Saturday, March 5, 2011

Princess gets her hair cut!!

Last week I finally cut my oldest sons hair. He finally went from Justin Bieber hair, to JAMES BOND. Check out the post HERE.
My little princess, has been asking for a haircut, I asked her a million times if she was sure, and she insisted. What could I do?
Her hair is a little wavy, and no matter how much I tried to get it straight, it still seemed a bit off. At I didn't cut her bangs, but she insisted on those too. She hates me telling her all the time to get her hair out of her eyes, so this should def help.
So I cut the bangs too. She was so excited about showing her brother, and friends. We had to put little froggy in her hair, because we love him. Thanks Agape Love for making such a cute hair clip.
What do you guys think? Do you like it? My princess love her new haircut, and it's so much easier to wash, brush, and take care of, especially with summer coming. 
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  1. SO CUTE!!! You did great! She looks beautiful!

  2. I really like it!
    She looks so sweet with bangs.
    How long have you cut hair?
    I'm afraid to touch Little Girl's hair since its full tight curls with wet.
    I don't want to pay 20 dollars on a haircut for her, but am afraid to cut it. That's why it stays poofy!
    I like her bangs! Good job!

  3. She is PRECIOUS! Looked beautiful before.. but IM loving the after look. I think bags are definitely HER, she looks sooo cute with bangs!
    And mr froggy looks so cute on her!! :)
    LOVE, Ill be sure to add a few of these pics to my next friday fan photo post! And link to you! :)

  4. Too cute! And, who doesn't want a froggy in their hair? Well, not a real one. How much hair did you cut? I wasn't brave enough for short hair until 6th grade I think.
    Come enter my TinyGoatStudios giveaway!

  5. Love me a little froggy! Wouldn't mind a real one, to be honest.
    Little Princess looks a lot older with her hair like that, but no less beautiful.
    Hey, wanna get your scissors over to England and give me a makeover?

  6. She looks so adorable Bella!! You did very well my friend! Oh girl, what can't you do!! :)


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