Tuesday, November 22, 2011

IDEA event and style **Takeover #9**

*** Takeover #9 ***
Let's welcome Jasmine from IDEA event and style as she is next to takeover my blog for the month of November. Are you wondering what's going on? Check out this post where I explain what's happening. A very special thank you to ALL my friends who have so willingly stepped in to TAKEOVER my blog for a couple weeks :)

Hey everyone! This is Jasmine from IDEA! event + style (www.ideaeventstyle.com) and I'm super excited to be a guest feature on Bella's lovely blog today! I'm an Interior Designer-turned-Event Stylist BUT I enjoy all things home decor, DIY, art, photography, graphic design... just to name a few. There is so much beautiful stuff out there to enjoy, so little time!
I hope you enjoy my little piece of art today If you like all things PARTY like me, hop on over to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/IDEA-event-style/
So I've been working on my daughter's room for the last few weeks, with a dear friend and fellow interior designer Peggy Lee. Technically we've been working on it only for a couple of months, but I have had the exact vision for it since about a year now! It is SO exciting to see it come to life, just like a big piece of art. Ms Peggy Lee - Thank you for putting up with me and my crazy ideas... you're the BEST!
I will share the finished pictures very soon - we're working on the last few details before Naomi officially moves in! For today's post, I want to share the very simple, but very graphic and modern piece of art that we made to hang over the crib. And did I mention inexpensive? Art doesn't have to make a hole in your wallet. Really, it doesn't. Especially not when you want a large statement piece. Art is simply an expression of you, not necessarily something you need to purchase off the walls at Bed, Bath & Beyond from 15 feet above your head! You know what I'm talking about
Anyway, onto our art piece - so this little baby is as simple as getting a large canvas from the craft store, gluing on wooden or cardboard letters and painting the entire piece white! Or whatever color fits the space you're working in. The trick is to leave it monochromatic for a cool, modern look. Also, choose either a deep edge canvas or big, deep letters for more impact. This entire piece cost less than $30 to make, and it has much more visual impact than hanging wooden letters off the wall, don't you think?
Check these pieces out from www.notonthehighstreet.com for inspiration (These are selling for over $200!)
~ Jasmine

**Thanks so much Jasmine**
Jasmine is a REAL life friend of mine, and I adore her a lot. She is incredibly talented in all things decorating, and is sweet as can be. She has a new blog, and I'd be so happy if you stopped by tot show her some love and support. Thanks for your awesome tutorial Jasmine, it's perfect :)


  1. I LOVE those white wall pieces! It's so simple, but it's such a great statement!

  2. I love that "letter thing" looks amazing.. x


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