Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two awards in one day, I know, CRAZY COOL!!

You got that right. For someone who never won anything miss popular related, EVER, I have been getting a lot of awards, and I am so COMPLETELY overwhelmed. 

Gosh, am I that much better in the blog world than in real life, he he. Would you guys still love me if you knew me in real life, and saw how NOT stylish I really am, lol. 

Ok, the bottom line is I am SO FLIPPIN thankful. Seriously, it's a really awesome feeling, getting these awards. To know that someone followed you ( well just because of a hop ) for example, is not exactly the best feeling, BUT, when someone follows you, and can pick you out of their blog list, which is probably REALLY big, if you are anything like me. Then that is really special. 


for this award

Brooke has a blog she started just last November, and last month alone she made an incredible 70 posts, hello, this gal can blog. She loves reviewing new products, doing giveaways, and of course all things crafty. 

She has some great New Year resolutions this year, and one of them being to make her blog better known. 

Won't you go say HI, and let her know you saw her here. 

Thanks again, and I'm off to finish cleaning some stuff, and organizing, and eating lunch, and then doing our afternoon activities with the kids, and then finishing up my FEATURES, and then checking out more blogs, and dang, you get the idea. Life is hectic all over again, I miss vacation. 

HUGS to all of you, and your adorable little munchkins, you know who you are, mine is fast asleep on the couch, YAYYYY, this doesn't happen when everyone is home. Oh yeah, momma will be getting her much needed breaks again. 

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Congratulations!!!

    I know what you mean - it feels great to get the confirmation!


  2. Thats so aweseome! Congratulations!! :) And agreed, its so nice to know someone really likes, enjoys and appreciates your blog! :)

  3. Oh my goodness!! I was just about to come over here and tell you that i gave you that award too!!!!

    You totally helped me out when I first started blogging & I thank you so much!


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