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DUDE, can I just tell you that I have a big smile on my face again, thanks to my awesome friend LAURIE - THE TIP JUNKIE
Craft DIY Ideas

If you missed PART ONE of the wonderful tips, read HERE.
I was browsing my emails just now, and since organizing my gmail account, I didn't even notice this email come in, until now. It was in my twitter folder, lol. So glad I took a peak in there, YAY!!

So I wrote her back, thanking her a million times over, and have come to the conclusion that I will now call her my BLOGGY FRIEND, dare I say BFF, ok, I love her so much, so WHY NOT. Seriously, you can't even imagine how sweet is is to know that she took time out of her busy day, to write me a part TWO email, and with no further begging on my part. This was all her, just because she's sweet like that. Honestly people, take note, if she can find time to reply to someone like me, then what's your excuse when you hardly have any followers, and your blog is still small. (I've actually emailed other blogs, tried to connect, or ask questions NEVER to hear from them EVER) It's kinda sad!!

I say we ALL try a little harder to help out other bloggers, write them back, answer their questions if you can, and at the very least try to make them feel special. I am one very happy, and LUCKY gal, who is incredibly thankful for the time Laurie has taken to help me out, in turn helping all of you out as well. I  LOVE that, and THANK YOU LAURIE, I could just (knuckle bumps) and hug you right now!!

Here is what she had to say:

Hey Bella,

That’s a great question.  {snicker}  I think it’s more about determination than anything else.  I have a clear vision of what I want Tip Junkie to become and therefore I’ve been educating myself, networking, collaborating, and building in anticipation for that end result.

After 3 1/2 years of blogging, I hired my first part-time editor and a little while after that I hired a marketing director to lighten the work load.  However, now I find myself to be busier than ever. 

To answer your questions:

1.       When I started Tip Junkie 4 years ago, yes I commented on like 200 blogs a week.  I left warm and relevant comments on posts and made a lot of friends. Now I don’t comment at all. 

Back then that was the only thing you could do.  HA!  It wasn’t like it is today with hundreds of linky parties, people didn’t feature other bloggers like they do now, and there weren’t aggregated sites like Tip Junkie.  When I started Kim {from Today’s Creative Blog} and I were the only ones featuring other bloggers.  Well, that I knew about anyway.  
Now there are blog conferences every month that you can attend, people posting about what they are learning, and a lot of collaborations that are easy to be involved in.  None of those existed when I first started out. 

2.       Right now, I don’t tell people when I feature them.  I just hope that enough traffic is send their way that they notice a difference and it makes them feel special.  I used to e-mail each individual person when I featured them, but sadly I gave that up about a year ago.  Right now I feature 30-50 people a day so it’s not possible.  But if you can still do it, I would.  That’s going to help you maintain great relationships with people and allow you to start collaborating more.  It’s an important step to keep if you can manage it.

3.       I think I’ve always kind of been the ultimate tip junkie. :)  It’s really a passion of mine to promote women and tell people about cool things.  So I fell into this pretty naturally.  My goals are to solve peoples problems and organize things online so they are easier to find.  Therefore everything I create is to fulfill those 2 goals. 

Thank you for reaching out to me and you can read more blogging tips here:

Laurie Turk

Founder/Managing Editor
Tip - DIY projects, Printables, Homemade Gifts, Holiday Crafts, and more!
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  1. Very cool! And I agree!! As a small blog you can definitely take the time to respond to your readers! That's what blogging and commenting is about!!

  2. Thanks for all the tips.

    What a coincidence, just few hours before this post, i had posted on my blog - Adithis Amma Sews asking (literally begging ;) ) readers to leave some comments and feedback. As i get most hits to my Sewing & Pattern Making Tutorials almost 800-1000 daily, still not as many comments as i would like to have. So was pondering over this and decided to share.

    The tips in this post were quite useful will implement them

    Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict From India

  3. I heart the TIP JUNKIE!! She is actually the number one referrer to my site.. pretty cool, and what great humble advice, I read both your posts, and great info! THanks for sharing it with all of us!



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