Monday, June 13, 2011

Amaze me August #41 ~ Cleaning out the Closet Part ONE~

Welcome to the 41st edition of Amaze me August. 
As usual I am so thrilled to have you here. How are you guys doing with all the trouble blogger has been having lately? I've been seeing many frustrated friends, myself included. I hate when things go wrong, or I can't do what I want, when I want. We are so used to instant gratification, we forget that sometimes things are out of our control. I really need to remind myself of that more often. Only when we let go, can we relax, and realize that in fact nothing will happen, if we can't blog for a day. The weather has been beautiful here for us in the south. My kids have been keeping me busy with swim practice, competition, studies, Tae kwon do, and trying to keep up with a houseful, all day every day. Oh the joys of summer. This has made it especially easy for me to neglect my blog, I just can't explain to my kids why I am in front of the computer all day :) By the time evening comes I'm usually exhausted, and haven't found the energy to blog as much as I'd like. In the end I think it will all work out, for myself, and for all of you too. I know that many are taking it slower now that it's summer, but for those that were getting frustrated with Blogger, just take a deep breath, (along with me) and try to focus on something that we can control. Like the amount of time we spend with out kiddos, or loved one. Hugs to you all, love ya.

Now let me show you a really quick sneek peak at my closet. The past few days, I've been working on cleaning it out, moving furniture all around, LIKE ALL AROUND, and trying to organize things better. I had extra shelves in my garage that needed to go somewhere, and I had no more wall space in my garage, and they are very industrial looking, not pretty. However one of them fit perfectly in my closet. 
 Total clutter, I know. I'm trying to make it look better.
 This is after removing a bunch of boxes from the floor, and shoes stacked on top.
 Can't say this was the best system for us, but I never gave it much thought, just threw things together, and hoped for the best.
 Major closet redo coming soon. I can't wait for it to be done.
So far this is the only thing I have to show you, hehe. The new shelf that will now hold some shoes, towels, and pants. Oh boy this will take me some time. Check back in a few weeks will ya, lol. Seriously, I am on vacation next week, so clearly can't do it then, he he.

So I've heard from a few people how annoyed they are with the new Linky parties, and the whole requiring a backlink to participate. I want to assure you that I am not enforcing such rules, and frankly I don't actually have any rules. Only requests, and if you choose to follow them, I am happy, if not, I don't stress about it. I hardly have time to go policing people, to see if they followed all the rules, and would hate going through that myself, so I won't do it to you either OK. Now if you choose to link back, grab a button, or tell your friends about my party, you will surely make me very happy. Also if you want to leave me a comment, and visit some other people letting them know you saw them here, gosh that would be awesome too. Whatever it is, be nice, and be thankful to WHOEVER you are partying with, because these parties do take a lot of work by the host. Thanks guys!!!


  1. Hey Bella how are you my newest problem
    is when i do a new post its not being up
    dated in the dashboard. have you had this problem at all?

  2. Thanks Bella!! The pots need something that's for sure, I was thinking vinyl? Hmmm... Thanks for hosting another great linky party:)

  3. Thank you so much for hosting an awesome party!!
    Closed looks great by the way!


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