Thursday, June 30, 2011

Florida Vacation part ONE

Here are some pictures from our Florida vacation last week. Todays post is pictures from around the resort. We stayed in a beautiful 2 bedroom suite at the LIKI TIKI VILLAGE, in Orlando.
The resort, had an awesome water park style pool area, where we spent many, many hours, catching the kids as they flew down the slides. I think by the end of our trip, I must have done the equivalent to 10,000  military bench presses, catching Dino D, then lifting him up so he could go down again 10 seconds later. We all had tons of fun at the pool. My kids have been trained since little that they must wear hats, and thanks to the shirt bathing suits, and sunblock, nobody got burned, despite spending HOURS, and DAYS in the water, in the middle of 95 degree hot days.

You will notice another girly with us, that is my cousin, and we travel with my aunt and cousins often. My aunt could't come with us, but her daughter did. Last time her brother came, and we love having family travel with us, especially since we always stay large rooms. We have plenty of space, and it's always funner with more people there.
There were many activities at the resort. We played tennis, badminton, shuffleboard, rode bikes, and rode these lovely paddle boats. Note to self, DON'T ever do that again. Gosh, lugging around 3 kids and myself, for an hour, just about killed me, and can those life vests be any more uncomfortable. It was fun though watching the kids shriek every time they saw a ripple in the water. There were 2 baby gators somewhere in the water. I tried, but could not find them, he he. 
Last but not least, by far my most favorite part of staying at resorts, or large suites at hotels, is having a kitchen. I HATE eating out more than once a week, possibly twice. To be honest if it wasn't for the cost, I probably wouldn't actually mind THAT much, but when you travel with 6 hungry peeps, you need to get creative. Trust me we all ate REALLY good. I was terrible about taking pics of my dishes, but I can tell you I gained 4 pounds while there, so yeah, we ate well, haha. 

Also I had a lesson in cooking in a small kitchen. I barely had 18 inches of counter space, and no pantry, so I was stocking all our food on top of plates, in between pots and pans, in the stove, anywhere I could find room. It made me keep my working area clean, that's for sure. 

The pictures below are of the kitchen, breakfast one day, which consisted of eggs, bacon, toast, crepe pancakes, fish chutney, oj, and tea. 

I also made cookies, but to my surprise there was no cookie tray, so I changed plans and made it a small cookie brownie cake type thing, and YUMMY, it was good. 
Come back tomorrow to see more pics from our vacation. 
We went swimming with the manatees and I can't wait to show you!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time!!! Sounds like it was a busy vacay! :) Welcome home though!

  2. WOW!! So much fun!! I wanna tag along next time!!! Can't wait to see the rest of your vacay! :)


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