Friday, November 18, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness **Takeover #7**

*** Takeover #7 ***
Let's welcome  Lisa from The Pursuit of Happiness. as she is the first to takeover my blog for the month of November. Are you wondering what's going on? Check out this post where I explain what's happening. A very special thank you to ALL my friends who have so willingly stepped in to TAKEOVER my blog for a couple weeks :)

Hi! I'm Lisa from The Pursuit of Happiness.
If we've never "met," let me take a second to introduce myself. I'm a new mom, wife and domestic-wannabe born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. It's a constant struggle to juggle being a mommy, working, home renovations, working out, crafts, cooking, watching tv, and having fun all without going crazy! The Pursuit of Happiness is my daily reminder that I need to learn to appreciate the little things in life and not stress so much.
Stop by and check out some of the reader's favorites crafts & recipes such as: DIY Towel Rug Crock Pot Orange Chicken

And now for a fun little accessory...
I was out shopping one day to find some jewelry for a dress and I came across this really cute idea. There was a whole display of beaded bracelets with a really pretty brooch holding them together. I had no idea it was a brooch until I really took a look at it when I tried it on. Very cool idea and most of us can make them with things we have at home already!
If you're like me, you save your jewelry through the years and never want to throw it out. I only wear my favorite things, but I save a lot of it in case it comes back into style or I have something that would match it perfectly. I had some of those groups of beaded bracelets that were so popular a couple years ago. I found 3 or 4 bunches that I've collected in the past 10 years.
I also had some pretty brooches that I've collected over the past 10 years. I even found one that my mom gave me from the early 90's! It's so simple to just clip it on to some bracelets and you have a cute new accessory!
These rhinestone bracelets are probably 11 years old and the brooch came from some blazer I bought maybe 5 years ago. But together, they're so fun!
This is the brooch from my mom that she used to wear years ago. I paired it with these fun gold, pearl & rhinestone bracelets from Forever 21.
Can't beat a craft that takes 2 minutes and gets tons of compliments!

**Thank you so much Lisa**
Lisa has been a greta supporter of my blog for a long time, always linking up to Amaze me August with the most awesome, healthy recipes, and every once in a while we are lucky enough to see a cool craft from her too!!

P.s. Don't forget to stop by and CONGRATULATE her on that adorable little baby, I'm so happy for you girl :)


  1. I'm enjoying the guest posts!
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  2. Thanks for letting me have a guest post! You're so sweet!


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