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Here's what THE TIP JUNKIE told me!!!

Guess what guys, I emailed Laurie THE TIP JUNKIE last month, and she sent me an email back, WOW. Like many of you, I love this girl, her blogs are amazing, and full of incredible ideas, for every single holiday, occasion under the sun. However every time I browsed I had ONE burning question I just had to ask her. This is the email I sent to her, quite frankly never expecting a response back. 

Craft DIY Ideas

Hey Laurie, I have to ask you a silly question, but I wonder about it all the time. While my blog is super small still, I feature projects every week from my weekly party. I have a hard time keeping up with even the few that I do, BUT you have like a zillion sites, and do a zillion features daily, and I was just wondering, do you leave a comment for each person you feature? Did you used to leave comments before? What is the best way to go about keeping your sanity, and still letting people know you featured them. I know I had a couple friends who got featured on your blogs before, and they were soooo excited.

Also, if you ever have a couple minutes to chat, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear how you became the ultimate TIP junkie. I can't believe how many blogs you have, and how do you do it girl. Keeping up with ONE is almost impossible for me most days, and you have so many. You must be SUPER mom, and SUPER blogger too, :)

Love ya girl, you rock, and I am just a fan, who would love to hear from you.

Thanks for all the inspiration, and all the tips Laurie.

Hugs, Bella :) 

After sending this I got an automated response, telling me that if I had submitted a tip, there was like a six month wait in some cases, and that due to the number of emails received, she may not be able to respond to every single one. No surprise there, I mean seriously I can't even keep up with my inbox, and it's only a handful of emails daily. Sad I know, he he.  So anyway, I was ok with the fact that I was probably not going to hear back from her....... ever.

That is UNTIL Wednesday night when I check my email, and what do you know, I have a lovely email from Laurie, a really great email, full of wonderful advice. I was so excited! Here is the email :

Hi Bella!

Thank you so much for emailing me. I wonder the same things of other bloggers and women in business.

Sadly, I used to be a lot more diligent in leaving comments than I do now. I strongly believe in leaving comments as a great way to meet like-minded women to collaborate with and learn from. {This goes into the say as I do category. Ha!}

Especially if your blog is still young, it's a great way to get the word about your site as well as great SEO value. Every time you leave a comment - you leave a link to your site which Google loves. In fact, If you really want to get some good SEO juice - don't leave a link to your homepage in the "website" form when leaving a comment. Leave the permalink to your favorite post! Or a post that you really want exposure on. {evil laugh}

I also used to email every person individually when I featured them but thats no longer possible. One thing you could do is @ them on Facebook from your Facebook fan page! This way your readers can like their page and vice versa. That would be little faster but really boost your Facebook presence. Time Way better spent
Than an email.

Honestly, I contribute Tip Junkies success to collaboration and education. I'm always learning something new and trying to expand my skills and brand. I also attend blogging conferences as much as I can. 

My advice is to figure out what your most passionate about and what your goals are for your site.

Mine are to promote creative women through their projects and products. And to help busy moms create enduring memories for their family. Therefore, I make sure that everything I do meets those goals. If what I'm offered doesn't fit into my goals - then I  graciously decline the offer.

Thanks again for your email and
I hope that answers your questions.


SO there you have it!!! Could there be any better advice, I love it!!!


  1. WOW!! Not only is it amazing that she emailed you back BUT that you shared it with us!! Such GREAT advice!!! :)

  2. wow.. that is awesome! How cool.. its like a celebrity writing to you! And how cool of her to give you advice too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Seriously Bella you are way to cute! I'm so glad that you shared our conversation because I'm sure so many women have the same types of answers. I think you're completely fabulous and I'm so glad that you reached out. {knuckle bumps!}

    Laurie {Tip Junkie}

  4. Thanks for sharing Bella!!! :) That is GREAT advice!

  5. Love Laurie. She is such an inspiration.

    I attended a conference she spoke at last October. I recapped the tips she gave if you're interested in reading.

  6. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing with us, always great to learn a bit more about this crazy bloging malarkey!

  7. I always wonder how people keep up when they have huge sites. This is great info - thanks so much for sharing!

  8. That was such great advice! I'm glad I got the chance to read it, because like blog is still very new, and very small!! :)

  9. Such great advice!! and yes I am a little jealous of this convo! You are seriously awesome for sharing this though.

    XO Lindsay

  10. That was awesome Bella! I've often wondered the same things, so it's great that you posted this to my dinky linky that? I just came up with it! I have to say your blog is great. You're very down to earth and I like that, I like it alot (Jim Carey; Dumb and Dumber)

    Thanks again!


  11. Super good advise! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


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