Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm giving MYSELF a haircut, come help me choose how to cut it.

Have you guys been seeing my posts on cutting the kids hair?
Check out the Justin Bieber hair.
Check out the Princess bob, with a froggy.
My hair has been a rats nest for way too long now. Since I stopped using shampoo, nearly six months ago, my hair has been a little harder to handle. I still think the switch has been totally worth it, and I love using Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, but it's definitely been something to get used to. Anyway, besides all that, I've never been one to spend ANY extra time on doing my hair. I am about as low maintenance as they come, and hate spending time getting ready. So having long hair, usually means, it gets scrunched up in a ponytail, and thats it. That plus summer is coming, and I don't do well with ANYTHING on my neck, or in my face when I'm all hot and sticky in this humid weather we have here in the south. 

So anyway I asked for some advice on my facebook page, on how I should cut my hair. Steph from LUXE BLVD suggested I cut my hair shoulder length, tons of layers, and have some blonde highlights. Hmmm, would it look like this?

That by the way is Stephanie's exact haircut, and I already told her a bunch of times HOW MUCH I LOVE IT,,, because I really do:) Oh, and that lovely hair clip, it's awesome, and you can enter to win it HERE @ Agape Love Designs!

Another friend (I've known since childhood) Cristina, aka superman LOVER,, hehe, suggested I leave it alone. But, then she realized, there was no talking me out of it. Besides, she was the one who cut my hair for the first time SHORT, when we were teens. She was over one day, and I had hair down to my waist, literally, it was LONG. I told her, just cut it girl. She put it in a ponytail, and chopped it right off. I think I cried,,, maybe not, and then all hell broke loose when my mom saw, BUT what could she do. That was the beginning of the end, for my hair addiction. Since then, I've always gone through different styles, colors, and while I've sometimes let it grow out, it's usually just been kinda short. 

Oh, and today she was reminding me of all the times I used to IRON her hair straight, lol. With a REAL IRON, the one for clothes,,, it was kinda painful, FOR HER, lol. I had tons of fun, he he.  Have you guys ever done that? I laughed so hard, just remembering the good old days. We had tons of fun, and I miss her a lot. Do you hear me Cris, I miss you girl :)
Anyway, here is her suggestion for me. What do you think?
Not sure my hair is THIS long, BUT I don't mind trying it out. 
SO here is my plan, along with your help, I will TRY to get as many different styles out of this hair of mine, until I finally get it short, like I want it. Just how many styles I can get, well that depends. SO help me out. Send me some styles, you'd like to see me experiment with, and I'll pick the ones I think I can do. 

YUP, I'm going to try and do this all myself!!!

You read that right, I will be cutting my own hair, and IF I need some help, I'll bring in the kids, he he. 

Wish me luck!!!
This is pretty recent, only taken at Christmas, so just picture it maybe an inch longer, and 200 more gray hairs, seriously, he he.

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  1. I like the lengthy cut, but love the short one too! I think the long would be great for fall/winter. But if you cut it like Stephanie's now for the whole flirty-low maintanence springy factor, it will grow out by next fall and you can layer it for those two seasons. :)
    Whatevery you want!
    Last june I cut mine into a pixie (well had it cut) but have let it grow out. I grew my hair for eight years and donated it in 2007. Since then, I've been a hairstyle junkie. Now I want it at mid length- but it's just past the nap of my neck right now.

  2. I am glad to bestow 'Versatile Blogger' award on you.

    Please visit this link and accept the award. Thanks">

  3. I actually have mine cut in an A-line. I like it because that means i don't have to do the back. Remember, I'm all about low-maintenance glam. LOL!


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