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GUEST POST ~ O.C.D. ~ Spring Pennant Centerpiece ~

When I posted THIS POST asking for help, and then sent an email to my blogfy friends, I never expected so many people to respond.I am blessed with wonderful friends, and I had a ton of ladies, who were more than willing to keep you all entertained while I get better, or get some sleep, or paint my garage, whatever, he he. The point is that I am SUPER lucky, super THANKFUL, and SUPER excited to introduce you all to Jen from
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Jen has a great blog, full of ORGANIZING, and Cleaning tips. You know I gotta love that, hehe. She has some great ideas, and is super helpful with the way she reminds us HOW OFTEN DO YOU CLEAN IT, a great weekly series, you gotta check it out. She's also a great crafter, and has some fabulous projects going on, really cute stuff, and easy too. She's very sweet, and just a great mama, who loves her kids, her hubby, and trying to help the rest of us get organized, the easy way, he he.

Take it away girl, show us what you got!!!

I ya ya'll! I'm Jen from
 and I am so excited to be blogging over here today with all of Bella's fab bloggin friends!
THANK YOU so much Bella for letting hang out for awhile!
I want to start by letting ya'll know a bit about me....I am a stay at home mom of two fantastic boys (10 & 7), sports are a HUGE part of our lives and keep us crazy busy having not just 1 but 2 boys in elite baseball.
 I love to organize and clean (I know, I know, CRAZY), decorate and craft. I can NOT garden so don't be disappointed, if you are hoping to see any gardening tips....not at OCD! But you can expect to see posts about all other things domestic and the weekly musings from our kids. Funny things they say those boys!
First off I must say I am not a huge holiday decorator. I love seasonal decorating with the occasional unexpected something fun. So that is what I am gonna show ya'll today!
Just the other day I got inspired to brighten up my house with some color by making my own
SPRING pennant centerpiece and it brings a smile to my face every time I walk by. I love it because not only can it be used as an Easter centerpiece by sticking some Easter basket grass in a vase and placing them in that, or using jellybeans, but it can be used for the next few months in various ways around the house. Currently they are in tarnished silver goblets filled with sand to hold them in place and sitting on my mantle.
If you are saying to your self..."self, I must have this" just CLICK HERE and head on over to OCD to get the full tutorial. I must prepare you though...this is a quick and easy project!
If your self isn't saying that you must have it, still pop on over and see what else is going on at
See ya'll over there!

Thanks Jen, that was cute, and you were right, super fast and easy, PERFECT. Thanks for stopping by girl!!

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  1. Hi, just came over to see the guest post, what a lovely photograph. I'd love to be more creative but I just don't have the patience. And cleaning tips I could definitely do with, lol.

    Have a great Monday.
    CJ :)

  2. These would be great centerpieces for a wedding or party!


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In my spare time I enjoy cooking, and baking. In fact my mother and I have been making cakes for over 30 years. I also love gardening, traveling, and all things crafty. I struggle daily to keep my like organized, along with my never ending battle to keep the house clean. I adore my three kids MOST of the time, and can usually be found doing the mom thing from morning till night. I try to catch a few mommy moments, but those are hard to find in this wonderful life of mine. I am blessed and happy, and am thrilled you stopped by today :)