Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hi-Jack my blog PLEASE-- I need HELP again $50 - $100 giveaway

Ok, sorry for not putting up the party Monday night. 
It completely slipped my mind, I wonder how that happened. 
Oh I know, I'm busy packing, moving, and all that good stuff, he he. 

So too keep my mind sane, and give myself a small little break, please note that the party will be on hold until NEXT year, which luckily is just around the corner, so don't be too sad :)

The next couple weeks will be the worst as we are planning on moving by Dec 1st. So if you could all just hang in there for a couple more weeks, I can promise that SANTA will bring tons of goodies for my most loyal friends. YUP that huge giveaway that was supposed to happen in September, will now take place just in time for lots of great Christmas presents.

Still with me? 

Life can take you in the most unusual places sometimes, and this is just another road I need to go through, to get to where I need to be. I appreciate all the support, and kind words as always. You are an awesome bunch of friends, truly!!

NOW, I am once again calling ALL bloggers to lend me a hand, and a blog post or two :)

I am opening up my blog to all of you, so send me your COMPLETED post ( please include the ENTIRE HTML code)

I am looking for NEW content please.

** Any kind of awesome tutorials
** Any kind of yummy recipes
** Anything else you think I will like

I will give EACH of you a chance to win:

$50 - $100 to spend with my sponsors
Here are the RULES
1. Must submit an ORIGINAL NEW blog post
2. Submit as many as you want, but I will limit each blog to TWO possible blog posts. 
3. Must promote Bella Before and After, on your blog, and facebook, twitter if applicable.
4. Must be a follower of Bella Before and After

* If you have 2 blog posts picked, you will double your chances to win the prize. Depending on the amount of submissions I may not be able to pick 2 blog posts at all, UNLESS they are THAT GOOD in which case I will have no choice :)

Depending on the turnout, the amount of new followers, facebook fans, and overall traffic, the $50 prize will go up, and if you know me, I will be more than happy to spoil you guys, but I just need some help right now, and am turning to you for it. 

Can't wait to see what you all come up with. 

I will start going through emails today, and start setting them up within the next few days. I will notify you of the date yours will be posted. Please make sure to promote Bella Before and After before, on the day of and after your post. The more followers, fans, and friends, the more money will be given to the winner. 

Also please note this giveaway is ONLY open to persons who's blog post gets accepted and posted on my blog.
I may need 2-3 weeks of material, so your chances to win, will be pretty darn good ladies. 

Giveaway will be set up in the next week or two.

There is not a DEADLINE, but the sooner I get the posts ready and set up the better, and I can get the giveaway started. Remember I am looking to fill the rest of NOVEMBER, so keep the submissions coming, and if I get enough posts I will kindly let you know that I have enough. Until further notice, keep them coming :)


  1. Girl I had no idea you were moving!! When did I miss that!!? I am such a scatter brain sometimes. I hope it is going as well as it can, that is a big job and then with kids and all their stuff!! LOL! Good luck to you sweet Bella.


  2. Sounds awesome! I totally need to work on some new material... but I definitely want in. When is the deal line?

  3. Good luck with your move! I was just thinking about you the other day when I had some sarmale. I am going to visit my folks at Thanksgiving and I was thinking of surprising them with crema de zahar ars.

  4. I have a fun holiday recipe tutorial in mind. What's the deadline for the posts?

  5. Bella that's supercool! i spread the word, I would so love to post arghhh that's so tempting! I'm not feeling very inspired but hmm I have an idea I kept postponing writing about! let's see maybe I'll send it to you! Hugs and again, how cool girl;) You rock!!

  6. Oh. My. GOSH!! I have been SO OUT OF THE LOOP!!! I wish I could help you out with the move my friend!! IN FACT I'm still so out of the blogging loop from our move from AZ to TX. I'm STILL trying to get back to normal. It's so hard! AND my blog has totally suffered! What did I have, 4 post last month!! HA!! ANYWHO! I'll get to work on a post for friend and send it over!! Love your girl!! Hang in there, it will get better soon! If not, we always have that beach vacay with margaritas too!! LOL

  7. oops!! Meant post for YOU MY FRIEND and LOVE YOU GIRL! Altho I do love your girl too!! HEHE!


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