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Real Moms- Real Laughs, Blog Swap w/ Flexible Dreams

HEY EVERYONE, guess what? My friend Amy, from the awesome blog FLEXIBLE DREAMS, and I have joined together and started a new party. Yes a new party. Don't worry this is not another diy party, recipe party, or blog hop. No this is something really fun, something really different, and I am really excited to share it with you guys today!!!

Here is Amy, she will tell you guys a little about this new party!!!


Hi everyone, I'm AMY!!!!
A couple of weeks ago I posted Mommy Lies - a blog post all about how much I hate the mommy competition.  You know, the "I'm a better mother than you because I..." thing that is so prevalent at the playground, playgroup, school pick-up line and Bible study?

In that post I listed some light-hearted but true confessions detailing some of my less-than-stellar mom moments.  You know, how my house isn't really as clean as you may think (don't open the upstairs hall closet) and how I am embarrassed by the outfits that my children choose and how I reward my kids with food and screen time even though I know it isn't healthy.

Right after I posted it my dear friend Bella emailed me to say how much she loved the honesty and could she post her confessions too.  Of course I said yes, and Bella's post was born.

The response we both received was overwhelmingly great!  So many moms out there, trying to be real, fighting against the lie that perfection not only possible but expected from you and attained by everyone else.

So, when Bella suggested that we co-host a blog party dedicated to authenticity in mommy blogging I said YES!

Who is invited?  YOU are!  If you're a mom (or dad, we're not picky) trying to be authentic, we have your platform!

Here's how you can participate:

1. Write a blog post about some of your less than stellar mom-moments.  (FYI: We're trying to keep this family friendly and light-hearted, so keep that in mind when choosing your material.)

2.  Mention this blog party and grab the awesome button that Bella made and put it in your post.

3.  Come back here and add your blog post to this party (the permalink to your post, not the link to your main page).

4.  Visit some other Real Moms and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

5.  Don't have a blog?  Just leave your story in the comment section below.


Both AMY and I would appreciate if you guys were faithful followers :)
Not to mention how grateful we will be if you guys help us promote this party. It's really for all of you, so lets make it fun, lets make it big, lets bring in our funniest stories, PICTURES, because sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand words right!!!

We are both hosting this party, and you can link up at either of our blogs, and the link will show at both places!!!

If you guys would like this to be a full on blog hop, PLEASE let us know in the comments section, and we may do that. That way you can host the party on your blog too, and we can spread the word even more. Again, if you guys are interested in this, then let us know. 

So what do you guys think, pretty fun right. You know sometimes, we really do need to take a break, and just relax, just let loose, and laugh a little or a lot. Laughing also burns tons of calories right, so if you are a frequent visitor, and participant, you might just lose a few pounds, lol. Don't believe me, well prove me wrong, I dare you. 

Come on, link up, and give it a try, say for the next 3 months, yup, by then we can surely say if it's worked, he he :)

Don't forget to LINK up to my weekly party. 
For the coolest parties, I participate in. 
Feel free to add yours, if you think I'd like it :)
~~~~Read HERE to find out more~~~~
Help us spread the word on this awesome party.


  1. Haha love it! Very original and refreshing. Bella, check out Billie Monster today...gave u an award. :O)

    ~ ~

  2. Love the new look of the blog... so that is why i shared an award with u.. please follow this link :)

  3. OH MY GOSH!! Bella what a FANTASTIC IDEA!! I love this! I don't have anything to share now but I'm SURE I will!! :)

  4. I love this, and the idea of it! So great, Im following Amy now. This is so great. Im linking up a post from my new mommy blog! :)


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