand.
True Story!

Thank you mommy, now you can go, so I can play.
At least I now have this picture to make me happy. 

Dino D considering the fact I've created this room for you,
when are you actually going to sleep in here.
ARGhhhh, he says, ARGhhhhhh, dinosaurs eat MEAT!
As he tries to bite me. Dino D, can you hear me?
ARGhhhhhhhhhh he says louder. Alrighty then!

Most of the dinos went down for nap, finally, except one.
Yup my kids have more energy than the energizer bunny. 

Ahh, the garage, my most dreaded place of the house.
The root of all my problems, or so I like to think.
One day soon. I will transform this place to a beloved place.
One day soon, watch me! (seriously watch me)

No this was not my big plan, lol. A little better for sure.
Ok so I lost like 5 pounds sweating my tail off in the
700% humidity that was in my garage today. Oh it was HOT!

Ok so my dear friends, (well of course I know I don't have any yet, actually I wonder how long it will be until someone actually reads this) I'm just going to pretend like I have a ton of people following my blog, and you know one day I might. Stranger things have happened, like the fact that I actually started this darn thing. Yahooo, finally! 

Just in case you are wondering how long this took, I started cleaning at around 2pm, and finished EVERYTHING except making soup for dinner. But hey by brother J, gave me a heads up about a mexican place. So the kids and I pigged out on carne asada tacos, and chori queso, yummy. Thanks bro. 

Thanks for reading, and hope you got a kick out of this EXTREMELY long first attempt of a blog. I know that many of you can relate, if even in the smallest way to my everyday frustrations, with being a sahm, of 3 kids, who are always making a mess for me. I am not known to put things away where they belong either, hence the kids who have learned this very bad habit from me. 
I will try my best, and even more to do better, because after all how can I continue to amaze all of you with these wonderful before and afters, if I don't do anything. Plus I would really like to see if the gray hairs on my head slow down, if I stress out less, and relax more. What do you think, is it possible. 

Ok for now I will leave you all with a final note about my weight, I was talking about earlier, in the garage, where I sweated so bad, I think I lost 5 pounds. Well the reason I say that, is because my weight has been pretty much at around 172-174 pounds for a few weeks now. Dropping a pound or so like every few weeks. However after I was done cleaning, and showering, I got on my scale and it said 164.6. I got off and again on, same thing. I jumped for joy. Wow, how cool, finally made it under 170 again. Ok fast forward, after coming back from dinner, and running some errands, I go check my weight again, and I am now 174 again. Ok hello, minus clothes, maybe 171. Yeah I know, pretty crazy. So I think I'm going to try cleaning my garage again very soon, and for much longer this time, and not eat yummy mexican food after, and see if this works for longer than a couple hours. 
See you all soon. 



  1. This is great Bella!! Good luck on the weight loss. You can do it...:-))

  2. Thanks a lot, yeah it's been an ongoing struggle, but hopefully I can start to produce some results to show everyone, soon .

  3. Bella, this is absolutely brilliant! And this will give you such great motivation. Kudos to you beautiful. Hugs and kisses to you and the fam!

  4. Thanks girl, Im glad you liked it, check back often for more fun stuff. Squeeze those kids for me, they are too darn cute. :)

  5. Testing, does this thing finally work...dude, I have tried twice ever since you posted your blog on the first night to leave a comment with my Itouch and each time that I wrote my LONG comments, I coulnt get through because no username, or I wasn't signed in. Here we go a 3rd time:
    awesome job with the blog, o think people will tune in because you always have great ideas and are an interesting person to read about. I met a movie critic at cast screening for a movie in l.a. And I asked him, dude, I love your job, how do I get your job, I can do that. And he said that the best way was to start a blog! Oh yeah, great idea...So great job girl, who knows maybe your blog could turn into a little movie. Now that you forced me to create a username and blog account, I guess I have critique "Inception" lol. Btw, Kasey has that same blue rug. You have a beautiful house, I love that little round window seat area, it's cute. Isabella, to lose wieght fast, you have to eat small nonexistent portions- just a few bites only during mealtimes, NO sugar ever, not even a little bit, no excuses. No salt. Jog and swim-that's what I do. You'll see great reults in a month. Ok, girl, send me more blog notifications when u write more. Move to ca already.

  6. Cris, you are too sweet, with that wonderful comment. So are you starting a blog too? Now about that advice you gave me about losing weight, you can't be serious right. You do know I could never survive with such restrictions, I love food way too much. Even Big B laughed when he read that, he was like yeah right, that would never work. Although I will def take up the walk, swim, smaller portions part, as totally agree with you there. Since when did you need to starve yourself to lose weight anyway, last time I saw you, I thought you were already skinny enough. Miss you too girl, I wish about moving back to ca. :)

  7. Wow, that was a lot of cleaning! I'm tired for you now! Way to go!

  8. lol, yeah and today is just another day like that one. Does it ever end I wonder?

  9. lol, I don't see the dino picture on the wall? Maybe it is because I am acustomed (crap, how DO you spell that??) to living with clutter. Can't see my own, can't see anyone else's!


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