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MagdaMagda **Takeover#5**

*** Takeover #5 ***
Let's welcome Magda from MagdaMagda as she is next to takeover my blog for the month of November. Are you wondering what's going on? Check out this post where I explain what's happening. A very special thank you to ALL my friends who have so willingly stepped in to TAKEOVER my blog for a couple weeks :)

Say hello to my friend Magda. She's awesome, she's Romanian, lives in India (married to an Indian just like me), and an incredibly talented clothing designer. You can find her blogging over at MagdaMagda where she shares her love of fashion. 

magdamagda design studio
I love cakes! And sometimes I just feel like making a cake! Normally you need an oven to bake a cake - but if your stove is oven-less like mine you don’t have to give up! I found a yummilicious recipe online here  - you can check it out if you speak Romanian or if you want to see how to bake this cake in any pot right on the stove!

Ingredients and method: 
** You mix one egg with 8 full spoons of sugar till it turns white
** Add some vanilla sugar
 ** 6 spoons of wheat flour mixed with baking powder and 12 spoons of milk (alternating flour and milk)
** Then add 2 spoons of cocoa! 
** I did not use just any pot - I had the awesome help of my idli steamer! If you are in India or love Indian food you surely know what that is - here’s mine- it has 2 pans inside with indentations. 

** With a spoon the batter is poured into the round indentations of the idli pans.
** I added some raisins on top- sometimes I put nuts.
** In the empty vessel I poured 4 cups of water, placed the pans inside, covered with the lid and lit the stove. 
** Once steam started coming out I turned the flame to minimum and waited for 20 mins without raising the lid. 
** Then I put off the stove, left the steamer there for another 15 mins before raising the lid. 
** You can serve it like it is or with cream- always delicious and so easy to make! 

What better way to say thank you Bella for a wonderful challenge- than with my new mehndi inspired "Thank you" cards:) I'd love to know this recipe brought more cakes into your homes and idli steamers and bellies!:))

**Wow Thanks Magda**
Those look so yummy, and I simply can't wait to try them out. I have an idli steamer, he he, so I'm in luck :)Your cards are so beautiful too girl, love it all!
Good luck with the giveaway Magda!


  1. Thank you so much Bella, I must say my cake looks yummier on your blog than anywhere else:)) Blogged about this feature today! Come and see!:)

  2. I love idli but never thought about how it was made!!! How cool!!!


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