Sunday, June 12, 2011

Editing food photographs - from a beginner...

Ok, so after resisting the idea of editing any photos, I'm finally glad to say I can see the light now, and will slowly but surely go through my posts and do a quick edit of any pics that could use it. Which is probably  all my pics, but for now I'll just stick with the ones that really need it. 

Since I'm not the best photographer, and hardly know anything about staging my pictures, especially food, AND I use the dreaded flash on way too many pictures, I found that even then, a simple edit can make all the difference. Just editing with my iphoto seems to be enough, and does the job. All without having to upload anything to yet another program, which is the whole reason I never messed with editing in the first place. Doing it in iphoto is so much easier, and for the time being I think that is where I will do my basic editing. If I could figure out watermarking with that program, that would be awesome. Does anyone know if that is possible. 

Anyway, here are a couple food pics, that I edited really quickly. I couldn't stand how crappy they looked before, and what a difference it made just adjusting the colors, or exposure. I am a total newbie to this, so ANY tips and tricks, or advice is very much welcome. 


SO yeah, I think it's a HUGE difference, and while the colors might be a bit off, or even too bright now, I love it. The food pops almost, and I'm very happy with the way it looks. Even without any fancy plates, settings or camera, the before and afters are just amazing. 

Again I need everyones feedback, I might be getting all excited over nothing here. So tell me honestly, if my after pics look better, and possibly make you drool. I want my food posts to eventually get to the point where they make you drool. I know how yummy it is, but how the heck do I make you want to try it for yourselves. I love cooking, and love sharing my recipes with all of you, thanks for being so patient with my crappy pics. If you have any suggestions for staging food, I'd love to hear it. I'm really clueless int that department, and am totally rustic in my approach. I don't do fine china, lol, and we rarely use silverware either, you know eating with your hands rocks. 

Anyway, I promise to try harder, and make them better from now on. At the very least, I can do a quick edit if nothing else right?


  1. "After" is way better! Thanks a lot! Now I am hungry! Still waiting for that egg curry recipe, girl! Don't tease us now!

    Have a great Sunday. :-)

  2. These photos made me hungry too! Have you ever tried using Picasa to edit photos? It's by google and you can download it for free, it's easy to use and can really make photos look a lot better :) I usually use my iPhoto too but I found picasa and it has some features that iPhoto doesn't!

  3. UGGG!! NOW I am sooo hungry!!!! BTW if you use yahoo mail it comes with picnic! picnic ROCKS I use it alot!!! It helps with pics and I used it to make my blog header, pics, buttons and watermarks! :)


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