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Operations Write Home, and FUZZY SLIPPERS blog swap!!

Today I'm swapping blogs with my new friend Moriah, over at her blog FUZZY SLIPPER DESIGNS. She's a talented card maker, and sweet as can be. We started chatting, and one thing led to another, and today, we want to share with you some card making for a special cause,,, so take it away girl!!!

Hi Folks Moriah here!  I'm better known as Fuzzy Slippers because I love to craft in my PJ's and slippers. :)  I come from a long line of creative folks on both sides of my family and have been lucky to have grown up with seamstresses, bakers, carpenters, painters, knitters- you name it, someone in my family probably knows how to do it. :)  Bella and I got together and thought a fun way to share our new friendship would be to share our talents with a great group called Operation Write Home.  It's a great organization that collects handmade cards and delivers them to our deployed troops to use to write/send to family back home.  Now we're asking you to join in the fun!

Nervous about creating your own card(s)?  Don't be!  Here's a quick tutorial on making a card. :)
I used a paper pad from K & Company (I got this at A.C. Moore) and some clear stamps from Amuse.  Not sure about stamping?  No worries, you don't have to stamp the cards.  I talk more about that below...
I stamped the thermos from this set a few times and played around with colors 'til I decided which one to use.  The others will grow up to be cards too, the red/gold/brown combo spoke to me this time. :)
If you are interested, these are the markers I used for the thermos. I just followed the lines, but don't feel you have to rush out and buy stuff!  You have the tools right around you, trust me.
Here is the finished product.  I stamped the "DAD" on the card because OWH is looking for Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Easter cards already!!!  They need the lead time to get the cards from donors, then sort everything in to the various boxes, then ship the packages abroad with enough time for soldiers to get the cards, write a letter, and ship the card back stateside.  From experience I know it takes an incredible amount of time to get something delivered to folks outside the USA.

Getting back to what you need.  No worries!  OWH is always looking for handmade blank cards.  A nice collage of pattern paper would make a lovely card and they offer digital freebies too.  If you really would like to make a card similar to the one above, I hope to have kits for folks to use to create their own cards loaded in my Etsy Shop by weeks end.

OWH also collects "Any Soldier" mail where you can use a store bought card or letter paper to write a note of thanks/encouragement to any soldier.  They include letters like these in every box of cards they ship out.  There is nothing like a note of caring to cheer up a soldier so far from home- and your kids are invited to send letters too!  This could be a great family night activity!!!

So whaddaya say?  Wanna join us?!?


Thank you so much girl. I loved having you over at my blog today!! Now promise me, you guys wont laugh, when you see my cards. I tried to make some tonight, but didn't work out, so I only have a picture of my daughters card that she made. Go check it out @ FUZZY SLIPPERS, and keep your eyes open, we will have a special link party, where you all can participate and share the cards you make. I'm no card maker, and if I can do this, then so can you. Give it a try will ya, just one, that's all we ask, just one!!!

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  1. Ive done this before, its a great program! My husband has gone through 2, year long deployments and I can tell you that any letter, card or package they get that reminds them of home and what they are fighting for always helps them and lifts their spirits!!

    Oh just so you know I gave you an award! :)

    Check it out here:


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