Saturday, January 8, 2011

Brace Face, and the Tooth Fairy!

In the past couple weeks, my oldest got braces, and my princess lost her first tooth. Here are some cute pics of my babies.
Big B with his new braces!!

Princess M at the dentist, her darn tooth didn't want to come out. 

Her other one was already all practically grown in, behind her baby tooth. 


Putting her tooth for the tooth fairy!!

The tooth fairy was LATE, and forgot to put her money, little girl was SO FAST, first thing she did was look under her pillow when I woke her up for school, THANK goodness, the "Toothfairy" was able to come right away, like I reassured my princess that she just couldn't see what the toothfairy left, she was thankfully still sleepy, so after 30 seconds, the toothfairy swooped in, replaced her tooth, with 2 bucks, and called it a day. SEE, I told you princess, you just didn't look hard enough. 

Ahhh, how wonderful, they still think 2 bucks is a lot of money at this age, wooo hoo. 

Big B, enjoying his last breakfast, before braces. 

He pigged out, and was savoring every last bite, as  you can see, lol.

Yuppp, those are my pancakes, we all love so much, but these were not FRIED all crispy like the other day!!

Aww, big smile, BEFORE!!!

Ready to go, he he.

WOW, look at that,,, clearly the bottom teeth, are the crooked ones.

So happy, he is. 

TA DA,,, he wanted pink rubber bands, then when it came time, he went with green, lol. It was so funny!!!
Have you guys ever had braces?
I did, for about 3 years, I had messed up teeth when I was little :)

How much money does the tooth fairy bring your kids?
True fact, my oldest Big B, pulled out almost ALL of his own teeth. He was crazy like that, I have pics and videos of each one, and still have all the teeth. The tooth fairy was sweet enough to return them to me, for safe keeping. 

Do you guys keep your babies teeth? Is it weird, or normal. I think it's totally normal, but then you never know!!!

As always ENJOY!

Special requests, or mad love always welcome:)


  1. Weird? Girl how could that be weird?!? I still have the cord stumps from by boys' umbilical cords... saved them after they fell off. I thought I was weird for that one, but apparently some of my fellow acquaintances have done the same thing. ;)

  2. Wow...alot of dental activity going on here..! I have kept all my older daughters teeth and she is 15 now!! The 2 lil ones are yet to loose any teeth (got a couple wobblies) and I will be keeping them too. I have had braces and still wear my retainer 10 years after my debond, my oldest daughter is waiting to be bonded up and I am a orthodontic nurse, training to be a therapist, good luck and I will be following your interesting blog....!

  3. Your kids are just beautiful! Love the pic of you son with the thingys in his mouth!! :D I had braces for about 4 years, I never wore the head gear that I supposed to, it hurt! :) My daughter has to get braces as well, just not sure when, she still has a couple teeth to lose.

  4. Omigosh what cute little ones! I hope your son is ready to get some food stuck in them braces! Hehe. By the way, the blog looks way different - I like it! Great photo of you in the banner too Bella. :O)


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